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Full Text of HB2525  102nd General Assembly




State of Illinois
2021 and 2022


Introduced 2/19/2021, by Rep. Jay Hoffman


625 ILCS 5/3-301  from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 3-301
625 ILCS 5/3-308  from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 3-308

    Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Requires the Secretary of State to inspect a rebuilt vehicle that is 4 model years of age or newer, instead of 8 model years of or newer. Provides that the Secretary of State shall authorize an individual having been consecutively licensed as an automotive parts recycler and a rebuilder for a minimum of 5 years and a member in good standing of an automotive trade association to inspect rebuilt vehicles. Makes other changes.

LRB102 15158 RAM 20513 b





HB2525LRB102 15158 RAM 20513 b

1    AN ACT concerning transportation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Illinois Vehicle Code is amended by
5changing Sections 3-301 and 3-308 as follows:
6    (625 ILCS 5/3-301)  (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 3-301)
7    Sec. 3-301. New certificate of title for rebuilt vehicle.
8    (a) For vehicles 4 8 model years of age or newer, the
9Secretary of State shall issue a new certificate of title to
10any rebuilt vehicle or any vehicle which previously had been
11titled as salvage in this State or any other jurisdiction upon
12the successful inspection of the vehicle in accordance with
13Section 3-308 of this Article.
14    (b) Vehicles more than 4 8 model years old shall not be
15required to complete a successful inspection required under
16Section 3-308 of this Code before being issued a new
17certificate of title as provided under this Section.
18    (c) Vehicles designated as flood vehicles that have
19sustained damage greater than 33 1/3% of their fair market
20value with that damage shall be required to complete a
21successful inspection required under Section 3-308 of this
22Code before being issued a new certificate of title provided
23under paragraph (5), subsection (b) of Section 3-117.1.



HB2525- 2 -LRB102 15158 RAM 20513 b

1(Source: P.A. 88-685, eff. 1-24-95; 89-669, eff. 1-1-97.)
2    (625 ILCS 5/3-308)  (from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 3-308)
3    Sec. 3-308. Inspection of rebuilt vehicles.
4    (a) The Secretary of State shall inspect any vehicle 4 8
5model years of age or newer for which an application for a
6certificate of title for a rebuilt vehicle will be submitted,
7or any foreign vehicle which is or may have been salvage as
8defined under the provisions of this Code.
9    (b) The inspection of the vehicle shall include an
10examination of the vehicle and its parts and of the
11application and proof of notification, if applicable, to
12determine that:
13        (1) the identification numbers of the vehicle or its
14    parts have not been removed, falsified, altered, defaced,
15    destroyed, or tampered with;
16        (2) all information contained in the application for a
17    certificate of title is true and correct; and
18        (3) there are no indications that the vehicle or any
19    of its parts have been stolen.
20    (c) The Secretary of State shall:
21        (1) authorize any individual to carry out and
22    implement this Section who: (i) has been consecutively
23    licensed as an automotive parts recycler and a rebuilder
24    under Section 5-301 for a minimum of 5 years; and (ii) is a
25    member in good standing of an automotive trade



HB2525- 3 -LRB102 15158 RAM 20513 b

1    association; and
2        (2) except as provided in paragraph (1), by rule or
3    regulation, carry out and implement the provisions
4    contained in this Section.
5    (d) All fees received by the Secretary of State from the
6inspection of vehicles under this Section shall be applied
7towards the maintenance of the vehicle inspection program and
8the personnel costs required for the operation of such
10(Source: P.A. 89-433, eff. 12-15-95.)