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HR1199 LRB093 23547 CSA 53544 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives offer our sincere appreciation to Joel A.
4 Kagann for his many years of service as DuPage County Circuit
5 Court Clerk; and
6     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann started his distinguished public
7 service career as a suburban police officer in 1957; he was
8 appointed Chief of Police of Woodridge, Illinois in 1962 and
9 served as Chief until November 1971; he was instrumental in
10 promoting many innovative programs, including the Illinois
11 Governmental Police Training Board and the Illinois State
12 Police Emergency Radio Network (ISPERN), which links every
13 police department in the State of Illinois on a common radio
14 frequency for emergencies; and
15     WHEREAS, In 1973, the citizens of Woodridge elected Mr.
16 Kagann as Mayor on a "write-in" ballot, and he served in that
17 capacity until 1977; while serving as Mayor of Woodridge, Mr.
18 Kagann was appointed Administrative Assistant to DuPage County
19 Circuit Court Clerk John Cockrell where he was instrumental in
20 the ongoing implementation of computer-based technology in
21 that office; and
22     WHEREAS, In 1979, Mr. Kagann was appointed as Acting Clerk
23 of the Village of Woodridge; and
24     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann became Senior Executive Assistant to
25 the Circuit Clerk in 1983; in 1988, he was appointed Chief
26 Deputy Circuit Court Clerk; upon the retirement of Mr. Cockrell
27 in 1991, the judges of the DuPage County Circuit Court
28 appointed Mr. Kagann to the office of Clerk of the Eighteenth
29 Judicial Circuit Court, DuPage County, Illinois; and
30     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann was elected as Circuit Court Clerk in



HR1199 - 2 - LRB093 23547 CSA 53544 r

1 1992, and has announced his retirement from that position at
2 the end of his term on November 30, 2004; and
3     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann's inspiration, leadership, and
4 diligence has lead to the advancement of the DuPage County
5 Circuit Court Clerk's office; he undertook the responsibility
6 of moving the entire operation of the clerk's office from a
7 location it had occupied since 1896 to the newly-built DuPage
8 County Judicial Center; under his leadership, the clerk's
9 office started implementing the latest technology in
10 electronic recordkeeping and became the first large-size court
11 in the United States of America to operate an optical disk
12 "image system"; and
13     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann was appointed to the Illinois Supreme
14 Court's Judicial Management Advisory Council, which developed
15 communication networks between all sectors of the criminal
16 justice system; and
17     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann is a member of numerous statewide
18 associations, including the Illinois Association of Circuit
19 Clerks, the Illinois Family Support Enforcement Council, the
20 International, Illinois and DuPage County Chiefs of Police
21 Associations, the Illinois and DuPage County Police
22 Associations, the Illinois Association of County Officials,
23 the Northeast Illinois Association of Court Clerks, and the
24 National Child Support Enforcement Association; and
25     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann has volunteered his time for several
26 community organizations, including the Lions Club, the Loyal
27 Order of Moose, the Knights of Columbus, the Boy Scouts, and
28 the Woodridge Special Events Committee; and
29     WHEREAS, Mr. Kagann was a founding member of Saint
30 Scholastica Roman Catholic Church in Woodridge, where he has
31 served as an usher for over 25 years and as a Eucharist



HR1199 - 3 - LRB093 23547 CSA 53544 r

1 Minister for 20 years; and
2     WHEREAS, In appreciation of Mr. Kagann's commitment and
3 hard work, the Village of Woodridge recognized him as "Citizen
4 of the Year" in 1987; he and his wife were the recipients of
5 the "Building on our Dream" award from the Village of Woodridge
6 in 2000; and
7     WHEREAS, The County of Dupage, the Village of Woodridge,
8 and the State of Illinois are proud to call Mr. Kagann our
9 mentor and friend; therefore, be it
12 congratulate Joel A. Kagann on his retirement and express our
13 gratitude for his many years of public service; and be it
14 further
15     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
16 presented to Mr. Kagann.