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Full Text of SB2100  97th General Assembly



State of Illinois
2011 and 2012


Introduced 2/10/2011, by Sen. Thomas Johnson


105 ILCS 5/21-7.1  from Ch. 122, par. 21-7.1

    Amends the School Code. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning administrative certificates.

LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b





SB2100LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1    AN ACT concerning education.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The School Code is amended by changing Section
521-7.1 as follows:
6    (105 ILCS 5/21-7.1)  (from Ch. 122, par. 21-7.1)
7    Sec. 21-7.1. Administrative certificate.
8    (a) After July 1, 1999, an administrative certificate valid
9for 5 years of supervising and and administering in the public
10common schools (unless changed under subsection (a-5) of this
11Section) may be issued to persons who have graduated from a
12regionally accredited institution of higher learning with a
13master's degree or its equivalent and who have been recommended
14by a recognized institution of higher learning, a
15not-for-profit entity, or a combination thereof, as having
16completed a program of preparation for one or more of these
17endorsements. Such programs of academic and professional
18preparation required for endorsement shall be administered by
19an institution or not-for-profit entity approved to offer such
20programs by the State Board of Education, in consultation with
21the State Teacher Certification Board, and shall be operated in
22accordance with this Article and the standards set forth by the
23State Superintendent of Education in consultation with the



SB2100- 2 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1State Teacher Certification Board. Any program offered in whole
2or in part by a not-for-profit entity must also be approved by
3the Board of Higher Education.
4    (a-5) Beginning July 1, 2003, if an administrative
5certificate holder holds a Standard Teaching Certificate, the
6validity period of the administrative certificate shall be
7changed, if necessary, so that the validity period of the
8administrative certificate coincides with the validity period
9of the Standard Teaching Certificate. Beginning July 1, 2003,
10if an administrative certificate holder holds a Master Teaching
11Certificate, the validity period of the administrative
12certificate shall be changed so that the validity period of the
13administrative certificate coincides with the validity period
14of the Master Teaching Certificate.
15    (b) No administrative certificate shall be issued for the
16first time after June 30, 1987 and no endorsement provided for
17by this Section shall be made or affixed to an administrative
18certificate for the first time after June 30, 1987 unless the
19person to whom such administrative certificate is to be issued
20or to whose administrative certificate such endorsement is to
21be affixed has been required to demonstrate as a part of a
22program of academic or professional preparation for such
23certification or endorsement: (i) an understanding of the
24knowledge called for in establishing productive parent-school
25relationships and of the procedures fostering the involvement
26which such relationships demand; and (ii) an understanding of



SB2100- 3 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1the knowledge required for establishing a high quality school
2climate and promoting good classroom organization and
3management, including rules of conduct and instructional
4procedures appropriate to accomplishing the tasks of
5schooling; and (iii) a demonstration of the knowledge and
6skills called for in providing instructional leadership. The
7standards for demonstrating an understanding of such knowledge
8shall be set forth by the State Board of Education in
9consultation with the State Teacher Certification Board, and
10shall be administered by the recognized institutions of higher
11learning as part of the programs of academic and professional
12preparation required for certification and endorsement under
13this Section. As used in this subsection: "establishing
14productive parent-school relationships" means the ability to
15maintain effective communication between parents and school
16personnel, to encourage parental involvement in schooling, and
17to motivate school personnel to engage parents in encouraging
18student achievement, including the development of programs and
19policies which serve to accomplish this purpose; and
20"establishing a high quality school climate" means the ability
21to promote academic achievement, to maintain discipline, to
22recognize substance abuse problems among students and utilize
23appropriate law enforcement and other community resources to
24address these problems, to support teachers and students in
25their education endeavors, to establish learning objectives
26and to provide instructional leadership, including the



SB2100- 4 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1development of policies and programs which serve to accomplish
2this purpose; and "providing instructional leadership" means
3the ability to effectively evaluate school personnel, to
4possess general communication and interpersonal skills, and to
5establish and maintain appropriate classroom learning
6environments. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply
7to or affect the initial issuance or making on or before June
830, 1987 of any administrative certificate or endorsement
9provided for under this Section, nor shall such provisions
10apply to or affect the renewal after June 30, 1987 of any such
11certificate or endorsement initially issued or made on or
12before June 30, 1987.
13    (c) Administrative certificates shall be renewed every 5
14years with the first renewal being 5 years following the
15initial receipt of an administrative certificate, unless the
16validity period for the administrative certificate has been
17changed under subsection (a-5) of this Section, in which case
18the certificate shall be renewed at the same time that the
19Standard or Master Teaching Certificate is renewed.
20    (c-5) (Blank).
21    (c-10) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (c-15) of
22this Section, persons holding administrative certificates must
23follow the certificate renewal procedure set forth in this
24subsection (c-10), provided that those persons holding
25administrative certificates on June 30, 2003 who are renewing
26those certificates on or after July 1, 2003 shall be issued new



