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HB0822 EnrolledLRB101 06850 AXK 51881 b

1    AN ACT concerning education.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Care of Students with Diabetes Act is
5amended by changing Sections 10 and 25 and by adding Section 27
6as follows:
7    (105 ILCS 145/10)
8    Sec. 10. Definitions. As used in this Act:
9    "Delegated care aide" means a school employee who has
10agreed to receive training in diabetes care and to assist
11students in implementing their diabetes care plan and has
12entered into an agreement with a parent or guardian and the
13school district or private school.
14    "Diabetes care plan" means a document that specifies the
15diabetes-related services needed by a student at school and at
16school-sponsored activities and identifies the appropriate
17staff to provide and supervise these services.
18    "Health care provider" means a physician licensed to
19practice medicine in all of its branches, advanced practice
20registered nurse who has a written agreement with a
21collaborating physician who authorizes the provision of
22diabetes care, or a physician assistant who has a written
23supervision agreement with a supervising physician who



HB0822 Enrolled- 2 -LRB101 06850 AXK 51881 b

1authorizes the provision of diabetes care.
2    "Principal" means the principal of the school.
3    "School" means any primary or secondary public, charter, or
4private school located in this State.
5    "School employee" means a person who is employed by a
6public school district or private school, a person who is
7employed by a local health department and assigned to a school,
8or a person who contracts with a school or school district to
9perform services in connection with a student's diabetes care
10plan. This definition must not be interpreted as requiring a
11school district or private school to hire additional personnel
12for the sole purpose of serving as a designated care aide.
13    "Undesignated glucagon" means glucagon prescribed in the
14name of a school.
15(Source: P.A. 100-513, eff. 1-1-18.)
16    (105 ILCS 145/25)
17    Sec. 25. Training for school employees and delegated care
19    (a) In schools that have a student with diabetes, all
20school employees shall receive training in the basics of
21diabetes care, how to identify when a student with diabetes
22needs immediate or emergency medical attention, and whom to
23contact in the case of an emergency during regular inservice
24training under Section 3-11 of the School Code.
25    (b) Delegated care aides shall be trained to perform the



HB0822 Enrolled- 3 -LRB101 06850 AXK 51881 b

1tasks necessary to assist a student with diabetes in accordance
2with his or her diabetes care plan, including training to do
3the following:
4        (1) check blood glucose and record results;
5        (2) recognize and respond to the symptoms of
6    hypoglycemia according to the diabetes care plan;
7        (3) recognize and respond to the symptoms of
8    hyperglycemia according to the diabetes care plan;
9        (4) estimate the number of carbohydrates in a snack or
10    lunch;
11        (5) administer insulin according to the student's
12    diabetes care plan and keep a record of the amount
13    administered; and
14        (6) respond in an emergency, including administering
15    how to administer glucagon and calling call 911.
16    (c) The school district shall coordinate staff training.
17    (d) Initial training of a delegated care aide shall be
18provided by a licensed healthcare provider with expertise in
19diabetes or a certified diabetic educator and individualized by
20a student's parent or guardian. Training must be consistent
21with the guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Health
22and Human Services in the guide for school personnel entitled
23"Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed". The training shall
24be updated when the diabetes care plan is changed and at least
26    (e) School nurses, where available, or health care



HB0822 Enrolled- 4 -LRB101 06850 AXK 51881 b

1providers may provide technical assistance or consultation or
2both to delegated care aides.
3    (f) An information sheet shall be provided to any school
4employee who transports a student for school-sponsored
5activities. It shall identify the student with diabetes,
6identify potential emergencies that may occur as a result of
7the student's diabetes and the appropriate responses to such
8emergencies, and provide emergency contact information.
9(Source: P.A. 96-1485, eff. 12-1-10; 97-559, eff. 8-25-11.)
10    (105 ILCS 145/27 new)
11    Sec. 27. Undesignated glucagon. A school may maintain a
12supply of glucagon in any secure location that is immediately
13accessible to a school nurse or a delegated care aide. A
14physician, a physician assistant who has prescriptive
15authority under Section 7.5 of the Physician Assistant Practice
16Act of 1987, or an advanced practice registered nurse who has
17prescriptive authority under Section 65-40 of the Nurse
18Practice Act may prescribe undesignated glucagon in the name of
19the school to be maintained for use when necessary. Any supply
20of undesignated glucagon must be maintained in accordance with
21the manufacturer's instructions. A school nurse or delegated
22care aide may administer undesignated glucagon if he or she is
23authorized to administer the undesignated glucagon through a
24student's diabetes care plan and if the student's prescribed
25glucagon is not available on-site or has expired. Immediately



HB0822 Enrolled- 5 -LRB101 06850 AXK 51881 b

1after the administration of undesignated glucagon, a school
2must notify the school nurse, unless the school nurse was the
3one administering the undesignated glucagon, and the student's
4parent or guardian or emergency contact, if known, and health
5care provider of its use.
6    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
7becoming law.