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SB3342 EnrolledLRB096 15638 HLH 30874 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Bi-State Development Powers Act is amended
5by changing Section 1 as follows:
6    (45 ILCS 110/1)  (from Ch. 127, par. 63s-9)
7    Sec. 1. In further effectuation of that certain compact
8between the States of Missouri and Illinois heretofore made and
9entered into on September 20, 1949, the Bi-State Development
10Agency, created by and under the aforesaid compact, is
11authorized to exercise the following powers in addition to
12those heretofore expressly authorized by the aforesaid
14    (1) To acquire by gift, purchase or lease, sell or
15otherwise dispose of, and to plan, construct, operate and
16maintain, or lease to others for operation and maintenance,
17airports, wharves, docks, harbors, and industrial parks
18adjacent to and necessary and convenient thereto, bridges,
19tunnels, warehouses, grain elevators, commodity and other
20storage facilities, sewage disposal plants, passenger
21transportation facilities, and air, water, rail, motor vehicle
22and other terminal or parking facilities;
23    (2) To acquire by gift, purchase or lease; to plan,



SB3342 Enrolled- 2 -LRB096 15638 HLH 30874 b

1construct, operate, maintain, or lease to or contract with
2others for operation and maintenance; or lease, sell or
3otherwise dispose of to any person, firm or corporation,
4subject to such mortgage, pledge or other security arrangement
5that the Bi-State Development Agency may require, facilities
6for the receiving, transferring, sorting, processing,
7treatment, storage, recovery and disposal of refuse or waste,
8and facilities for the production, conversion, recovery,
9storage, use, or use and sale of refuse or waste derived
10resources, fuel or energy and industrial parks adjacent to and
11necessary and convenient thereto;
12    (3) To acquire by gift, purchase or lease, to plan,
13construct, operate, maintain, or lease to or contract with
14others for operation and maintenance; or lease, sell or
15otherwise dispose of to any person, firm or corporation,
16subject to such mortgage, pledge, or other security
17arrangements that the Bi-State Development Agency may require,
18a development project described as a world trade center
19consisting of one or more buildings, structures, improvements
20and areas necessary, convenient, or desirable for the
21centralized accommodation of functions, activities and
22services for or incidental to the transportation of persons,
23and the exchange, buying, selling and transporting of
24commodities and other property in world trade and commerce, the
25promotion and protection of such trade and commerce, government
26services, including but not limited to customs houses, customs



SB3342 Enrolled- 3 -LRB096 15638 HLH 30874 b

1stores, inspection and appraisal facilities, foreign trade
2zone, terminal and transportation facilities, parking areas,
3offices, storage, warehouse, marketing and exhibition
4facilities and other facilities, and accommodations for
5persons and property;
6    (4) To contract with municipalities or other political
7subdivisions for the services or use of any facility owned or
8operated by the Bi-State Agency, or owned or operated by any
9such municipality or other political subdivision. The Agency is
10authorized and empowered to cooperate with the States of
11Illinois and Missouri, with any municipality, with the Federal
12government and with any agency or commission of any one or more
13of the foregoing, or with any one or more of them, for and in
14connection with the acquisition, clearance, replanning,
15rehabilitation, reconstruction or redevelopment of a world
16trade center area or of any other area forming part of a
17development project for the purpose of renewal and improvement
18of said area and for any of the purposes of this Act, and to
19enter into an agreement or agreements (and from time to time to
20enter into agreements amending or supplementing the same) with
21any such municipality, commission or agency and with the States
22of Illinois and Missouri and with the Federal government, or
23with any one or more of them, for or relating to such purposes;
24    (5) To borrow money for any of the authorized purposes of
25the Bi-State Development Agency, and to issue the negotiable
26notes, bonds or other instruments in writing of the Bi-State



SB3342 Enrolled- 4 -LRB096 15638 HLH 30874 b

1Development Agency in evidence of the sum or sums so to be
3    (6) To issue negotiable refunding notes, bonds or other
4instruments in writing for the purpose of refunding, extending
5or unifying the whole or any part of its valid indebtedness
6from time to time outstanding, whether evidenced by notes,
7bonds or other instruments in writing;
8    (7) To provide that all negotiable notes, bonds or other
9instruments in writing issued either pursuant to subparagraph
10(4) or pursuant to subparagraph (5) hereof shall be payable,
11both as to principal and interest, out of the revenues
12collected for the use of any facility or combination of
13facilities owned or operated or owned and operated by the
14Bi-State Development Agency, or out of any other resources of
15the Bi-State Development Agency, and may be further secured by
16a mortgage or deed of trust upon any property owned by the
17Bi-State Development Agency. All notes, bonds or other
18instruments in writing issued by the Bi-State Development
19Agency as herein provided shall mature in not to exceed 40 30
20years from the date thereof, shall bear interest at a rate not
21exceeding 14% per annum, and shall be sold for not less than
2295% of the par value thereof. The Bi-State Development Agency
23shall have the power to prescribe the details of such notes,
24bonds or other instruments in writing, and of the issuance and
25sale thereof, and shall have power to enter into covenants with
26the holders of such notes, bonds or other instruments in



SB3342 Enrolled- 5 -LRB096 15638 HLH 30874 b

1writing, not inconsistent with the powers herein granted to the
2Bi-State Development Agency, without further legislative
4    (8) To condemn any and all rights or property, of any kind
5or character, necessary for the purposes of the Bi-State
6Development Agency, subject, however, to the provisions of the
7aforesaid compact; provided, however, that no rights or
8property of any kind or character, now or hereafter owned,
9leased, controlled, operated or used, in whole or in part, by
10any common carrier engaged in interstate commerce, or by any
11grain elevator, shall be taken or appropriated by the Bi-State
12Development Agency without first obtaining the written consent
13and approval of such common carrier or of the owner or operator
14of such grain elevator. If the property to be condemned be
15situated in the State of Illinois, the said Agency shall follow
16the procedure of the Act of the State of Illinois providing for
17the exercise of the right of eminent domain, and if the
18property to be condemned be situated in the State of Missouri,
19the said Agency shall follow the procedure provided by the Laws
20of the State of Missouri for the appropriation of land or other
21property taken for telegraph, telephone or railroad
23    (9) To contract and to be contracted with, to enter into
24limited partnerships and joint ventures for any purpose
25authorized by this compact, and to sue and to be sued in



SB3342 Enrolled- 6 -LRB096 15638 HLH 30874 b

1    (10) To issue bonds for industrial, manufacturing or
2commercial facilities located within the Bi-State Metropolitan
3District upon the security of the revenue to be derived from
4such facilities; and, or upon any property held or to be held
5by it.
6    The State of Illinois may not expend any funds for any
7purpose connected with the projects authorized pursuant to this
8amendatory Act of 1985.
9(Source: P.A. 84-247.)
10    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
11becoming law.