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Witness Slips For HB4244  102nd General Assembly

Bill Status

Legislation: HB4244
Proponents: 431Opponents: 35900No Position: 142
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Human Services (H) 2/9/2022 9:00 AM
Brynda Bedrossian Streffselfself and family
Charlene M LauderLauder
Cooper Andersonself
Danielle Andersonself
Hua GaoNoneSelf
james gabinskiself
Maria Carreraself
Mason M Kingself
Michael Thompsonself
Pam Howardself
robert mitchell kingself
Roger LauderSelf
Sandy Kingself
Shannon Waylandself
Stephanie FillingimSelfSelf and family
Susan Bedrossianmyselfmyself
Tom Howardself
Vivian Thompsonself
William A BedrossianNANA
Hearing Date and Time: Human Services (H) 2/2/2022 9:00 AM
Barbara KupiecSelfSelf
Angie RenfroeNaSelf
Angie RenfroeNaSelf
Christina YanecekSelfFamily
Courtney RenfroeNaSelf
Heather NorkettShelf
John McfarlandJohn McFarland Consulting, LLC
Melissa WichhartSelf
Norene PetersonSelf
Rebecca Terpeningnana
Rob RenfroeNaSelf
Victor RoshiorCCC
A GleesonSelfFamily
Aagesen RitaSelfSelf
Aaliyah MarquezSelfSelf
Aaron BushIndividual
Aaron David Barclayself
Aaron EissensR Aaron Eissens DDS PC
Aaron HessSelfSelf
Aaron JunSelf
Aaron JunSelfSelf
Aaron Lawler183WGSelf and child
Aaron Lichtmanselfself
Aaron MchughSelf
Aaron meyerSelfSelf
Aaron MikottisMikottis familyMikottis family
Aaron NorrisHistory and Hobbies
Aaron RileySelf
Aaron Staehelyselfself
Aaron SteigelmannSelf
Aaron ValleySelfSelf
Aaron Walkerselfself
Aaron WilliamsonSelf
Abbie Ballardselfself
Abby SherwoodSelfSelf
Abby SorensenFamilyFamily
Abelino TellezSelfSelf
Abigail BaylesSelfSelf
Abigail DrewesSelfMy family
Abigail ElamRepresenting FamilyRepresenting Family
Abigail FehrSelfSelf
Abigail GoddardSelfSelf
Abigail ManusSelfSelf
Abigail MeyersSelfSelf
Abigail RashanSelf
Abigail WalkerNASelf
Abraham AMyself
Abygale HeinzSelfSelf
Adair KelseyIC4IC
Adam AllenSelfSelf
Adam BezarkSelfFamily
Adam Doeringmy familymy family
Adam GrahamresidentWilliam Aquilino
Adam HillSelfSelf
Adam JaronikYes
Adam jonesSelfFamily
Adam JuleckiJulecki familyJulecki family
Adam KalitaAdam Kalita
Adam KopcioSelf
Adam KropornickiMy family
Adam MangioneClincosm, Inc
Adam McMasterNone
Adam MelandSelfSelf
Adam MummeSelfSelf
Adam NiczyporukSelfSelf
Adam RockwellSelfSelf
Adam SneddenSelf
Adam SnyderSelfSelf
Adam SotoAdam SotoAdam Soto and family
Adam StevensNASelf
Adam WiewiuraSelfSelf
Addison GeorgeNoneMyself
Addison JA SmithSelfSelf
Adedayo O Dohertyself
Adele LitchfieldSelf
Adele WheelerSelf
Adeline BendaSelfSelf
Adeline SlaybackSelf
Adelyn KennellySelfSelf
Adri EnneSelfSelf
Adrian Plappselfself
Adrian PlappSelf--I am not a botNO reason to know my private health information
Adriana AguilarSelfSelf
Adriana MadejSelfFamily that believes in Health Freedom
Adriana PinaselfFamily - we oppose this bill because it is an invasion to our health medical records and this information is confidential
