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Full Text of SB2992  98th General Assembly




SB2992 EnrolledLRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1    AN ACT concerning criminal law.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Personnel Code is amended by changing
5Section 4d as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 415/4d)  (from Ch. 127, par. 63b104d)
7    Sec. 4d. Partial exemptions. The following positions in
8State service are exempt from jurisdictions A, B, and C to the
9extent stated for each, unless those jurisdictions are extended
10as provided in this Act:
11        (1) In each department, board or commission that now
12    maintains or may hereafter maintain a major administrative
13    division, service or office in both Sangamon County and
14    Cook County, 2 private secretaries for the director or
15    chairman thereof, one located in the Cook County office and
16    the other located in the Sangamon County office, shall be
17    exempt from jurisdiction B; in all other departments,
18    boards and commissions one private secretary for the
19    director or chairman thereof shall be exempt from
20    jurisdiction B. In all departments, boards and commissions
21    one confidential assistant for the director or chairman
22    thereof shall be exempt from jurisdiction B. This paragraph
23    is subject to such modifications or waiver of the



SB2992 Enrolled- 2 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1    exemptions as may be necessary to assure the continuity of
2    federal contributions in those agencies supported in whole
3    or in part by federal funds.
4        (2) The resident administrative head of each State
5    charitable, penal and correctional institution, the
6    chaplains thereof, and all member, patient and inmate
7    employees are exempt from jurisdiction B.
8        (3) The Civil Service Commission, upon written
9    recommendation of the Director of Central Management
10    Services, shall exempt from jurisdiction B other positions
11    which, in the judgment of the Commission, involve either
12    principal administrative responsibility for the
13    determination of policy or principal administrative
14    responsibility for the way in which policies are carried
15    out, except positions in agencies which receive federal
16    funds if such exemption is inconsistent with federal
17    requirements, and except positions in agencies supported
18    in whole by federal funds.
19        (4) All beauticians and teachers of beauty culture and
20    teachers of barbering, and all positions heretofore paid
21    under Section 1.22 of "An Act to standardize position
22    titles and salary rates", approved June 30, 1943, as
23    amended, shall be exempt from jurisdiction B.
24        (5) Licensed attorneys in positions as legal or
25    technical advisors, positions in the Department of Natural
26    Resources requiring incumbents to be either a registered



SB2992 Enrolled- 3 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1    professional engineer or to hold a bachelor's degree in
2    engineering from a recognized college or university,
3    licensed physicians in positions of medical administrator
4    or physician or physician specialist (including
5    psychiatrists), all positions within the Department of
6    Juvenile Justice requiring licensure by the State Board of
7    Education under Article 21B of the School Code, and
8    registered nurses (except those registered nurses employed
9    by the Department of Public Health), except those in
10    positions in agencies which receive federal funds if such
11    exemption is inconsistent with federal requirements and
12    except those in positions in agencies supported in whole by
13    federal funds, are exempt from jurisdiction B only to the
14    extent that the requirements of Section 8b.1, 8b.3 and 8b.5
15    of this Code need not be met.
16        (6) All positions established outside the geographical
17    limits of the State of Illinois to which appointments of
18    other than Illinois citizens may be made are exempt from
19    jurisdiction B.
20        (7) Staff attorneys reporting directly to individual
21    Commissioners of the Illinois Workers' Compensation
22    Commission are exempt from jurisdiction B.
23        (8) Twenty-one senior public service administrator
24    positions within the Department of Healthcare and Family
25    Services, as set forth in this paragraph (8), requiring the
26    specific knowledge of healthcare administration,



SB2992 Enrolled- 4 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1    healthcare finance, healthcare data analytics, or
2    information technology described are exempt from
3    jurisdiction B only to the extent that the requirements of
4    Sections 8b.1, 8b.3, and 8b.5 of this Code need not be met.
5    The General Assembly finds that these positions are all
6    senior policy makers and have spokesperson authority for
7    the Director of the Department of Healthcare and Family
8    Services. When filling positions so designated, the
9    Director of Healthcare and Family Services shall cause a
10    position description to be published which allots points to
11    various qualifications desired. After scoring qualified
12    applications, the Director shall add Veteran's Preference
13    points as enumerated in Section 8b.7 of this Code. The
14    following are the minimum qualifications for the senior
15    public service administrator positions provided for in
16    this paragraph (8):
18                Medical Director: Licensed Medical Doctor in
19            good standing; experience in healthcare payment
20            systems, pay for performance initiatives, medical
21            necessity criteria or federal or State quality
22            improvement programs; preferred experience serving
23            Medicaid patients or experience in population
24            health programs with a large provider, health
25            insurer, government agency, or research
26            institution.



