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Full Text of HR0884  96th General Assembly




HR0884 LRB096 17676 GRL 33038 r


2     WHEREAS, Our nation's use of energy continues to escalate,
3 with increasingly detrimental environmental and economic
4 impact; and
5     WHEREAS, Outdoor lighting practices currently in
6 widespread use in the State of Illinois consume large amounts
7 of energy and are very energy-inefficient; much more efficient
8 outdoor lighting practices exist; and
9     WHEREAS, Energy savings would reduce carbon emissions into
10 our air, preserve natural resources used to produce this
11 energy, set a positive precedent for the rest of the nation,
12 and result in a reduction in costs for Illinois taxpayers and
13 businesses; and
14     WHEREAS, The safety and welfare of pedestrians, cyclists,
15 and motorists depend upon the reduction of glare and the
16 establishment of consistent and well-defined standards for
17 levels of artificial outdoor illumination; and
18     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois recognizes the need to
19 define limits and protect the State's residents and business
20 owners from the trespass of excessive and misdirected
21 artificial outdoor illumination from adjacent properties; and



HR0884 - 2 - LRB096 17676 GRL 33038 r

1     WHEREAS, There is growing evidence that excessive
2 artificial outdoor illumination at night has detrimental
3 effects on human health; and
4     WHEREAS, Excessive artificial outdoor illumination at
5 night has been shown to have detrimental effects on numerous
6 species of flora and fauna, which depend on the natural cycle
7 of day and night for survival; and
8     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois recognizes the night sky as
9 a natural resource and the need to preserve the unique quality
10 of life of Illinois residents by preserving and enhancing their
11 ability to view the night sky; and
12     WHEREAS, The sky glow from artificial outdoor illumination
13 negatively impacts the enjoyment of State parks and other areas
14 of natural beauty and wildlife conservation; and
15     WHEREAS, Establishing pre-determined standards for
16 artificial outdoor illumination will provide Illinois
17 residents, business owners, and developers with a clear set of
18 guidelines to follow; and
19     WHEREAS, A clear set of guidelines for artificial outdoor
20 illumination will eliminate the need for business



HR0884 - 3 - LRB096 17676 GRL 33038 r

1 establishments to compete for visual attention by escalating
2 outdoor lighting levels; and
3     WHEREAS, A void remains in the creation and implementation
4 of a modern, practical set of lighting standards which address
5 the issues of energy consumption, environmental, and quality of
6 life related to artificial outdoor illumination in a
7 "holistic", effective manner; and
8     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois has the potential to become
9 a leader in the area of artificial outdoor illumination
10 practices by promoting sound environmental policies which will
11 benefit residents of the State of Illinois and serve as a
12 positive example for the nation to follow; and
13     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois acknowledges its
14 responsibility to care for both the daytime and nighttime
15 environments; therefore, be it
18 express our support for improved night preservation practices
19 in the State of Illinois; and be it further
20     RESOLVED, That we encourage municipalities and State
21 agencies to adopt suitable outdoor lighting practices based on



HR0884 - 4 - LRB096 17676 GRL 33038 r

1 the principle of applying artificial light only where it is
2 needed, when it is needed, and to only the levels needed, using
3 the best safety and energy-efficiency standards available; and
4 be it further
5     RESOLVED, That we encourage the Illinois Sustainable
6 Technology Center to provide artificial outdoor illumination
7 engineering assistance to State agencies, municipalities, and
8 businesses that seek to implement responsible outdoor lighting
9 to conserve energy and preserve the important natural
10 phenomenon of night; and be it further
11     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be sent
12 to the Governor and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.