Adrianna KondilisSelf
Adrianna SmithSelf
Adrienne KyleSelf
Aga TovarMyself
Aga UrbanekSelfSelf
Agata DrwalSelfSelf
Agata PisarczykFamilyFamily
Agata RulkowskiSelfSelf
Agnes ForsytheSelf
Agnes HalmonHalmon FamilySelf
Agnes PodczerwinskiSelfSelf
Agnes SchneeweisSelf
Agnes WitekMyselfMy family
Agnes WojcikSelfSelf
Agnieszka AdamczykBack2lifeptwMyself
Agnieszka BajorekSelfSelf
Agnieszka BataliaSelfSelf
Agnieszka chilinskiSelfSeld
Agnieszka CholujSelfSelf
Agnieszka KornatowskaFamilyFamily
Agnieszka KruszewskiSelf
Agnieszka MendochaResidentSelf
Agnieszka SadzewiczNone
Agnieszka SwiderskaLAVA construction
Agnieszka SwierczekSelfSelf
Agnieszka WorotniakSelfSelf
Agnieszka ZielinskiSelfMy family
Agustin ColimaSelf
Agustin JuarezSelf
Ahmad musaAhmad musa
Aida moralesSelfSelf
Aidan BrummelSELF
Aidan GleesonSelfFamily
Aidan GroppeSelfSelf
Aiden Boryszewskiselfself
Aileen OsiasSELFSELF
Aime Gramerself
Aimee DionneSelfSelf and family
Aimee FlorezSelfYou are completely out of touch with your constituents AND we will remove you from your position if you continue to support or present such legislation.
Aimee HaakensonCitizen of ILSelf
Aimee HaakensonSelfSelf
Aimee SmithSelf
Aimee wilsonSelfSelf
Ainsley GeorgeNoneMyself
Aisha Dougno
Aislinn McCrillisSelfSelf
AJ KubitzIndividual
Ajani RowlandSelfSelf
Al HansonSelf
Al IpemaSelf
Alaina Rae MorenoSelfSelf
Alan BackhausselfSelf
Alan D HansonSelf
Alan H PinterSelfSelf
Alan HerdesSelf
Alan KratochvilSelf
Alan MaderSelfSelf
Alan Myersself
Alan PhillipsSelf
Alan SalasNoneSelf
Alan ScottNoneSelf - Alan W. Scott
Alan Tenczarself
Alana PlourdeSelfSelf
Alannah Farafamilyself
Alayna VlagosIndependent
Alaynah RodgersSelf
Alayne ZaharaSelf and familyEntire family
Albert HerbstSelfSelf
Albert MarleySelf
Aldona ChrzanowskiSelfSelf
Ale LelisSelf
Alec BowlinNoneSelf
Alejandro CastanedaSelfSelf
Aleks MajewskiSELFself
Aleksander PopovicSelfSelf
Aleksandra LabudaselfFamily
Aleksandra NogaSelfSelf
Alessandro GianniSelf
Alessandro RubianoSelfSelf
Alex CarrollSelf
Alex ChilcuttMy familyMy family
Alex DeMontSelfSelf
Alex F GhenciuSelfSelf
Alex FirstTyrant Opposition GroupSelf
Alex FosterSelfSelf
Alex FriesFries Keyboard Works, LLCSelf
Alex KaiderSelfMy family
Alex KoscielniakMG CapitalMyself
Alex NodotDeSpir Logistics
Alex SarrosSelfSelf
Alex YantisSelfSelf
Alexa Kroplewskiselfself
Alexa McNishSelfSelf
alexa richardsIDOC
alexa richardsIllinois department of corrections
Alexander DeMontselfself
Alexander HoppSELFSELF
Alexander KawaSelfSelf
Alexander LaraNASelf
Alexander ParaSelf
Alexander RosilesNone
Alexander WittenbrinkSelfSelf
Alexandra ChristusSelf
Alexandra DeweySelfSelf
Alexandra GaytonNASelf
alexandra klaudOn behalf of selfself
Alexandra Kopaczself
alexandra marsalaselfThis bill would violate the US Constitution and be a intolerable overreach by government. We Illinoisans say NO.
