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Full Text of HR0236  96th General Assembly



HR0236 LRB096 12187 KXB 24671 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to honor Father John Trout for his
4 service to Queen of All Saints Basilica in Chicago; and
5     WHEREAS, Father John Trout began his current appointment as
6 Associate Pastor at Queen of All Saints Basilica on March 10,
7 2005; his duties as Associate Pastor include: presiding at
8 liturgical celebrations, including Sunday Mass, weekday Mass,
9 funerals, weddings, and special liturgical celebrations;
10 serving as Director of Rite of Christian Initiation, teaching
11 religious education to adults wishing to become members of the
12 Catholic Church; visiting those in hospitals or homebound;
13 responding to emergency calls for those in in need of the last
14 rites and offering spiritual comfort and support to the elderly
15 and infirm homebound; assisting the Pastor in various pastoral
16 projects; serving as Spiritual Director to the Men's Group and
17 acting as liaison for the mentors group with Catholic Charities
18 Refugee Resettlement Program; and developing neighborhood
19 Christian Communities, including meeting with neighborhood
20 groups on a weekly basis; and
21     WHEREAS, After studying for the priesthood at St. Patrick's
22 Missionary Society seminary in Kiltegan, Ireland, he was
23 ordained in his hometown of Athy Town, County Kildare, Ireland,



HR0236 - 2 - LRB096 12187 KXB 24671 r

1 in June of 1989; his first position was as Pastor of a parish
2 in a rapidly developing suburb of Lagos, Nigeria called Ketu;
3 and
4     WHEREAS, The parish community in Ketu, which comprised
5 approximately 5,000 families, did not have any parish buildings
6 in place; situated in a sprawling low income swampy area, most
7 of the land had to be sand-filled before basic buildings could
8 be erected; and
9     WHEREAS, During his ten years in Ketu, he had the
10 opportunity to initiate some new approaches to parish
11 development, including the Small Christian Community movement;
12 today, the parish of Ketu has started four other churches, and
13 the parishioners are in the process of building a very fine
14 church; and
15     WHEREAS, His involvement in the HIV/AIDS pandemic emerged
16 during his next position, which was at Queen of All Saints as a
17 resident Priest from 2000 to 2003; he was in Chicago studying
18 for a Master's degree at Loyola University, in conjunction with
19 Vanderbilt University; his research in the area of African
20 community development focused on the breakdown of family and
21 tradition as one of the driving forces behind the spread of
22 HIV/AIDS in sub-Sahara Africa; this research was subsequently
23 published in the Journal of Community Psychology; and



HR0236 - 3 - LRB096 12187 KXB 24671 r

1     WHEREAS, As a result of the generosity of the people of
2 Queen of All Saints, Father Trout returned to Africa five years
3 ago; he began operating a chicken farm, and today the chicken
4 farm is providing a sustainable livelihood for 12 women who
5 have been widowed because of the HTV/AIDS pandemic; it is among
6 one of several successful projects he was able to initiate;
7 others include a craft business for people living with HIV,
8 vegetable gardens for food security, and a bead shop for young
9 unemployed people to raise funds for their education; and
10     WHEREAS, Father Trout returned to Queen of All Saints
11 Basilica with the aid of Father Prist and will work there until
12 June of this year; therefore, be it
15 honor Father Trout for his hard work and devotion to others,
16 both in the United States and abroad; and be it further
17     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
18 presented to Father John Trout as a symbol of our respect and
19 esteem.