SB2100- 5 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1administrative certificates valid for 5 years (unless changed
2under subsection (a-5) of this Section), which may be renewed
3thereafter as set forth in this subsection (c-10).
4    A person holding an administrative certificate and
5employed in a position requiring administrative certification,
6including a regional superintendent of schools, must satisfy
7the continuing professional development requirements of this
8Section to renew his or her administrative certificate. The
9continuing professional development must include without
10limitation the following continuing professional development
12        (1) To improve the administrator's knowledge of
13    instructional practices and administrative procedures in
14    accordance with the Illinois Professional School Leader
15    Standards.
16        (2) To maintain the basic level of competence required
17    for initial certification.
18        (3) To improve the administrator's mastery of skills
19    and knowledge regarding the improvement of teaching
20    performance in clinical settings and assessment of the
21    levels of student performance in the schools.
22    The continuing professional development must include the
23following in order for the certificate to be renewed:
24        (A) Participation in continuing professional
25    development activities, which must total a minimum of 100
26    hours of continuing professional development. The



SB2100- 6 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1    participation must consist of a minimum of 5 activities per
2    validity period of the certificate, and the certificate
3    holder must maintain documentation of completion of each
4    activity.
5        (B) Participation every year in an Illinois
6    Administrators' Academy course, which participation must
7    total a minimum of 30 continuing professional development
8    hours during the period of the certificate's validity and
9    which must include completion of applicable required
10    coursework, including completion of a communication,
11    dissemination, or application component, as defined by the
12    State Board of Education.
13    The certificate holder must complete a verification form
14developed by the State Board of Education and certify that 100
15hours of continuing professional development activities and 5
16Administrators' Academy courses have been completed. The
17regional superintendent of schools shall review and validate
18the verification form for a certificate holder. Based on
19compliance with all of the requirements for renewal, the
20regional superintendent of schools shall forward a
21recommendation for renewal or non-renewal to the State
22Superintendent of Education and shall notify the certificate
23holder of the recommendation. The State Superintendent of
24Education shall review the recommendation to renew or non-renew
25and shall notify, in writing, the certificate holder of a
26decision denying renewal of his or her certificate. Any



SB2100- 7 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1decision regarding non-renewal of an administrative
2certificate may be appealed to the State Teacher Certification
4    The State Board of Education, in consultation with the
5State Teacher Certification Board, shall adopt rules to
6implement this subsection (c-10).
7    The regional superintendent of schools shall monitor the
8process for renewal of administrative certificates established
9in this subsection (c-10).
10    (c-15) This subsection (c-15) applies to the first period
11of an administrative certificate's validity during which the
12holder becomes subject to the requirements of subsection (c-10)
13of this Section if the certificate has less than 5 years'
14validity or has less than 5 years' validity remaining when the
15certificate holder becomes subject to the requirements of
16subsection (c-10) of this Section. With respect to this period,
17the 100 hours of continuing professional development and 5
18activities per validity period specified in clause (A) of
19subsection (c-10) of this Section shall instead be deemed to
20mean 20 hours of continuing professional development and one
21activity per year of the certificate's validity or remaining
22validity and the 30 continuing professional development hours
23specified in clause (B) of subsection (c-10) of this Section
24shall instead be deemed to mean completion of at least one
25course per year of the certificate's validity or remaining
26validity. Certificate holders who evaluate certified staff



SB2100- 8 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1must complete a 2-day teacher evaluation course, in addition to
2the 30 continuing professional development hours.
3    (c-20) The State Board of Education, in consultation with
4the State Teacher Certification Board, shall develop
5procedures for implementing this Section and shall administer
6the renewal of administrative certificates. Failure to submit
7satisfactory evidence of continuing professional education
8which contributes to promoting the goals of this Section shall
9result in a loss of administrative certification.
10    (d) Any limited or life supervisory certificate issued
11prior to July 1, 1968 shall continue to be valid for all
12administrative and supervisory positions in the public schools
13for which it is valid as of that date as long as its holder
14meets the requirements for registration or renewal as set forth
15in the statutes or until revoked according to law.
16    (e) The administrative or supervisory positions for which
17the certificate shall be valid shall be determined by one or
18more of the following endorsements: general supervisory,
19general administrative, principal, chief school business
20official, and superintendent.
21    Subject to the provisions of Section 21-1a, endorsements
22shall be made under conditions set forth in this Section. The
23State Board of Education shall, in consultation with the State
24Teacher Certification Board, adopt rules pursuant to the
25Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, establishing
26requirements for obtaining administrative certificates where



SB2100- 9 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1the minimum administrative or supervisory requirements surpass
2those set forth in this Section.
3    The State Teacher Certification Board shall file with the
4State Board of Education a written recommendation when
5considering additional administrative or supervisory
6requirements. All additional requirements shall be based upon
7the requisite knowledge necessary to perform those tasks
8required by the certificate. The State Board of Education shall
9in consultation with the State Teacher Certification Board,
10establish standards within its rules which shall include the
11academic and professional requirements necessary for
12certification. These standards shall at a minimum contain, but
13not be limited to, those used by the State Board of Education
14in determining whether additional knowledge will be required.
15Additionally, the State Board of Education shall in
16consultation with the State Teacher Certification Board,
17establish provisions within its rules whereby any member of the
18educational community or the public may file a formal written
19recommendation or inquiry regarding requirements.
20        (1) Until July 1, 2003, the general supervisory
21    endorsement shall be affixed to the administrative
22    certificate of any holder who has at least 16 semester
23    hours of graduate credit in professional education
24    including 8 semester hours of graduate credit in curriculum
25    and research and who has at least 2 years of full-time
26    teaching experience or school service personnel experience



