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Full Text of HB4755  96th General Assembly



HB4755 Enrolled LRB096 16498 MJR 31768 b

1     AN ACT concerning education.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The Education for Homeless Children Act is
5 amended by adding Section 1-50 as follows:
6     (105 ILCS 45/1-50 new)
7     Sec. 1-50. Education of Homeless Children and Youth State
8 Grant Program.
9     (a) It is the purpose and intent of this Section to
10 establish a State grant program that parallels and supplements,
11 but operates independently of, the federal grant program
12 allocating funds for assistance under Subtitle B of Title VII
13 of the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (42
14 U.S.C. 11431 et seq.) and to establish a State grant program to
15 support school districts throughout this State in facilitating
16 the enrollment, attendance, and success of homeless children
17 and youth.
18     (b) Subject to appropriation, the State Board of Education
19 shall award competitive grants under an Education of Homeless
20 Children and Youth State Grant Program to applicant school
21 districts in accordance with this Section. Services provided by
22 school districts through the use of grant funds may not replace
23 the regular academic program and must be designed to expand



HB4755 Enrolled - 2 - LRB096 16498 MJR 31768 b

1 upon or improve services provided for homeless students as part
2 of the school's regular academic program.
3     (c) A school district that desires to receive a grant under
4 this Section shall submit an application to the State Board of
5 Education at such time, in such manner, and containing or
6 accompanied by such information as the State Board of Education
7 may reasonably require.
8     (d) Grants must be awarded on the basis of the need of the
9 school district for assistance under this Section and the
10 quality of the applications submitted.
11         (1) In determining need under this subsection (d), the
12     State Board of Education may consider the number of
13     homeless children and youths enrolled in preschool,
14     elementary school, and secondary school within the school
15     district and shall consider the needs of such children and
16     youths and the ability of the district to meet such needs.
17     The State Board of Education may also consider the
18     following:
19             (A) The extent to which the proposed use of funds
20         will facilitate the enrollment, retention, and
21         educational success of homeless children and youths.
22             (B) The extent to which the application (i)
23         reflects coordination with other local and State
24         agencies that serve homeless children and youths and
25         (ii) describes how the applicant will meet the
26         requirements of this Act and the federal



HB4755 Enrolled - 3 - LRB096 16498 MJR 31768 b

1         McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance
2         Improvements Act of 2001.
3             (C) The extent to which the applicant exhibits in
4         the application and in current practice a commitment to
5         education for all homeless children and youths.
6             (D) Such other criteria as the State Board
7         determines is appropriate.
8         (2) In determining the quality of applications under
9     this subsection (d), the State Board of Education shall
10     consider the following:
11             (A) The applicant's assessment of needs and the
12         likelihood that the services presented in the
13         application will meet such needs.
14             (B) The types, intensity, and coordination of the
15         services to be provided.
16             (C) The involvement of parents or guardians of
17         homeless children or youths in the education of these
18         children.
19             (D) The extent to which homeless children and
20         youths are effectively integrated within the regular
21         education program.
22             (E) The quality of the applicant's evaluation plan
23         for the services.
24             (F) The extent to which services provided will be
25         coordinated with other services available to homeless
26         children and youths and their families.



HB4755 Enrolled - 4 - LRB096 16498 MJR 31768 b

1             (G) Such other measures as the State Board
2         considers indicative of high-quality services, such as
3         the extent to which the school district will provide
4         case management or related services to unaccompanied
5         youths.
6     (e) Grants awarded under this Section shall be for terms
7 not to exceed 3 years, but are subject to annual appropriation
8 for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth State Grant
9 Program. School districts shall use funds awarded under this
10 Section only for those activities set forth in Section 723(d)
11 of Subtitle B of Title VII of the McKinney-Vento Homeless
12 Assistance Act of 1987 (42 U.S.C. 11433(d)).
13     (f) The State Board of Education may use up to 5% of the
14 funds appropriated for the purposes of this Section for
15 administrative costs, including the hiring of positions for the
16 implementation and administration of the grant program,
17 provided that if no appropriation is made to the State Board of
18 Education for a given fiscal year for the purposes of the grant
19 program, then the State Board of Education is not required to
20 make any expenditures in support of the program during that
21 fiscal year.