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SR2435LRB099 24056 MST 51680 r


2    WHEREAS, The world is aging and by 2030, 22.3% of the
3Illinois population will be over 60, and by 2060, nearly one in
4three will have reached that age; and
5    WHEREAS, The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on an
6Aging Society suggests that the preparation for aging in
7America is an opportunity for rethinking the challenges for all
8generations; and
9    WHEREAS, Generations Serving Generations, an organization
10founded by a broad-based coalition of education, aging, and
11service organizations in 1986 is sponsored by the Illinois
12Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Department on Aging;
13it expanded through a National Governors Association project in
142008, which brought new momentum for civic engagement in
15service, learning and work, and building capacity to work
16together; and
17    WHEREAS, Illinoisans are redesigning the disciplines of
18education, service, and work to reflect a working-together
19mindset based on the teamwork of individuals and generations; a
20strong example of this collaboration is the effort toward the
21goal that by 2025, 60% of Illinoisans will complete a
22postsecondary degree or credential; and



SR2435- 2 -LRB099 24056 MST 51680 r

1    WHEREAS, Illinoisans across generations offer their
2priceless contributions and leadership through service,
3volunteering, and service-learning, leveraged for education,
4pathways to work, and successful aging; therefore, be it
6ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that Generations Serving
7Generations in cooperation with the coalition of education,
8aging, workforce, service organizations and state agencies,
9will promote local intergenerational discussions called
10Understanding the Challenges for each Generation; and be it
12    RESOLVED, That by December 31, 2017, Generations Serving
13Generations will complete a report to the Governor and the
14General Assembly called "Solutions Across Generations,
15Understanding the Challenges for each Generation" that
16reflects the ideas of Illinoisans throughout their life spans,
17from early learners to those in the last days of life; and be
18it further
19    RESOLVED, That it is the goal of the State of Illinois to
20adopt and support policies and programs that assure that as our
21population ages, they will continue toward a cohesive,
22productive, secure, and equitable society; and be it further



SR2435- 3 -LRB099 24056 MST 51680 r

1    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2delivered to Scott McFarland, Executive Director of
3Generations Serving Generations.