SB2992 Enrolled- 5 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1                Chief, Bureau of Quality Management: Advanced
2            degree in health policy or health professional
3            field preferred; at least 3 years experience in
4            implementing or managing healthcare quality
5            improvement initiatives in a clinical setting.
6                Quality Management Bureau: Manager, Care
7            Coordination/Managed Care Quality: Clinical degree
8            or advanced degree in relevant field required;
9            experience in the field of managed care quality
10            improvement, with knowledge of HEDIS measurements,
11            coding, and related data definitions.
12                Quality Management Bureau: Manager, Primary
13            Care Provider Quality and Practice Development:
14            Clinical degree or advanced degree in relevant
15            field required; experience in practice
16            administration in the primary care setting with a
17            provider or a provider association or an
18            accrediting body; knowledge of practice standards
19            for medical homes and best evidence based
20            standards of care for primary care.
21                Director of Care Coordination Contracts and
22            Compliance: Bachelor's degree required; multi-year
23            experience in negotiating managed care contracts,
24            preferably on behalf of a payer; experience with
25            health care contract compliance.
26                Manager, Long Term Care Policy: Bachelor's



SB2992 Enrolled- 6 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            degree required; social work, gerontology, or
2            social service degree preferred; knowledge of
3            Olmstead and other relevant court decisions
4            required; experience working with diverse long
5            term care populations and service systems, federal
6            initiatives to create long term care community
7            options, and home and community-based waiver
8            services required. The General Assembly finds that
9            this position is necessary for the timely and
10            effective implementation of this amendatory Act of
11            the 97th General Assembly.
12                Manager, Behavioral Health Programs: Clinical
13            license or Advanced degree required, preferably in
14            psychology, social work, or relevant field;
15            knowledge of medical necessity criteria and
16            governmental policies and regulations governing
17            the provision of mental health services to
18            Medicaid populations, including children and
19            adults, in community and institutional settings of
20            care. The General Assembly finds that this
21            position is necessary for the timely and effective
22            implementation of this amendatory Act of the 97th
23            General Assembly.
24                Manager, Office of Accountable Care Entity
25            Development: Bachelor's degree required, clinical
26            degree or advanced degree in relevant field



SB2992 Enrolled- 7 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            preferred; experience in developing integrated
2            delivery systems, including knowledge of health
3            homes and evidence-based standards of care
4            delivery; multi-year experience in health care or
5            public health management; knowledge of federal ACO
6            or other similar delivery system requirements and
7            strategies for improving health care delivery.
8                Manager of Federal Regulatory Compliance:
9            Bachelor's degree required, advanced degree
10            preferred, in healthcare management or relevant
11            field; experience in healthcare administration or
12            Medicaid State Plan amendments preferred;
13            experience interpreting federal rules; experience
14            with either federal health care agency or with a
15            State agency in working with federal regulations.
16                Manager, Office of Medical Project Management:
17            Bachelor's degree required, project management
18            certification preferred; multi-year experience in
19            project management and developing business analyst
20            skills; leadership skills to manage multiple and
21            complex projects.
22                Manager of Medicare/Medicaid Coordination:
23            Bachelor's degree required, knowledge and
24            experience with Medicare Advantage rules and
25            regulations, knowledge of Medicaid laws and
26            policies; experience with contract drafting



