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Full Text of HB4627  103rd General Assembly



State of Illinois
2023 and 2024


Introduced 1/31/2024, by Rep. Anna Moeller


415 ILCS 170/45 new

    Amends the PFAS Reduction Act. Authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency to participate in a safe chemical clearinghouse and to cooperate with the clearinghouse to take specified actions. Directs manufacturers of PFAS or products or product components containing intentionally added PFAS to register the PFAS or the product or product component containing intentionally added PFAS and to provide certain additional information through a data collection interface established cooperatively by the clearinghouse and the Agency. Establishes civil penalties for violations by manufacturers. Authorizes the Agency to adopt rules and enter contracts to implement these provisions. Exempts certain products from these requirements.

LRB103 37422 JAG 67544 b





HB4627LRB103 37422 JAG 67544 b

1    AN ACT concerning safety.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The PFAS Reduction Act is amended by adding
5Section 45 as follows:
6    (415 ILCS 170/45 new)
7    Sec. 45. Publicly accessible data collection program.
8    (a) The Agency may participate, along with other states
9and governmental entities, in an interstate clearinghouse to
10promote safer chemicals in consumer products and may cooperate
11with the interstate clearinghouse to:
12        (1) organize and manage available data on chemicals,
13    including information on uses, hazards, environmental
14    concerns, safer alternatives, and model policies and
15    programs concerning specific chemicals;
16        (2) provide technical assistance regarding chemical
17    safety to businesses, consumers, and policymakers;
18        (3) establish a data collection interface for use in
19    the manner described in this Section; and
20        (4) undertake any other activities in support of State
21    programs to promote chemical safety.
22    (b) The Agency may enter into any contracts necessary to
23implement this Section by January 1, 2026. To the extent



HB4627- 2 -LRB103 37422 JAG 67544 b

1reasonable and feasible, the data collection interface
2established under subsection (a) shall streamline and
3facilitate data reporting required by this Section with
4similar data reporting required by other states and
6    (c) The Agency may adopt rules necessary to implement this
8    (d) The Agency may provide technical assistance to
9manufacturers in complying with this Section.
10    (e) The Agency may use rules adopted under subsection (c)
11or technical assistance provided under subsection (d) to
12clarify the reporting requirements established under this
13Section and to ensure that the data collected are not
14duplicative among the reporting entities.
15    (f) On or before July 1, 2026, and on or before July 1 of
16each year thereafter, a manufacturer of PFAS or a product or
17product component containing intentionally added PFAS that,
18during the prior calendar year, is sold, offered for sale,
19distributed, or offered for promotional purposes in, or
20imported into, the State shall register the PFAS or the
21product or product component containing intentionally added
22PFAS on the publicly accessible data collection interface
23established under subsection (a), along with all of the
24following information, as applicable:
25        (1) the name and type of product or product component
26    containing intentionally added PFAS;



HB4627- 3 -LRB103 37422 JAG 67544 b

1        (2) the universal product code of the product or
2    product component containing intentionally added PFAS;
3        (3) the purpose or function for which the
4    intentionally added PFAS are used in the product or
5    product component;
6        (4) the identity and a reasonable estimate of the
7    amount of all PFAS compounds in the product or product
8    component containing intentionally added PFAS;
9        (5) the amount of the product or product component or
10    the number of products or product components sold,
11    delivered, or imported into the State in the prior
12    calendar year; and
13        (6) the name and address of the manufacturer and the
14    name, address, and phone number of a contact person for
15    the manufacturer.
16    When reporting the identity of a PFAS compound under
17paragraph (4), the manufacturer shall provide (i) the brand
18name of the formulation that contains PFAS and the name of the
19manufacturer of the formulation and (ii) the chemical formula
20or standardized name of the PFAS compound.
21    When reporting the amount or weight of a PFAS compound
22under paragraph (4), the manufacturer shall provide (i) the
23amount or weight of each intentionally added PFAS compound or
24(ii) if the amount or weight of each intentionally added PFAS
25compound is not known, the total organic fluorine in the
26product or product component containing intentionally added



HB4627- 4 -LRB103 37422 JAG 67544 b

2    (g) A violation of this Section is subject to a civil
3penalty under Section 35.
4    (h) This Section does not apply to any of the following:
5        (1) a product regulated as a drug, medical device, or
6    dietary supplement by the United States Food and Drug
7    Administration;
8        (2) any medical equipment or product used in medical
9    settings that is regulated by the United States Food and
10    Drug Administration; or
11        (3) a product intended for animals that is regulated
12    as animal drugs, biologics, parasiticides, medical
13    devices, and diagnostics used to treat or are administered
14    to animals under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act,
15    the federal Virus-Serum-Toxin Act, or the Federal
16    Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.