Alexandra RobinsSelfMy family
Alexandra WojcikSelfSelf
Alexandros G GeorgiouSelfself
Alexei TushinskyNone
Alexia MarquezSelfSelf
Alexis BarrazaNA
Alexis chambersSelf
Alexis IbarraSelfSelf
Alexis PillerSelfSelf
Alexis StadtSelf
Alexis Thanosself
Alexis Wyngard clarkSelfSelf
Alfredo GilbonselfFamily - we oppose this bill because it is an invasion to our health medical records and this information is confidential
Alice BusanSelfSelf
Alice Leinbergerselfself
Alice WeberSelfSelf
Alicia DoyleSelf
Alicia HartzellNoneAlicia Hartzell
Alicia L ParkinsonSelf
Alicia MathisonSelfSelf
Alicia MZ HagginselfSelf
Alicia Oself
Alicia SheedloSelfSelf and 6 members of my family
Alicia Stenmarkselfself
Alicja BawiecSelfSelf
Alicja Gawle RoszkowskiSelf
Alicja JanuszkoSelf
Alicja KitaSelfSelf
Alida ClineFirst student
Alida Dowself
ALIICA DRAGAlicia DragSelf
Alina AcciavattiHousehold
alina CzubFamilyFamily
Alisa bornemanSelf
Alisa ChruscielSelf
Alisha GoadSelf and familyThis is a breach of our medical freedoms as well as government overreach.
Alisha GoadSelf and family who believe in medical freedomSelf
Alisia PittmanSelfSelf
Alison ArmstrongSelf not a bot
Alison ArmstrongSelf not a botSelf not a bot
Alison BrageeSelfSelf
Alison BrechtelMsNone
Alison DeeSelfSelf
Alison GoleyFamilyFamily
Alison KraussSelf
Alison SchwanSelf
Alisyn GalloNone
Allan Joseph ZochowskiSelfSelf
Allan NanceChiro medSelf
Allen JaglowskiChicago Police DepartmentPolice
Allen L PfeiferSelf
Allen ParkesCitizen
Allen Richardsonselfself
Allen W Brooksnot applicable
Allen WeidnerSelfSelf
Allison Beckselfself
Allison BergerSelf
Allison CastanedaSelfSelf
Allison EarlNaNa
Allison KirbySelf
Allison MontaltoSelfSelf
Allison PrawdzikSelf
Allison PriceMyselfMyself and family
Allison Ryanself
Allison StuepfertSelfMyself and my family
Allison StuepfertSelfSelf, family, and all for maintaining medical privacy and health freedoms
Allycia HvezdaSelfSelf
Allysa CatrintaNoneSelf
Alma Hederself
Alma MirandaSelf
Alman AmandaFamilySelf and family
Alondra Del ToroSelf
Aloysius UhlerMusic GallerySelf
Alvin A SuessSelfSelf
Alvin Dacanayself
Alycia BrockmanSelf
Alycia CloydSt. Louis Community College
Alyssa BattagliaCitizen
Alyssa Bennettselfself
Alyssa HillSelfSelf
Alyssa KupfererMyself
Alyssa LaMontagneLaMontagne Household
Alyssa norrisSelf
Alyssa StadtSelf
Alyssa SutorSelfSelf
Amalou LimSelf
Amanda SchauSelfSelf
Amanda AugustSelfSelf
Amanda BarryLiberty Elementary School
Amanda BeebeHome
Amanda Berryfamilyfamily
Amanda BeukemaHousehold
Amanda DickersonSelfSelf
Amanda DivitoSelf
Amanda DoveattSelf
Amanda ElmerSelf
Amanda FlemingSelfSelf
Amanda FosterSelfSelf
Amanda GillihanFamilyFamily
Amanda gunterSelf
Amanda HerbertFamily
Amanda HoutSelf
