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HR0747LRB101 20535 ECR 70303 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of
4Representative Gale Schisler of London Mills, who passed away
5on February 2, 2020; and
6    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler was born to Claire D. and Doris A.
7(Jacobs) Schisler in Indian Point Township in Knox County on
8March 2, 1933; he attended Indian Point School, a one-room
9school house, through eighth grade and later graduated from
10Abingdon High School in 1951; he married Carolyn Cochran in
11November 1957, and together, they had three children; after the
12couple divorced in 1977, Rep. Schisler married Gloria Waller
13Richter in Springfield on July 26, 1980; and
14    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler served in the Air Force for four
15years; after, he earned degrees from Western Illinois
16University and Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; he
17went on to teach, coach, and serve as a principal at London
18Mills Junior High School, where he was well liked by all his
19students; and
20    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler was a democrat who was elected to
21the U.S. House of Representatives in 1964; he served one term
22representing the people of the Quad Cities and Galesburg areas;



HR0747- 2 -LRB101 20535 ECR 70303 r

1while in office, he served on the Science and Aeronautics
2committee and the sub-committee on Manned Space Flight; and
3    WHEREAS, After serving in the U.S. House and returning to
4Illinois, Governor Otto Kerner asked Rep. Schisler to head the
5Office of Intergovernmental Cooperation; and
6    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler was elected to the Illinois General
7Assembly and served from 1968 through 1980; he was chairman of
8the Agriculture committee, as well as serving on the Education,
9Financial Institutions, and Conservation committees; in 1980,
10he became an assistant to the director of the State's Attorneys
11Appellate Commission and retired in 1986; and
12    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler belonged to the Former Members of
13Congress, the NRA, and the American Legion; he was a 32nd
14degree Mason, a 50-year member of the London Masonic Lodge #808
15in Silvis, and a member of the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed
16Association; and
17    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler enjoyed spending time in Glenwood,
18New Mexico where he loved to ride his horses through the
19mountains; he also loved to hunt, fish, and read; and
20    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler was preceded in death by his
21parents; Claire D. and Doris A. (Jacobs) Schisler; his



HR0747- 3 -LRB101 20535 ECR 70303 r

1daughters, Kimberly Jo Schisler and Jill P. Sherwood; one
2grandson, Aaron Barnes; and his brother, Roger Schisler; and
3    WHEREAS, Rep. Schisler is survived by his wife, Gloria; his
4son, Kurt Schisler; his stepdaughter, Tamara Richter Burris;
5his granddaughter, Elicia (Justin) Munson; his grandson, Corey
6Barnes; his great-grandchildren, Melody Barnes, Samantha,
7Tyler and Connor Munson, and Emma and David Barnes; his
8sisters, Yvonne Lewis, Jody Dolan, Anita (Brian) Hickok, and
9Jeri Schisler; and several cousins, nieces and nephews;
10therefore, be it
13we mourn the passing of Representative Gale Schisler and extend
14our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and all who
15knew and loved him; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
17presented to the family of Rep. Schisler as a symbol of our
18deepest sympathy.