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Full Text of SR0404  100th General Assembly




SR0404LRB100 12340 MST 25039 r


2    WHEREAS, It is in the interest of the State of Illinois to
3keep communities safe and to encourage crimes to be reported;
5    WHEREAS, Through information gathered from law enforcement
6participation in programs like "Secure Communities", 62% of
7people targeted have committed no crime or a minor infraction
8with no serious threat to public safety or national security;
10    WHEREAS, The Department of Homeland Security has been
11arresting victims of and witnesses to crimes; and
12    WHEREAS, There has been a drop in the reporting of violent
13crimes in the wake of United States Immigration and Customs
14Enforcement (ICE) targeting the victims and witnesses of crimes
15due to their immigration status; and
16    WHEREAS, The use of State resources for the purpose of
17enforcing federal immigration law is voluntary; and
18    WHEREAS, Restrictions on spending State resources to
19enforce immigration law does not hinder the prosecution of
20those who break the law, whatever their immigration status; and



SR0404- 2 -LRB100 12340 MST 25039 r

1    WHEREAS, The Department of Homeland Security issues
2detainers without probable cause and does not allow for
3channels for individuals to challenge the detainers; and
4    WHEREAS, The Department of Homeland Security has issued
5detainers against U.S. citizens and long-term permanent
6residents; and
7    WHEREAS, These procedures violate the Fourth and Fifth
8Amendments of the United States Constitution; and
9    WHEREAS, The federal government will not indemnify the
10State for costs and liabilities incurred as a result of
11enforcing federal immigration law; and
12    WHEREAS, Illinois is currently suffering through a budget
13crisis; and
14    WHEREAS, Undocumented immigrants contribute $758 million
15dollars in taxes to the State of Illinois; and
16    WHEREAS, Six percent of Illinois family households include
17at least one undocumented immigrant; and
18    WHEREAS, 126,000 families with native born children have at



SR0404- 3 -LRB100 12340 MST 25039 r

1least one undocumented parent; and
2    WHEREAS, The fear of deportation of family members leads
3children to fear attending school; and
4    WHEREAS, It is in the interest of the State of Illinois
5that children remain in school and receive the best education
6possible; and
7    WHEREAS, A policy that will encourage children to remain in
8school and residents to report criminal activity without fear
9of deportation is beneficial for the health and welfare of the
10State of Illinois and its residents; therefore, be it
12ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the State of
13Illinois to cease expending State resources on enforcement of
14federal immigration law.