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Full Text of SR1032  97th General Assembly




SR1032LRB097 23612 GRL 72711 r


2    WHEREAS, In 2012, the United Way celebrates the 125th
3anniversary of its founding; and
4    WHEREAS, The United Way was founded in Denver in 1887; and
5    WHEREAS, Today, United Way is the largest privately funded
6nonprofit corporation in the nation and the world, with more
7than 1,800 United Ways in 41 countries and territories; and
8    WHEREAS, The focus of United Way is identifying and
9resolving pressing community issues, as well as making
10measurable changes in the communities through partnerships
11with schools, government agencies, businesses, organized
12labor, financial institutions, community development
13corporations, voluntary and neighborhood associations, the
14faith community and others; and
15    WHEREAS, The issues United Way focuses on are determined
16locally because of the diversity of the communities served; and
17    WHEREAS, The United Way's overall framework, however,
18includes education, income and health; and
19    WHEREAS, The United Way builds on community strengths and



SR1032- 2 -LRB097 23612 GRL 72711 r

1assets, helps individuals and groups with specific community
2interests, finds ways for them to contribute their time and
3talents, supports direct-service programs and community-change
4efforts and advocates public policy changes; and
5    WHEREAS, Many corporations, businesses, and unions partner
6with United Way to address community needs; and
7    WHEREAS, The United Way organizations in the State of
8Illinois advance the common good and improve communities across
9the State as places to live and do business through strategic
10investments, initiatives, partnerships and advocacy;
11therefore, be it
13ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we recognize the
14volunteers and administration of the United Way on the occasion
15of the organization's 125th anniversary, declare December of
162012 as United Way Month, and encourage all residents of this
17State to support the United Way; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
19presented to the United Way.