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HJ0086LRB098 20561 MST 56763 r


2    WHEREAS, It is highly fitting that the Illinois General
3Assembly pays honor and respect to individuals who gave their
4lives in the service of the State of Illinois; and
5    WHEREAS, Edgar County Deputy Sheriff John Dean Landrum gave
6his life in the line of duty on February 15, 1989 while
7responding to a domestic disturbance; and
8    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum was born January 12, 1937
9in Centralia to John Paul and Irene B. (nee Wayman) Landrum; he
10married his loving wife, Kay Hamlin on June 26, 1958; and
11    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum graduated from Centralia
12High School in 1955 and from Kaskaskia Community College in
131957, where he earned a degree in drafting; and
14    WHEREAS, After earning his degree, Deputy Sheriff Landrum
15worked for the Seiger heating company in Centralia in 1957, for
16McDonald-Douglas in 1958 as a draftsman, and at TrailMobile in
17Charleston in the late 1970's; and
18    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum went to Lincoln Christian
19College where he earned a bachelor's degree in ministry in
201966; he served as a minister for one year at Keenes Christian



HJ0086- 2 -LRB098 20561 MST 56763 r

1Church in Keenes in 1966, as a house parent at Ladoga
2Children's home in Ladoga, Indiana in 1967-1970, at Edgar
3County Children's Home in Paris, Illinois from 1970 until 1975,
4and as a minister at Pleasant Hill Christian Church in Kansas,
5Illinois from 1975-1986; and
6    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum served as an Auxiliary
7Deputy in the early 1970's for the Edgar County Sheriff's
8Department, and attended the police academy in Springfield from
9January 8th - February 15, 1979, graduating from class 258-08
10as class president; and
11    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum served as Chief of police
12of Kansas, Illinois from 1977-1982; and
13    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum became a part-time deputy
14at Edgar County Sheriff's Department in 1982 and began serving
15full-time in 1987; and
16    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum's death left behind his
17wife, Kay (nee Hamlin) Landrum; his daughters, Cheryl Clark and
18Lisa Weilhammer; his sons, John W. Landrum, Curtis Landrum, and
19Chad Landrum; his 15 grandchildren; and his 5
20great-grandchildren; and
21    WHEREAS, Deputy Sheriff Landrum courage will be remembered



HJ0086- 3 -LRB098 20561 MST 56763 r

1fondly by his loving family, his fellow officers, and all who
2knew him, and it is therefore fitting that we not forget Deputy
3Sheriff John Dean Landrum's sacrifice; therefore, be it
6SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that we designate the section of US
7Route 150 from Paris, Illinois to the Indiana border as the
8"Deputy Sheriff John D. Landrum Memorial Highway"; and be it
10    RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of Transportation
11is requested to erect at suitable locations, consistent with
12State and federal regulations, appropriate plaques or signs
13giving notice of the name; and be it further
14    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
15presented to the family of Deputy Sheriff John D. Landrum and
16the Secretary of the Illinois Department of Transportation, Ann
17L. Schneider.