SB2992 Enrolled- 8 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            preferred.
2                Chief, Bureau of Eligibility Integrity:
3            Bachelor's degree required, advanced degree in
4            public administration or business administration
5            preferred; experience equivalent to 4 years of
6            administration in a public or business
7            organization required; experience with managing
8            contract compliance required; knowledge of
9            Medicaid eligibility laws and policy preferred;
10            supervisory experience preferred. The General
11            Assembly finds that this position is necessary for
12            the timely and effective implementation of this
13            amendatory Act of the 97th General Assembly.
14            (B) HEALTHCARE FINANCE.
15                Director of Care Coordination Rate and
16            Finance: MBA, CPA, or Actuarial degree required;
17            experience in managed care rate setting,
18            including, but not limited to, baseline costs and
19            growth trends; knowledge and experience with
20            Medical Loss Ratio standards and measurements.
21                Director of Encounter Data Program: Bachelor's
22            degree required, advanced degree preferred,
23            preferably in health care, business, or
24            information systems; at least 2 years healthcare
25            or other similar data reporting experience,
26            including, but not limited to, data definitions,



SB2992 Enrolled- 9 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            submission, and editing; background in HIPAA
2            transactions relevant to encounter data
3            submission; experience with large provider, health
4            insurer, government agency, or research
5            institution or other knowledge of healthcare
6            claims systems.
7                Manager of Medical Finance, Division of
8            Finance: Requires relevant advanced degree or
9            certification in relevant field, such as Certified
10            Public Accountant; coursework in business or
11            public administration, accounting, finance, data
12            analysis, or statistics preferred; experience in
13            control systems and GAAP; financial management
14            experience in a healthcare or government entity
15            utilizing Medicaid funding.
17                Data Quality Assurance Manager: Bachelor's
18            degree required, advanced degree preferred,
19            preferably in business, information systems, or
20            epidemiology; at least 3 years of extensive
21            healthcare data reporting experience with a large
22            provider, health insurer, government agency, or
23            research institution; previous data quality
24            assurance role or formal data quality assurance
25            training.
26                Data Analytics Unit Manager: Bachelor's degree



SB2992 Enrolled- 10 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            required, advanced degree preferred, in
2            information systems, applied mathematics, or
3            another field with a strong analytics component;
4            extensive healthcare data reporting experience
5            with a large provider, health insurer, government
6            agency, or research institution; experience as a
7            business analyst interfacing between business and
8            information technology departments; in-depth
9            knowledge of health insurance coding and evolving
10            healthcare quality metrics; working knowledge of
11            SQL and/or SAS.
12                Data Analytics Platform Manager: Bachelor's
13            degree required, advanced degree preferred,
14            preferably in business or information systems;
15            extensive healthcare data reporting experience
16            with a large provider, health insurer, government
17            agency, or research institution; previous
18            experience working on a health insurance data
19            analytics platform; experience managing contracts
20            and vendors preferred.
22                Manager of MMIS Claims Unit: Bachelor's degree
23            required, with preferred coursework in business,
24            public administration, information systems;
25            experience equivalent to 4 years of administration
26            in a public or business organization; working



SB2992 Enrolled- 11 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            knowledge with design and implementation of
2            technical solutions to medical claims payment
3            systems; extensive technical writing experience,
4            including, but not limited to, the development of
5            RFPs, APDs, feasibility studies, and related
6            documents; thorough knowledge of IT system design,
7            commercial off the shelf software packages and
8            hardware components.
9                Assistant Bureau Chief, Office of Information
10            Systems: Bachelor's degree required, with
11            preferred coursework in business, public
12            administration, information systems; experience
13            equivalent to 5 years of administration in a public
14            or private business organization; extensive
15            technical writing experience, including, but not
16            limited to, the development of RFPs, APDs,
17            feasibility studies and related documents;
18            extensive healthcare technology experience with a
19            large provider, health insurer, government agency,
20            or research institution; experience as a business
21            analyst interfacing between business and
22            information technology departments; thorough
23            knowledge of IT system design, commercial off the
24            shelf software packages and hardware components.
25                Technical System Architect: Bachelor's degree
26            required, with preferred coursework in computer



SB2992 Enrolled- 12 -LRB098 17794 RLC 52916 b

1            science or information technology; prior
2            experience equivalent to 5 years of computer
3            science or IT administration in a public or
4            business organization; extensive healthcare
5            technology experience with a large provider,
6            health insurer, government agency, or research
7            institution; experience as a business analyst
8            interfacing between business and information
9            technology departments.
10    The provisions of this paragraph (8), other than this
11    sentence, are inoperative after January 1, 2014.
12(Source: P.A. 97-649, eff. 12-30-11; 97-689, eff. 6-14-12;
1398-104, eff. 7-22-13.)
14    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
15becoming law.