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HR0510LRB097 13269 GRL 57778 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate the past and
4present instructors and administrators of Jacksonville School
5District #117 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the
6District's Music Department; and
7    WHEREAS, In 1911, a dedicated individual, Mrs. Ailsie
8Goodrick, was hired to create and develop a choral department
9at Jacksonville High School; her work resulted in the Treble
10Clef Club for young women and the Glee Club for young men; she
11served as the sole music instructor for the next two years; in
121913, her husband came on to develop instrumental music, which
13he did in the form of the JHS Band and Orchestra; and
14    WHEREAS, Since the Goodricks' pioneering work, the Music
15Department of District #117 has had many passionate and
16talented members, including: Miss Lena Hopper (1917-1946), who
17led the choral music department for the next 30 years and was
18given the title of Supervisor of Music in 1937; Miss Carol
19Hitchcock (1941), a graduate of Jacksonville's own MacMurray
20Conservatory of Music; Mr. G. Lloyd Schultz (1942-1944), who
21brought instrumental music to other schools in the District
22before being called to duty in World War II; Miss Bonnie Kent
23(1945), another MacMurray graduate; Mr. Elbert Edelbrock



HR0510- 2 -LRB097 13269 GRL 57778 r

1(1946), who had directed one of many World War II Army bands
2and was assisted at the grade school level by Mr. Oscar
3Schutte; and
4    WHEREAS, In 1947, a young and talented Mr. Jim Welch took
5over District #117's Music Department, remaining there until
61979; during his tenure, the Music Department grew
7dramatically, expanding to include various committed teachers,
8including Mr. John Hayter and Mr. Richard Moorhouse
9(Orchestra), Mr. Philip Falcone and Mr. Donald Lord (Chorus),
10Mrs. Elaine Peebles and Mrs. Joyce Pratt (Elementary Choral),
11and Mr. Marshall Fowler and Mr. Charles Groce (Junior High
12Bands); after becoming the Director of Music Education for
13District #117 in 1969, Mr. Welch and his students went on to
14earn many honors and accomplishments throughout his 32 years of
15service; and
16    WHEREAS, Since Mr. Welch's tenure, the Music Department has
17continued this tradition of excellence, including superior
18instruction and leadership from Mr. Marshall Fowler
19(1979-1984), whose marching band was also able to achieve
20multiple awards and achievements; Mr. Les Fonza (1984-1986),
21who was instrumental in the development of the Jazz Band; Mr.
22Steve Jones (1986-2003), whose robust and eclectic knowledge of
23music improved all aspects of student learning and performance;
24and Mr. Steve Thorne (2004-present), who continues this



HR0510- 3 -LRB097 13269 GRL 57778 r

1dedication to music to this day; and
2    WHEREAS, The Music Department of Jacksonville School
3District #117 has stood as a model of fortitude, commitment,
4and love of music to the people of the State of Illinois for an
5entire century; therefore, be it
8we congratulate Jacksonville School District #117 on the
9occasion of the 100th Anniversary of its Music Department and
10wish the Music Department and its students continued success in
11the future; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
13presented to Jacksonville School District #117 as a symbol of
14our esteem and respect.