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Full Text of HB3988  102nd General Assembly




HB3988 EnrolledLRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1    AN ACT concerning missing and murdered Chicago women.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Task
5Force on Missing and Murdered Chicago Women Act.
6    Section 5. Definitions. In this Act:
7    "Director" means the Director of the Illinois State
9    "Nongovernmental organization" means a nonprofit,
10nongovernmental organization that provides legal, social, or
11other community services.
12    "Task Force" means the Task Force on Missing and Murdered
13Chicago Women.
14    Section 10. Task Force on Missing and Murdered Chicago
16    (a) The Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal
17Justice Information Authority or the Executive Director's
18designee, in consultation with the Director of the Illinois
19State Police and Chicago Police Superintendent, shall appoint
20the non-legislative members to the Task Force on Missing and
21Murdered Chicago Women to advise the Director and the Chicago
22Police Superintendent and to report to the General Assembly on



HB3988 Enrolled- 2 -LRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1recommendations to reduce and end violence against Chicago
2women and girls. The Task Force may also serve as a liaison
3between the Director, the Chicago Police Superintendent, and
4agencies and nongovernmental organizations that provide
5services to victims, victims' families, and victims'
6communities. Task Force members shall serve without
7compensation but may, subject to appropriation, receive
8reimbursement for their expenses as members of the Task Force.
9    (b) There is created the Task Force on Missing and
10Murdered Chicago Women, which shall consist of the following
11individuals, or their designees, who are knowledgeable in
12crime victims' rights or violence protection and, unless
13otherwise specified, members shall be appointed for 2-year
14terms as follows:
15        (1) Two members of the Senate, one appointed by the
16    President of the Senate and one appointed by the Minority
17    Leader of the Senate.
18        (2) Two members of the House of Representatives, one
19    appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives
20    and one appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of
21    Representatives.
22        (3) Two members from among the following appointed by
23    the Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice
24    Information Authority or the Executive Director's
25    designee:
26            (A) an association representing Illinois chiefs of



HB3988 Enrolled- 3 -LRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1        police;
2            (B) an association representing Illinois sheriffs;
3            (C) an officer who is employed by the Illinois
4        State Police; or
5            (D) an Illinois peace officer's association.
6        (4) One or more representatives from among the
7    following:
8            (A) an association representing State's Attorneys;
9            (B) an attorney representing the United States
10        Attorney's Office in Chicago; or
11            (C) a circuit judge, associate judge, or attorney
12        working in juvenile court;
13            (D) the Cook County Medical Examiner, or his or
14        her designee, or a representative from a statewide
15        coroner's or medical examiner's association or a
16        representative of the Department of Public Health;
17        (5) Two representatives for victims, with a focus on
18    individuals who work with victims of violence or their
19    families appointed by the Executive Director of the
20    Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority or the
21    Executive Director's designee; and
22        (6) Four or more members from among the following
23    appointed by the Executive Director of the Illinois
24    Criminal Justice Information Authority or the Executive
25    Director's designee:
26            (A) a statewide or local organization that



HB3988 Enrolled- 4 -LRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1        provides legal services to Chicago women and girls;
2            (B) a statewide or local organization that
3        provides advocacy or counseling for Chicago women and
4        girls who have been victims of violence;
5            (C) a statewide or local organization that
6        provides healthcare services to Chicago women and
7        girls;
8            (D) a statewide organization that represents women
9        and girls who have been sexually assaulted;
10            (E) a women's health organization or agency; or
11            (F) a Chicago woman who is a survivor of
12        gender-related violence.
13    (c) Vacancies in positions appointed by the Executive
14Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information
15Authority or the Executive Director's designee shall be filled
16by the Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice
17Information Authority or the Executive Director's designee
18consistent with the qualifications of the vacating member
19required by this Section.
20    (d) Task Force members shall annually elect a chair and
21vice-chair from among the Task Force's members, and may elect
22other officers as necessary. The Task Force shall meet at
23least quarterly, or upon the call of its chair, and may hold
24meetings throughout the City of Chicago. The Task Force shall
25meet frequently enough to accomplish the tasks identified in
26this Section. Meetings of the Task Force are subject to the



HB3988 Enrolled- 5 -LRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1Open Meetings Act. The Task Force shall seek out and enlist the
2cooperation and assistance of nongovernmental organizations,
3community, and advocacy organizations working with the Chicago
4community, and academic researchers and experts, specifically
5those specializing in violence against Chicago women and
6girls, representing diverse communities disproportionately
7affected by violence against women and girls, or focusing on
8issues related to gender-related violence and violence against
9Chicago women and girls.
10    (e) The Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal
11Justice Information Authority or the Executive Director's
12designee shall convene the first meeting of the Task Force no
13later than 30 days after the appointment of a majority of the
14members of the Task Force. The Illinois Criminal Justice
15Information Authority shall provide meeting space and
16administrative assistance as necessary for the Task Force to
17conduct its work. The chair of the Task Force may call
18electronic meetings of the Task Force. A member of the Task
19Force participating electronically shall be deemed present for
20purposes of establishing a quorum and voting.
21    (f) The Task Force must examine and report on the
23        (1) the systemic causes behind violence that Chicago
24    women and girls experience, including patterns and
25    underlying factors that explain why disproportionately
26    high levels of violence occur against Chicago women and



HB3988 Enrolled- 6 -LRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1    girls, including underlying historical, social, economic,
2    institutional, and cultural factors that may contribute to
3    the violence;
4        (2) appropriate methods for tracking and collecting
5    data on violence against Chicago women and girls,
6    including data on missing and murdered Chicago women and
7    girls;
8        (3) policies and institutions such as policing, child
9    welfare, medical examiner practices, and other
10    governmental practices that impact violence against
11    Chicago women and girls and the investigation and
12    prosecution of crimes of gender-related violence against
13    Chicago residents;
14        (4) measures necessary to address and reduce violence
15    against Chicago women and girls; and
16        (5) measures to help victims, victims' families, and
17    victims' communities prevent and heal from violence that
18    occurs against Chicago women and girls.
19    (g) The Task Force shall report on or before December 31 of
202024, and on or before December 31 of each year thereafter, to
21the General Assembly and the Governor on the work of the Task
22Force, including, but not limited to, the issues to be
23examined in subsection (g), and shall include in the annual
24report recommendations regarding institutional policies and
25practices or proposed institutional policies and practices
26that are effective in reducing gender-related violence and



HB3988 Enrolled- 7 -LRB102 17224 KMF 22684 b

1increasing the safety of Chicago women and girls. The report
2shall include recommendations to reduce and end violence
3against Chicago women and girls and help victims and
4communities heal from gender-related violence and violence
5against Chicago women and girls.