Amanda JurczewskiSelfSelf
Amanda KnableSelfMy family
Amanda KuhlmanSelfSelf
Amanda LutzeSelfMy family
Amanda MadsenSelfSelf
Amanda MaletichSelfSelf
Amanda MoneySELF - Free thiinkerSELF - for the rights of my family
Amanda PearsonSelfSelf
Amanda RhoadesSelfSelf
Amanda RodSelf
Amanda RomineSelf
Amanda RosenthalSelfFamily
Amanda RosenthalSelfMe and my family
Amanda RountreeSelf
Amanda SandersSanders HouseholdSanders Household
Amanda ShepardNAMy family
Amanda Stottsself
Amanda TaylorFamilySelf
Amanda UnderfangerSelf
Amanda Walkerselfself
Amanda WallerIC4ICIC4IC
Amanda WandSelfFamily
Amanda yeazellSelfSelf
Amanda ZachSelfMy family
Amato TraceySelfSelf
Amber AkesSelfSelf
Amber BitakisSelfSelf
Amber CarlinSelfMyself and IL Health Freedom
Amber DeClerckSelfSelf
Amber DerksonSelf
Amber DouglasSelfSelf
Amber DvorakNone
Amber FrerichsSelfSelf
Amber GoetzSelf
Amber GoleySelf
Amber MarcotteSelfSelf
Amber Muellerselfself
Amber Pattersonself
Amber PonticelliSelf
Amber RiveraSelf
Amber SiwickiNot applicable
Amber SiwickiSelf
Amber TrojanowiczSelfSelf
Amelia CaseUniversal Health InstituteAmelia Case
Amelia TaylorSelfSelf
Amie SteeleSelfSelf
Ammie Kessem41st Ward Republican OrganizationNorthwest Side GOP
AMPARO KACIUSKacius Physical Therapy LLC
Amy MorganSelf
Amy AdamecCitizen
Amy Aginselfself
Amy AlexSelfFamily
Amy BoekeMrsSelf and family
Amy BondBond Family
Amy BragielSelfFamily
Amy BrownSelfSelf
Amy BryndaSelfSelf
Amy ButcherMy family
Amy ChristiansenSelf
Amy ConradSelfSelf
Amy CrowleySelfself
Amy DeckerSelfSelf
Amy DiBasilioSelfFamily
Amy DunatHousehold
Amy EckertSelfSelf
Amy Eggerson behalf of self
Amy EissensSelf
Amy EissensSelfSelf
Amy Ellen HoseyCitizen
Amy FedorskiSelf
Amy ForsellCitizen of Illinoisself
Amy FosdickSelf
amy fosdickSelf
Amy GaytonNASelf
Amy GfesserSelfAmy Gfesser
Amy GilliamSelfSelf
Amy GioveSelfSelf
Amy GoreckiSelf
Amy Gorskinone
Amy GriffisSwlfSelf
Amy GuppySelfSelf
Amy HabanSelfSelf
Amy HansenHome
Amy HaroldSelfSelf
Amy Hoardselfself
Amy jonesSelfSelf
Amy KaawaSelf
Amy KaempfeSelf
Amy KielionSelfSelf
Amy Kochannyselfself
Amy Krahulaselfself
Amy LambrechtSelfSelf
Amy LarsonTaxpayer and concerned citizenSelf and family
Amy LeeSelf
Amy LemieuxLemieux FamilyLemieux Family
Amy LewisMyself and familySelf and my family
Amy LittleNASelf
Amy LovettAmy Lovett
Amy ManningSelf
Amy McCreerySelfSelf
Amy McElroySelf
amy mcloughlinSelf
Amy McNealSelfSelf
Amy MelvinState of IL
Amy MooreNA
Amy O'DaySelfSelf
Amy OstermanSelfSelf and family
Amy Penceselfself
Amy PlunkettThe Plunkett family
Amy PulleySelfSelf
Amy Roachselfsefl
Amy SchultzeSelf
Amy ScrimpsherSelf
Amy ScrogginsSelf
Amy SeppelfrickSelfSelf
Amy SharpMyself
Amy SleezerSelf
Amy ThomlinsonHousehold
Amy UngererSelf
