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Full Text of HB1488  97th General Assembly




HB1488 EnrolledLRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Department of Human Services Act is amended
5by adding Section 1-37a as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 1305/1-37a new)
7    Sec. 1-37a. Management Improvement Initiative Committee.
8    (a) As used in this Section, unless the context indicates
10    "Departments" means the Department on Aging, the
11Department of Children and Family Services, the Department of
12Healthcare and Family Services, the Department of Human
13Services, and the Department of Public Health.
14    "Management Improvement Initiative Committee" or
15"Committee" means the Management Improvement Initiative
16Committee created under this Section.
17    "Management Improvement Initiative Departmental Leadership
18Team" or "Team" means the Management Improvement Initiative
19Departmental Leadership Team created under this Section.
20    (b) The Governor, or his or her designee, shall create a
21Management Improvement Initiative Committee that shall include
22the Management Improvement Initiative Departmental Leadership
23Team to implement the recommendations made in the report



HB1488 Enrolled- 2 -LRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1submitted to the General Assembly on January 1, 2011 as
2required under Public Act 96-1141, and to continue the work of
3the group formed under the auspices of Public Act 96-1141.
4    The Team shall be comprised of a representative from each
5of the Departments.
6    The Team members shall integrate the Committee's
7objectives into their respective departmental operations and
8continue the work of the group formed under the auspices of
9Public Act 96-1141 including:
10        (1) Implementing the recommendations of the report
11    submitted to the General Assembly on January 1, 2011 under
12    Public Act 96-1141.
13        (2) Submitting a progress report to the General
14    Assembly by November 1, 2011 on the progress made in
15    implementing the recommendations made in the report
16    submitted to the General Assembly on January 1, 2011 under
17    Public Act 96-1141.
18        (3) Reviewing contracts held with community health and
19    human service providers on the regulations and work
20    processes, including reporting, monitoring, compliance,
21    auditing, certification, and licensing processes, required
22    by the departments and their divisions.
23        (4) Eliminating obsolete, redundant, or unreasonable
24    regulations, reporting, monitoring, compliance, auditing,
25    certifications, licensing, and work processes.
26        (5) Implementing reciprocity across divisions and



HB1488 Enrolled- 3 -LRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1    departments. Reciprocity shall be used to accept other
2    division or department regulations, reporting, monitoring,
3    compliance, auditing, certification, and licensing
4    processes.
5        (6) Implementing integrated work processes across
6    divisions and departments that will be used for efficient
7    and effective work processes including regulations,
8    reporting, monitoring, compliance, auditing, licensing,
9    and certification processes.
10        (7) Implementing the deemed status for accredited
11    community health and human service providers.
12        (8) Reviewing work products meant to address the
13    Committee's objectives as set forth in this Section. The
14    review shall be done in concert with similar reviews
15    conducted by the divisions under the Department of Human
16    Services and other department steering committees,
17    committees, and work groups as appropriate and necessary to
18    eliminate redundant work processes including reporting,
19    monitoring, compliance, auditing, licensing, and
20    certification processes.
21        (9) Describing how improved regulations, reporting,
22    monitoring, compliance, auditing, certification,
23    licensing, and work processes are measured at the community
24    vendor, contractor, and departmental levels, and how they
25    have reduced redundant regulations, reporting, monitoring,
26    compliance, auditing, certification, licensing, and work



HB1488 Enrolled- 4 -LRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1    processes.
2    (c) The Team shall examine the entire body of regulations,
3reporting, monitoring, compliance, auditing, certification,
4licensing, and work processes that guide departmental
5operations and contracts to eliminate obsolete, redundant, or
6unreasonable regulations, reporting, monitoring, compliance,
7auditing, licensing, and certifications.
8    (d) The Team shall identify immediate, near-term, and
9long-term opportunities to improve accountable, non-redundant,
10effective, and efficient accountability, regulations,
11reporting, monitoring, compliance, auditing, certification,
12and licensing processes that are necessary, appropriate, and
13sufficient to determine the success and quality of contracts
14with community health and human service vendors and providers.
15    (e) The Team shall develop performance measures to assess
16progress towards accomplishing the Committee's objectives and
17shall develop procedures to provide feedback on the impact of
18the State's operational improvements meant to achieve
19management improvement initiative objectives.
20    (f) The Team shall report operational improvements and
21document efforts that address the Committee's objectives.
22These reports shall be submitted to the Governor and the
23General Assembly semi-annually and shall:
24        (1) Include the results made to maintain efficient
25    accountability while eliminating obsolete, redundant, or
26    unreasonable regulations, reporting, monitoring,



