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HB3928 EnrolledLRB102 13920 KMF 19271 b

1    AN ACT concerning conservation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Findings. The State of Illinois finds that:
5    (1) rapid land development in Illinois has led to the loss
6of forestlands, farmlands, wildlife habitats, biodiversity,
7outstanding natural areas, beaches, and public areas for
8outdoor recreation and has impacted the health of the State's
9lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands, all of which impacts the
10quality of life of the State's current and future citizens and
11may jeopardize the well-being of the State's environment and
12economy if not addressed appropriately;
13    (2) this same rapid land development has also led to the
14loss of historical and archaeological sites that embody the
15heritage of the State;
16    (3) this same rapid land development is occurring across
17the United States and across the world;
18    (4) scientists have documented this rapid loss of natural
19area and wildlife, including the loss of 1,500,000 acres of
20natural area in the United States per year; the loss of
212,900,000,000, or twenty-nine percent of, North American birds
22since 1970; threats to approximately 12,000 plant and animal
23species in the United States, all of which are in need of
24proactive conservation efforts; and the loss of one-half of



HB3928 Enrolled- 2 -LRB102 13920 KMF 19271 b

1freshwater and saltwater wetlands in the contiguous
2forty-eight states;
3    (5) scientists have recommended conserving and protecting
4thirty percent of the land and thirty percent of the ocean in
5each country by 2030 in order to address this deterioration of
6natural systems, loss of biodiversity, and rapid land
8    (6) national leaders have introduced measures to commit
9the United States to protecting thirty percent of its lands
10and oceans by 2030; and
11    (7) in order to support national efforts and provide state
12leadership to address the deterioration of natural systems,
13loss of biodiversity, and rapid land development, Illinois
14must establish a bold goal for the amount of land to be
15protected by the year 2030.
16    Section 5. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
17Illinois Thirty-by-Thirty Conservation Task Force Act.
18    Section 10. Thirty-by-Thirty Task Force. There is hereby
19created the Illinois Thirty-By-Thirty Conservation Task Force.
20The Task Force shall have 23 members, comprised as follows:
21    (1) the Director of Natural Resources or the Director's
22designee, who shall serve as chairperson;
23    (2) two members from the House of Representatives,
24appointed one each by the Speaker of the House and the House



HB3928 Enrolled- 3 -LRB102 13920 KMF 19271 b

1Minority Leader;
2    (3) two members of the Senate, appointed one each by the
3President of the Senate and the Senate Minority Leader;
4    (4) one member appointed by the Director or the Director's
5designee of the Department of Agriculture;
6    (5) one member appointed by the Director or the Director's
7designee of The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency;
8    (6) one member appointed by the Director or the Director's
9designee of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic
11    (7) one member appointed by the Director or the Director's
12designee of the Illinois Department of Transportation;
13    (8) one environmentalist appointed by the Department of
14Natural Resources;
15    (9) one member from a State agriculture association
16appointed by the chairperson;
17    (10) two environmental science teachers appointed by the
19    (11) four environmental science students appointed by the
21    (12) three members of a private sector environmental
22organization appointed by the chairperson;
23    (13) one higher education professional working with crop
24science, appointed by the chairperson;
25    (14) one chemical fertilizer professional appointed by



HB3928 Enrolled- 4 -LRB102 13920 KMF 19271 b

1    (15) one seed producer appointed by the chairperson; and
2    (16) one representative of a statewide outdoor sportsman
3organization appointed by the chairperson.
4    Section 15. Duties of the Task Force. The Task Force shall
5hold listening sessions regarding ways in which Illinois can
6protect 30% of its land and water resources by 2030. The Task
7Force shall hold a minimum of three separate listening
8sessions in geographically distinct areas of the State.
9    (1) The meetings should at a minimum seek to explore the
10following focus areas:
11        (A) identify resources that the State has and how they
12    are being utilized to protect land and water resources;
13        (B) identify tools, resources, and incentives for
14    landowners and the private sector to restore degraded
15    natural areas and to manage their resources sustainably;
16        (C) identify financial resources from the private
17    sector, philanthropy, and public sources to expand
18    protections and to help manage lands and waters for
19    conservation;
20        (D) the ability of the State to manage more public
21    lands for the benefit of future generations; and
22        (E) strategies to conserve and protect 30% of
23    Illinois' land and water by 2030.
24    (2) The Task Force shall observe the sovereignty of tribal
25nations through meaningful consultation with indigenous tribal



HB3928 Enrolled- 5 -LRB102 13920 KMF 19271 b

1leaders, and shall help indigenous tribal communities fulfill
2their visions and priorities for the stewardship of natural,
3cultural, and historic resources.
4    (3) The Task Force members shall serve without
6    Section 20. Administration. The Department of Natural
7Resources shall provide administrative and other support to
8the Task Force.
9    Section 25. Report. The Task Force shall prepare a report
10that summarizes the information gathered during the listening
11sessions and submit the report to the Governor and General
12Assembly on or before July 1, 2022.
13    Section 30. Repeal. The Task Force is dissolved, and this
14Act is repealed on July 1, 2023.
15    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
16becoming law.