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HR0712LRB102 26589 LAW 37302 r


2    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois and its citizens are
3grateful for the contributions Richard Duchossois made through
4his service to the nation, business acumen, philanthropy, and
5dedication to the sport of horse racing; and
6    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was born to Ernestine and
7Alphonse Duchossois in Chicago on October 7, 1921, was raised
8in Beverly, and attended the Morgan Park Military Academy and
9the Washington and Lee University; and
10    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was only 20 years old when he
11was called into service in the U.S. Army during World War II,
12where he served as a commander of a Tank Destroyer Company
13during five European campaigns, including the landing at Utah
14Beach in Normandy and leading a battalion in the famed Battle
15of the Bulge; and
16    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was awarded the Purple Heart
17and two Bronze Stars for his leadership, service, courage, and
18sacrifice; and
19    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois married Beverly Thrall in
201943, and they had four children, Craig, Dayle, Bruce, and
21Kimberly; and



HR0712- 2 -LRB102 26589 LAW 37302 r

1    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was invited to join the Thrall
2Car Manufacturing Company and grew the company from 35
3employees to over 3,000 employees, parlaying this business
4success into a sprawling business empire known as Duchossois
5Industries that spanned several industries and employed
6thousands of Americans; and
7    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois made his first substantial
8philanthropic gift in response to the care and treatment his
9beloved wife Beverly was receiving before her passing in 1980;
10his family became one of the State's most philanthropic
11families through the Duchossois Family Foundation, whose
12grants, donations and contributions have transformed
13communities, supported medical and scientific advancements,
14raised the quality of life for individuals and families in
15need, and supported educational attainment for the next
16generation; and
17    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois assumed ownership of the
18Arlington Park racetrack in Arlington Heights in 1983, and
19through his signature leadership, management, and
20fearlessness, he rallied the track to host its signature
21event, the Arlington Million, just days after a devastating
22electrical fire that instantly became a legendary and historic
23racing event known as the Miracle Million; and



HR0712- 3 -LRB102 26589 LAW 37302 r

1    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois oversaw the merger of
2Arlington Park with Churchill Downs Incorporated in 2000 as
3part of his dedication, love, and passion for elevating the
4sport of horse racing and to ensure its economic vitality
5during a period of change and was later inducted into the
6National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame for his endless
7contributions to the sport; and
8    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois never forgot the courage and
9sacrifice of those he served with in World War II and became a
10trustee of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans to
11ensure that later generations understood the gifts of freedom
12and liberty; and
13    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois married Mary Judith McKeage
14Duchossois in 2000, and she supported and championed his
15continued business and philanthropic efforts, including his
16endless entrepreneurialism that continued throughout all his
17days, as well as his love of his ever-expanding family; and
18    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was guided by an enormous
19sense of humility, generosity, and service to others; and
20    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was affectionately known as
21"Mr. D" to all those with whom he interacted; and



HR0712- 4 -LRB102 26589 LAW 37302 r

1    WHEREAS, In his century of living, Richard Duchossois
2never wasted a day, and he made a remarkable difference in the
3world through his acclaimed military service, business acumen,
4status as a horse racing icon, and philanthropy; and
5    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was most proud of his duties
6as a mentor, friend, husband, father, uncle, grandfather, and
7great-grandfather; and
8    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois will be remembered for his
9leadership, humility, generosity, tenacity, patriotism,
10philanthropy, and kindness to others; and
11    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois passed away on January 28,
122022 at the age of 100 after a life well lived; and
13    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois was preceded in death by his
14first wife, Beverly, and their beloved son, R. Bruce
15Duchossois; and
16    WHEREAS, Richard Duchossois is survived by his wife, Mary
17Judith McKeage Duchossois; his son, Craig J. (Janet)
18Duchossois; his daughter, Dayle Duchossois (Ed) Fortino; his
19daughter, Kimberly Duchossois; his stepsons, Steve (Sherrie)
20Marchi and Paul (Judy) Marchi; his seven grandchildren and



HR0712- 5 -LRB102 26589 LAW 37302 r

1spouses; his two step-grandchildren; and his 14
2great-grandchildren; therefore, be it
5we mourn the passing of Richard Duchossois, commend his
6service to the nation, State, and the sport of horse racing,
7and extend our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and
8all who knew and loved him; and be it further
9    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10presented to the family of Richard Duchossois as an expression
11of our deepest sympathy.