HB1488 Enrolled- 5 -LRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1    compliance, auditing, licensing, and certifications.
2        (2) Specify improved regulations, reporting,
3    monitoring, compliance, auditing, certification,
4    licensing, and work processes.
5        (3) Describe how improved regulations, reporting,
6    monitoring, compliance, auditing, certification,
7    licensing, and work processes are measured at the community
8    vendor, contractor, and departmental levels, and how they
9    have reduced redundant regulations, reporting, monitoring,
10    compliance, auditing, certification, licensing, and work
11    processes.
12        (4) Include the methods used to engage health and human
13    service providers in the management improvement initiative
14    to improve regulations, reporting, monitoring, compliance,
15    auditing, certification, licensing, and work processes.
16        (5) Describe how departmental practices have been
17    changed to improve non-redundant accountability,
18    efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.
19    (g) Beginning in State Fiscal Year 2012, regulations,
20reporting, monitoring, compliance, auditing, certification,
21licensing, and work processes, including each new departmental
22initiative, shall be linked directly to non-redundant,
23accountable, efficient, and effective outcome indicators which
24can be used to evaluate the success of the new initiative.
25    (h) The Management Improvement Initiative Committee.
26        (1) The Committee shall be comprised of Team members



HB1488 Enrolled- 6 -LRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1    from each of the Departments to manage the overall
2    implementation process and to ensure that any new
3    monitoring and compliance activities are developed as
4    recommended in the report submitted to the General Assembly
5    on January 1, 2011.
6        (2) Team members shall be able to access available
7    resources within their respective departments, to set
8    priorities, manage the overall implementation process, and
9    ensure that any new monitoring and compliance activities
10    are developed as recommended in the report submitted to the
11    General Assembly on January 1, 2011.
12        (3) The Departments shall each designate a member to
13    serve as a member of the Committee.
14        (4) The Committee shall also consist of the community
15    organizations, community providers, associations, and
16    private philanthropic organizations appointed under Public
17    Act 96-1141, and shall be charged with overseeing
18    implementation of the Committee's objectives and ensuring
19    that provider prospective is incorporated.
20        (5) The Committee shall be co-chaired by department and
21    community representatives, with leadership responsibility
22    resting with the Governor in order to increase the priority
23    and accountability for implementation of the Committee's
24    objectives and recommendations.
25        (6) The Team shall be responsible for establishing
26    within the Committee workgroups consisting of subject



HB1488 Enrolled- 7 -LRB097 07770 KTG 47882 b

1    matter experts necessary to reach the Committee's
2    objectives, including the recommendations made in the
3    report submitted to the General Assembly on January 1, 2011
4    under Public Act 96-1141. Those subject matter experts,
5    including those with necessary technological expertise,
6    shall include outside experts, departmental, association,
7    and community providers.
8        (7) Recommendations of the Committee shall be reviewed
9    and its efforts integrated into existing as well as ongoing
10    initiatives as appropriate, including the implementation
11    of Public Act 96-1501, the Illinois Frameworks planning and
12    implementation efforts, and any other task force that may
13    make proposals that impact community provider work
14    processes and contract deliverables.
15        (8) The Department of Human Services shall be
16    designated as the lead support agency and provide
17    administrative staffing for the Committee. Other
18    Departments, as defined by this Section, shall provide
19    additional administrative staffing in conjunction with the
20    Department of Human Services to support the Committee.
21    (i) This Section is repealed on December 31, 2014.
22    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
23becoming law.