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Full Text of HJR0142  95th General Assembly



HJ0142 Engrossed LRB095 22371 JAM 52706 r


2     WHEREAS, Subsection (b) of Section 25-10 of the State
3 Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430/25-10) requires
4 that the Legislative Ethics Commission shall diligently search
5 out qualified candidates for the Legislative Inspector General
6 and make recommendations to the General Assembly, which shall
7 appoint a Legislative Inspector General by joint resolution;
8 and
9     WHEREAS, Subsection (b) of Section 25-10 further states
10 that the Legislative Inspector General shall be selected solely
11 on the basis of integrity and demonstrated ability and sets
12 forth the necessary educational and employment criteria; and
13     WHEREAS, On July 24, 2004, the General Assembly appointed
14 Mr. Thomas J. Homer to serve as the Legislative Inspector
15 General, with his term to end June 30, 2008; and
16     WHEREAS, The Legislative Ethics Commission at its last
17 meeting voted to retain Mr. Thomas J. Homer as Legislative
18 Inspector General in a holdover capacity pending his
19 reappointment or the appointment of a new Legislative Inspector
20 General; and
21     WHEREAS, As the personification of integrity and ability,



HJ0142 Engrossed - 2 - LRB095 22371 JAM 52706 r

1 Mr. Thomas J. Homer has had an exemplary career of public
2 service that more than qualifies him to serve as the
3 Legislative Inspector General; and
4     WHEREAS, A native of Illinois, Mr. Homer was admitted to
5 the Illinois bar in 1974 and has devoted his professional life
6 to the law in various capacities that provide him with a
7 thorough and well-rounded understanding of the ethical demands
8 of governmental endeavors; and
9     WHEREAS, After serving as an Assistant State's Attorney in
10 Lake County and as the Fulton County State's Attorney, Mr.
11 Homer was a member of the Illinois House of Representatives
12 from 1982 to 1994, during which time he also engaged in the
13 private practice of law; and
14     WHEREAS, Mr. Homer was elected to the Illinois Third
15 District Appellate Court in 1996, thus adding to his skills in
16 interpreting legislative intent and human behavior; and
17     WHEREAS, Mr. Homer's lengthy resume of experience and
18 accomplishments uniquely qualifies him for the position of
19 Legislative Inspector General, an office that necessitates
20 both keen intellect and insight into the personal and
21 professional motivations of persons acting in the public realm;
22 therefore, be it



HJ0142 Engrossed - 3 - LRB095 22371 JAM 52706 r

3 SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that we reappoint Mr. Thomas J. Homer
4 as Legislative Inspector General in accordance with subsection
5 (b) of Section 25-10 of the State Officials and Employees
6 Ethics Act, endorsing him wholeheartedly as surpassing all
7 statutory requirements and ensuring that his sterling
8 character and dedication to government service will enhance the
9 office of Legislative Inspector General and benefit the
10 administration of the ethical foundation on which Illinois
11 legislators and legislative employees operate; and be it
12 further
13     RESOLVED, That, in accordance with subsection (b) of
14 Section 25-10 of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act,
15 the reappointment of Mr. Thomas J. Homer takes effect upon the
16 adoption of this joint resolution by the affirmative vote of
17 three-fifths of the members elected to each house of the
18 General Assembly, the certification of this joint resolution by
19 the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President
20 of the Senate, and the filing of this joint resolution with the
21 Secretary of State; and be it further
22     RESOLVED, That, in accordance with subsection (b) of
23 Section 25-10 of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act,



HJ0142 Engrossed - 4 - LRB095 22371 JAM 52706 r

1 the term of Legislative Inspector General Homer shall run
2 through June 30, 2013; and be it further
3     RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be delivered to
4 Mr. Thomas J. Homer and the Legislative Ethics Commission.