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HR1301 LRB094 20510 HSS 58811 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives of
3 State of Illinois were deeply saddened to learn of the death of
4 Berardo J. "Dee" DeSimone Sr. of Elmhurst, the former regional
5 superintendent of schools in DuPage County, on April 29, 2006;
6 and
7     WHEREAS, Mr. DeSimone was born on July 7, 1925, to Italian
8 immigrant parents in Chicago, where he was raised; he attended
9 Crane Tech High School; after his graduation in 1944, he
10 attended Iowa State University on a football scholarship and
11 received his associate's degree in education; he also played
12 baseball and was drafted by the Boston Red Sox; and
13     WHEREAS, While at Iowa State, Mr. DeSimone suffered an
14 injury and returned home, where he attended DePaul University;
15 from 1948 through 1950 he was a teacher with the Chicago Board
16 of Education; he earned his bachelor of science degree in
17 education at DePaul in 1949; he went on to receive his
18 doctorate from Rhode Island University and completed
19 coursework at Northwestern University, Northern Illinois
20 University, and Loyola University; and
21     WHEREAS, Mr. DeSimone was drafted into the U.S. Army in
22 1950; a year later, while on leave, he married Sally Rose
23 DeLuca, whom he met while dancing at the Paradise Ballroom;
24 after his Army service, he joined Berkeley School District 87
25 in 1952; and
26     WHEREAS, Mr. DeSimone served the District a total of 22
27 years, as teacher, assistant principal, director of the
28 physical education department, assistant superintendent,
29 business manager, and superintendent; while serving as a
30 principal in 1958, shortly after the Our Lady of the Angels
31 fire that killed 92 students and three nuns in Chicago, he



HR1301 - 2 - LRB094 20510 HSS 58811 r

1 helped develop and write the State's life safety codes; and
2     WHEREAS, Mr. DeSimone joined the Illinois State Board of
3 Education as an educational specialist in 1974; he became
4 assistant regional superintendent of schools in DuPage County
5 in 1976; he was first appointed to the post of regional
6 superintendent in 1985 and served through 2003; he never faced
7 an opponent for election or re-election; and
8     WHEREAS, As one of the 45 statewide regional
9 superintendents, Mr. DeSimone acted as an intermediary between
10 the 43 county school districts and the Illinois State Board of
11 Education; he helped shape new programs for the districts,
12 including the development of the DuPage Area Vocational
13 Education Association, now the DuPage Area Occupational
14 Education System; and
15     WHEREAS, Mr. DeSimone also served as chairman of the
16 Illinois State Board of Education Health and Life Safety
17 Advisory Board committee and was a former Illinois Building
18 Commission member; and
19     WHEREAS, The passing of Berardo J. "Dee" DeSimone Sr. is
20 deeply felt by all who knew and loved him, especially his
21 children, Berardo Joseph Jr. (Anne) DeSimone, Ave Marie (Gary)
22 Berkshire, and Neil Francis (Cathy) DeSimone; his
23 grandchildren, Jorie Schlewitt, Todd, Jay, Carlie, Gary Lee,
24 Brittnie, Brandon, Nicholas, Bradley, Christian, and Matthew;
25 his great-grandchildren, Braden, Kamryn, and Nathan; his
26 sister, Anne; his nieces and nephews, Daniel (Debbie), Joseph
27 (Chris), Therese (Michael), Deanna (Brian), and David (Linda);
28 and his friend, Dima; he was preceded in death by his wife; his
29 son, Joseph; and his brother Dan; therefore, be it



HR1301 - 3 - LRB094 20510 HSS 58811 r

1 we mourn the passing of Berardo J. DeSimone Sr., who for more
2 than 60 years was devoted to educating children and was "here
3 for the kids", and we extend our sincerest condolences to his
4 family, friends, and community; and be it further
5     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6 presented to his family as an expression of our deepest
7 sympathy.