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HR1264 LRB093 24048 CSA 54197 r


2     WHEREAS, The Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Village
3 of Elwood took place on September 11, 2004, during the 14th
4 Annual Elwood Community Day Celebration; and
5     WHEREAS, Elwood, population 1,620, is located in Will
6 County and the Township of Jackson; it is bordered by the
7 Joliet Arsenal Redevelopment project, Abraham Lincoln National
8 Cemetery, and Midewin National Tall Grass Prairie; and
9     WHEREAS, The year 1854 marked the completion of the Chicago
10 and Mississippi Railroad; the railroad station in Elwood was
11 laid out by N.D. Elwood, Esq., from whom Elwood took its name;
12 and
13     WHEREAS, Elwood has been served by 19 mayors since its
14 incorporation in 1868, including William Muhlig, who became the
15 first President in 1868, and again became President in 1908,
16 forty years later; John H. Bridge; H.G. Williams; Frank
17 Shearen; J.J. Lichtenwalter; Isaac Conard; W.F. Keith; Daniel
18 Blatt; John Coldwater; James Tyler, Sr., of James Tyler and
19 Sons Grain Co., est. 1927-1997; Joe Eib; Andrew Peterson; Chet
20 Coldwater; Lawrence "Tom" Thompson; Burton Walsh; Ken George;
21 Dale Archer; Jim Clementi; and Bob Blum, who has served from
22 2001 to the present; and
23     WHEREAS, The present Village Hall, which has served as both
24 Village Hall and Fire Station, is still home for the Village
25 since it took sole occupancy in 1967; and
26     WHEREAS, Elwood is rich with a long history of community
27 volunteers; the construction of a new fire station began in
28 March 1957 and it was completed in April 1959; it was named the
29 Clarence Weidemann Hall and the first fire chief was Fred H.
30 Blatt, Jr.; the community suffered a loss with its destruction



HR1264 - 2 - LRB093 24048 CSA 54197 r

1 by fire on August 26, 1995; the dedication of the new fire
2 station in the Village of Elwood was held on May 12, 1997; and
3     WHEREAS, Elwood's present elementary school was completed
4 in 1955; the school had its first graduating class in 1956; the
5 school has since had three additions: in 1967, dedicated as the
6 Alyce Shaw addition; in 1978, dedicated as the Mary Jane Burns
7 addition, and the latest addition in 2001; and
8     WHEREAS, Elwood is proud of its parks; the land for Lloyd
9 C. Erickson Memorial Park was presented to the Village on
10 August 9, 1974 in a dedication with the Assistant to President
11 Richard M. Nixon, Dave Wheat, as the Master of Ceremonies and
12 Rogers C.B. Morton, U. S. Secretary of the Interior, as the
13 Honored Guest Speaker; and
14     WHEREAS, Elwood is home to the Warren Wood Farm, which was
15 located on Diagonal Road from 1864 to 1971; Warren Wood was
16 Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives 1951 to 1957;
17 and
18     WHEREAS, Elwood is home to Illinois State Senator Lawrence
19 M. Walsh, who has served as State Senator since 1997; he is a
20 lifelong Elwood resident and lived on and farmed the Centennial
21 Farm belonging to Speaker of the Illinois House of
22 Representatives Warren Wood; and
23     WHEREAS, Established in 1942, Bill's Inn, owned and
24 operated by the late William R. Hibner and the late Elizabeth
25 "Betty" Hibner, is the oldest business currently in the
26 Village; it was relocated into the Village to make way for the
27 construction of the Joliet Arsenal Ammunition Plant; today the
28 business continues to operate under the ownership of a third
29 generation Hibner, James Hibner, Sr.; and
30     WHEREAS, Today the Village also houses the Elwood Community



HR1264 - 3 - LRB093 24048 CSA 54197 r

1 Church (established in 1966, the first Reverend Phillip Coen),
2 the Elwood Post Office (established in 1957, with the first
3 postmaster Fred H. Blatt, Jr.), the Jackson Township Hall
4 (established in 1870), one gas station (BP Amoco, established
5 in 1989), one auto repair shop (Elwood Auto - Sam Incopero,
6 formerly Leo O'Connor's Gas Station), Watsons' Pub and Diner
7 (formerly Marta's), the Raceway Pizza, the Lazy Dog,
8 Centerpoint Properties (established in 2002), and the newest
9 addition, the SBC America switching station (established in
10 2004); therefore, be it
13 congratulate the Village of Elwood on the occasion of its
14 Sesquicentennial Celebration; and be it further
15     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
16 presented to the Village of Elwood President Bob Blum and
17 Jackson Township Supervisor Lawrence M. Walsh.