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Full Text of HR0147  93rd General Assembly

HR0147 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 11339 KEF 13650 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shown
 3    that the consumption of soft drinks  has  increased  by  500%
 4    over  the  past  50 years, and Americans consume more than 53
 5    gallons of carbonated soft drinks per person per year; and

 6        WHEREAS, Studies have consistently demonstrated that soft
 7    drink consumption increases the risk of dental caries; and

 8        WHEREAS, Soft drinks contain sugar and caffeine; and

 9        WHEREAS, Excess energy intake results in obesity and soft
10    drinks result in excess energy intake; and

11        WHEREAS, That USDA recommends people eating 1600 calories
12    per day not eat more than 6 teaspoons a day of refined sugar,
13    12 teaspoons per day for those eating 2200 calories,  and  18
14    teaspoons per day for those eating 2800 calories; and

15        WHEREAS,  Teenage  boys consume 34 teaspoons of sugar per
16    day with 44% from soft drinks and teenage  girls  consume  24
17    teaspoons of sugar per day with 40% from soft drinks; and

18        WHEREAS,  For every additional serving of sugar sweetened
19    drinks consumed, there was a 60% increase in children's  risk
20    of becoming overweight; and

21        WHEREAS,  For  every additional serving consumed, a child
22    was 48% more likely to be overweight; and

23        WHEREAS, Schools play a  significant  role  in  nutrition
24    education,  not only because children eat many of their meals
25    at  school,  but  also  because  schools   educate   students
26    concerning  appropriate  nutritional decisions and are viewed
27    by students as an authority, setting examples that will  last
28    a lifetime; therefore, be it

                           -2-       LRB093 11339 KEF 13650 r
 2    the  Department  of  Public  Health,  in conjunction with the
 3    State Board of Education, is  directed  to  conduct  a  sugar
 4    consumption   study   to   determine  the  effects  of  sugar
 5    consumption as it relates to the  overall  health  of  school
 6    children;  in addition, the study shall examine the impact of
 7    easy access  to  candy  and  soda  machines  in  schools  and
 8    existing  policies  of school boards to enter exclusive right
 9    contracts with producers of  soft  drinks  in  an  effort  to
10    supplement budget shortfalls; and be it further

11        RESOLVED,   That   the   Department  shall  consult  with
12    appropriate medical, dental and  advocacy  groups,  including
13    the soft drink and candy industry when conducting this study;
14    and be it further

15        RESOLVED,  That  the Department shall promulgate rules if
16    necessary to implement the study and report its  findings  to
17    the Governor and General Assembly of the State of Illinois on
18    or before January 1, 2004.