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2     WHEREAS, There is clear evidence that quality after-school
3 programs can achieve positive outcomes for children and youth
4 in the areas of safety, academics, health and prevention,
5 social and emotional skill building, civic engagement, and
6 development of 21st century skills, making after-school
7 programs a valuable and needed community service; and
8     WHEREAS, It is important for after-school programs to
9 demonstrate characteristics of quality indicated by research
10 to increase the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes for
11 children and youth in their programs; and
12     WHEREAS, Illinois has multiple funding streams supporting
13 after-school programs with distinct funding policies and
14 priorities that are not coordinated across administering State
15 agencies, resulting in gaps and overlaps of services; and
16     WHEREAS, The demonstrated need in communities for
17 after-school services far outweighs the current available
18 funding; and
19     WHEREAS, The majority of Illinois citizens report that
20 there are not enough after-school opportunities in their
21 communities; and



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1     WHEREAS, Illinois has seen increasing investment in
2 after-school programs by members of the General Assembly in
3 response to the need for after-school programming; this
4 increased funding needs to be strengthened with structures that
5 ensure access, accountability, and sustainability and support
6 the quality elements that are likely to result in positive
7 youth outcomes; therefore, be it
10 there is established the After-school Funding Policy Task Force
11 to develop recommendations for the administration and
12 coordination of the after-school, mentoring, and student
13 support line item in the State Board of Education's budget; and
14 be it further
15     RESOLVED, That the After-school Funding Policy Task Force
16 be comprised of the following members:
17         (1) one representative from the Governor's Office,
18     appointed by the Governor;
19         (2) one representative of the Department of Human
20     Services, appointed by the Secretary of Human Services;
21         (3) one representative of the State Board of Education,
22     appointed by the State Superintendent of Education;
23         (4) one representative (who shall serve as the convener



HR0384 Enrolled - 3 - LRB095 12068 NHT 35838 r

1     of the Task Force) of an organization that is both (i)
2     coordinated by a group with a goal of preventing violence
3     and (ii) composed of members that include the Department of
4     Human Services, the State Board of Education, and various
5     other organizations that provide after-school programming,
6     appointed by such an organization;
7         (5) one representative of a statewide after-school
8     advocacy group, appointed by the Governor;
9         (6) one representative of a statewide organization
10     professionally supporting one-to-one mentoring programs
11     and services, appointed by the Governor;
12         (7) one representative of a statewide violence
13     prevention organization, appointed by the Governor;
14         (8) one representative of a statewide group
15     representing law enforcement, appointed by the Governor;
16         (9) one representative of a statewide group
17     representing the African-American community, appointed by
18     the Governor;
19         (10) one representative of a statewide group
20     representing the Latino community, appointed by the
21     Governor;
22         (11) two local government representatives, one from
23     the City of Chicago appointed by the mayor of the City of
24     Chicago and one from a city other than the City of Chicago
25     appointed by the Governor;
26         (12) one representative of a Chicago-based



HR0384 Enrolled - 4 - LRB095 12068 NHT 35838 r

1     after-school program that receives funding from the
2     after-school, mentoring, and student support line item,
3     appointed by the general superintendent of schools of City
4     of Chicago School District 299;
5         (13) one representative of a downstate after-school
6     program that receives funding from the after-school,
7     mentoring, and student support line item, appointed by the
8     State Superintendent of Education; and
9         (14) up to 5 additional representatives appointed by
10     the Governor, as deemed appropriate; and be it further
11     RESOLVED, That the After-school Funding Policy Task Force
12 may invite additional members to join as needed for expertise
13 and consultation, including, but not limited to, members of the
14 General Assembly, after-school entities from other states,
15 university-represented experts in youth development, national
16 organizations, parents and youth, and funders; and be it
17 further
18     RESOLVED, That this State has in place the Illinois
19 After-school Partnership, which has over the past 3 years
20 gathered data to support increased quality and availability of
21 after-school programs and has access to State and national
22 expertise on elements of a sound after-school system; these
23 resources will be considered during the development of future
24 funding policies; and be it further



HR0384 Enrolled - 5 - LRB095 12068 NHT 35838 r

1     RESOLVED, That the After-school Funding Policy Task Force
2 shall undertake the following:
3         (1) develop policy recommendations for the
4     after-school, mentoring, and student support line item
5     that outline the priorities, guidelines, appropriate
6     administrative structures, and accountability systems that
7     allow sufficient flexibility to meet community needs and
8     require recipients to adhere to baseline measures of
9     accountability and to establish this line item as a
10     sustainable source of after-school funding in addition to
11     current state-level programs; and
12         (2) develop policy recommendations that ensure
13     adequate support for the administering agency to fund
14     program monitoring, data collection, and accountability
15     systems, professional development and technical
16     assistance, and program evaluations for recipients of this
17     funding and to provide technical assistance to
18     organizations not previously funded by this State to
19     increase their capacity to provide quality services; and be
20     it further
21     RESOLVED, That the After-school Funding Policy Task Force
22 shall produce a report outlining policy recommendations no
23 later than October 1, 2007, which report must be presented to
24 all appropriate House committees for approval; and upon



HR0384 Enrolled - 6 - LRB095 12068 NHT 35838 r

1 presenting its report the Task Force is dissolved; and be it
2 further
3     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
4 delivered to the Governor, the Secretary of Human Services, the
5 State Superintendent of Education, and the general
6 superintendent of schools of City of Chicago School District
7 299.