SB2100- 10 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1    in public schools, schools under the supervision of the
2    Department of Corrections, schools under the
3    administration of the Department of Rehabilitation
4    Services, or nonpublic schools meeting the standards
5    established by the State Superintendent of Education or
6    comparable out-of-state recognition standards approved by
7    the State Superintendent of Education.
8        Such endorsement shall be required for supervisors,
9    curriculum directors and for such similar and related
10    positions as determined by the State Superintendent of
11    Education in consultation with the State Teacher
12    Certification Board.
13        (2) Until June 30, 2014, the general administrative
14    endorsement shall be affixed to the administrative
15    certificate of any holder who has at least 20 semester
16    hours of graduate credit in educational administration and
17    supervision and who has at least 2 years of full-time
18    teaching experience or school service personnel experience
19    in public schools, schools under the supervision of the
20    Department of Corrections, schools under the
21    administration of the Department of Rehabilitation
22    Services, or nonpublic schools meeting the standards
23    established by the State Superintendent of Education or
24    comparable out-of-state recognition standards approved by
25    the State Superintendent of Education.
26        Such endorsement or a principal endorsement shall be



SB2100- 11 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1    required for principal, assistant principal, assistant or
2    associate superintendent, and junior college dean and for
3    related or similar positions as determined by the State
4    Superintendent of Education in consultation with the State
5    Teacher Certification Board.
6        (2.5) The principal endorsement shall be affixed to the
7    administrative certificate of any holder who qualifies by:
8            (A) successfully completing a principal
9        preparation program approved in accordance with
10        Section 21-7.6 of this Code and any applicable rules;
11            (B) having 4 years of teaching experience;
12        however, the State Board of Education shall allow, by
13        rules, for fewer than 4 years of experience based on
14        meeting standards set forth in such rules, including
15        without limitation a review of performance evaluations
16        or other evidence of demonstrated qualifications; and
17            (C) having a master's degree.
18        (3) The chief school business official endorsement
19    shall be affixed to the administrative certificate of any
20    holder who qualifies by having a Master's degree, 2 years
21    of administrative experience in school business management
22    or 2 years of university-approved practical experience,
23    and a minimum of 20 semester hours of graduate credit in a
24    program established by the State Superintendent of
25    Education in consultation with the State Teacher
26    Certification Board for the preparation of school business



SB2100- 12 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1    administrators. Such endorsement shall also be affixed to
2    the administrative certificate of any holder who qualifies
3    by having a Master's Degree in Business Administration,
4    Finance or Accounting and 6 semester hours of internship in
5    school business management from a regionally accredited
6    institution of higher education.
7        After June 30, 1977, such endorsement shall be required
8    for any individual first employed as a chief school
9    business official.
10        (4) The superintendent endorsement shall be affixed to
11    the administrative certificate of any holder who has
12    completed 30 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the
13    master's degree in a program for the preparation of
14    superintendents of schools including 16 semester hours of
15    graduate credit in professional education and who has at
16    least 2 years experience as an administrator or supervisor
17    in the public schools or the State Board of Education or
18    education service regions or in nonpublic schools meeting
19    the standards established by the State Superintendent of
20    Education or comparable out-of-state recognition standards
21    approved by the State Superintendent of Education and holds
22    general supervisory or general administrative endorsement,
23    or who has had 2 years of experience as a supervisor, chief
24    school business official, or administrator while holding
25    an all-grade supervisory certificate or a certificate
26    comparable in validity and educational and experience



SB2100- 13 -LRB097 10308 RPM 50514 b

1    requirements.
2        After June 30, 1968, such endorsement shall be required
3    for a superintendent of schools, except as provided in the
4    second paragraph of this Section and in Section 34-6.
5        Any person appointed to the position of superintendent
6    between the effective date of this Act and June 30, 1993 in
7    a school district organized pursuant to Article 32 with an
8    enrollment of at least 20,000 pupils shall be exempt from
9    the provisions of this paragraph (4) until June 30, 1996.
10    (f) All official interpretations or acts of issuing or
11denying administrative certificates or endorsements by the
12State Teacher's Certification Board, State Board of Education
13or the State Superintendent of Education, from the passage of
14P.A. 81-1208 on November 8, 1979 through September 24, 1981 are
15hereby declared valid and legal acts in all respects and
16further that the purported repeal of the provisions of this
17Section by P.A. 81-1208 and P.A. 81-1509 is declared null and
19(Source: P.A. 96-56, eff. 1-1-10; 96-903, eff. 7-1-10; 96-982,
20eff. 1-1-11; 96-1423, eff. 8-3-10; revised 9-2-10.)