Amy ValelaValela Family
Amy ValleySelfSwlf
Amy Welzselfself
Amy WilliamsSelf
Amy WolfeSelfNot a Russian bot, you bloody tyrants
Amy WoodrickSelfSelf
Amy WyngardSelfSelf
Amy ZymaliAmy Zymali
Ana LeonSelf not a bot
Ana Maria Garciaselfself
Anabel Smithfamilyfamily
Analisa McDermottselfself
Anamaria AybarNASelf
Anastasia KelleyNot Applicable
Anden HoutFamilySelf
Andie GroffNot Applicable
Andre bustamanteSelfSelf
Andrea AllenFamily
Andrea ByramSelfMy family who believes in medical freedom
Andrea Chvatal-HedstromSelfSelf
Andrea DalyFamilyFamily
Andrea DouglasSelfFamily and this is not a robot
Andrea FletcherSelf
Andrea GaleResidentSELF
Andrea GarganoSelf
Andrea Hartleyselfself
Andrea HoudekSelfSelf
Andrea Jefferyselfself
Andrea KinderSelfSelf
Andrea LumAndrea Lum
Andrea MichelSelfSelf
Andrea MoriceSelf
Andrea Naughtonselfself
Andrea Nicole RehaniSelfself
Andrea RosenbrockMyselfMy family
Andrea schnowskeSelfSelf
Andrea SchwartzSelfSelf
Andrea SheldonNASelf
Andrea Sikorskiselfself
Andrea SmithAndrea SmithMy family
Andrea SwiderskiSelf
Andrea SzwabowskiSELF
Andrea ThayerFamily
Andrea TrespecesIL Resident
Andrea UnellSelfSelf
Andrea WeadickSelfSelf
Andrea WozniakSelfSelf
Andrea WozniakSelfSelf this bill has got to go
Andreas CromackFamily
Andrei NeuhausSelf
Andres GomezExelon Generation
Andres MachalaHealth in Harmony Chiropractic
Andrew ArndtArndt Automotive LLC
Andrew Battagliaself
Andrew BlaylockSelfSelf
Andrew Bobekselfself
Andrew BradSelfMyself
Andrew C MartinSelfSelf
Andrew CoulterSelf
Andrew DeClerckselfAndrew DeClerck
Andrew FarkasPrivate citizen
Andrew FrankSelfSelf
Andrew G MiklosSelfself
Andrew GranadoNAMy family and Illinoisians who believe this is a violation of privacy and will only be further violation of our rights and freedom of health
Andrew Hajdukself
Andrew HolsingerU.S. Citizen
Andrew HongSelf
Andrew J RosaSelf
Andrew J SteinbachCaterpillar Inc
Andrew JansenSelf
Andrew JonesSelfSelf
Andrew JozwikSelf
Andrew LaVoieSelfSelf
Andrew LepkowskiSelfIllinoisans who believe in privacy and health freedom
Andrew LiggettSELF
Andrew M PondelselfSELF
Andrew MitchellSelf
Andrew Naughtonselfself
Andrew OConnellSelf
Andrew OLoughlinIllinois ResidentSelf
Andrew OLoughlinIllinois ResidentSelf
Andrew olveraSelf
Andrew Pilladoself
Andrew pochosSelf
Andrew PondelSelfSelf
Andrew RackauskasAarcon Consulting LLC
Andrew RackauskasAarcon Consulting LLCMyself
Andrew Schliefamilyfamily
Andrew SeppalaSelfMy family who believe in privacy and health freedom
Andrew SiwikSelfSelf
Andrew SjordalSelf
Andrew StallingsHousehold
Andrew T BeaumontMy Family
Andrew ThisseCitizen of IllinoisSelf
Andrew VandercarnoneSelf
Andrew YaklePeople for Non-EvilNon-Evil
Andrey WarkentinnoneMy household
Andria BrassSelfSelf
Andrius SliziusSelfSelf
Andrzej CichorzSelfSelf
Andrzej HajdukSelf
Andrzej MarshallNone
Andrzej S BudzNone
Andy SpentzosSelf
Andy WoodwardSelfSelf
Aneta JakalaFamilyParent
Aneta KopaczCitizen of Illinois
Aneta KorczSelfSelf
Aneta NiklewiczSelfSelf
Angel C ShakeSelf
Angel CardonaSelfSelf
Angel GobleTeam Freedom
Angel OakleySelfSelf
Angel ShakeSelfSelf
Angela TurnerPersonal
Angela AtwaterSelfSelf
Angela Berczekselfself
Angela BranniganSelfMy family
Angela BuhlSelfSelf
Angela CarmodySelf
Angela CobbSelfSelf and Family
Angela DomagalaSelfSelf
Angela Donsbachon behalf of self
Angela GreeneSelf and familySelf and family
Angela Greenwoodselfself
Angela GregoryNA
Angela ImhoffSelfSelf
Angela JohnsonSelfSELF
Angela KeefeSelf-Employed
Angela KellySelfSelf
Angela Krauseselfself
Angela LipcamonSelf
Angela McElhoeself
Angela McKeeSelf
Angela McQueenEducator
Angela MoserSelfSelf
Angela NiemiecSelfSelf
Angela NotarianoSelfSelf
Angela ObertSelfSelf
Angela OlsonSelfSelf
Angela PetrolineSelf
Angela PowellSelf
Angela savageIllinois citizen
Angela SchoeberleNone
Angela ThompsonSelfSelf
Angela VanderVinneIL Citizen
Angela W Janssenself and familyself and family
Angela WollenbergSelf
Angela WrightSelfSelf
Angela YoungsSelfMyself and my family who believe in freedom and real science
Angelica KellerIndividual
Angelica Palomoangelica palomoself
Angelica RuizSelfSelf
Angelika rol vel rulSelfFamily
Angeliki Karamitsosselfself
Angelina CrockerIndependent
angelina Mastrocitizenself
Angeline PanekSelfSelf
Angelique StacySelfSelf, IL Resident
Angella Gauchself
Angelo J LalagosSelfSelf
Angelo J RenardoRenardo Family
Angelo SellasNone
Angi NorrisSelf
Angi SchalkSelfSelf
Angie AndrusSelfSelf
Angie BrickerSelf
Angie ClarkenSelf
Angie GriffinSelfSelf
Angie HibbenOswego Area Chamber of Commerce
Angie LeySelfSelf
Angie MoranSelf
Angie Recendezselfself
Angie RenfroeNaSelf
Angie RunyanSelf
Angie SriverFamilyFamily
Ania Zaborniak-KulasikSelfSelf
Anissa WilliamsSelfAnissa Williams
Anita DavidsonCreative Rehab
Anita HaysSouth Hickory Hill Christian Church
Anita Kesslerselfself
Anita KhinSelf
Anita ParrotVoter
Anita SperoSelf
Anita uscinskiNa
anke schulteselfself
Ann BlombergSelfSelf
Ann BoberekHome smart realtor
Ann BrazinskySelf
Ann DeAngelisSelfSelf
Ann FeeherySelf
Ann GoldsteinSelfSelf
Ann HaasSelfSelf
Ann Harrisonselfself
Ann HerzSelfSelf
Ann Hillparent
Ann InendinoSelfSelf
Ann IwatsukiSelfSelf
Ann JenkinsSelfSelf
Ann Marie BourkeNone
Ann Marie BuhaySelf
Ann Marie Hartmannnoneself
Ann Marie SuterSuter Family
Ann MatheuSelfSelf
Ann McNeillIllinois Citizen
Ann NavarSelf
Ann NelsonSelfSelf
Ann Noonanselfself
Ann PolhillMyselfMy family
Ann SarrosNone
Ann Schulerselfself
Anna RakowskiSelfSelf
Anna AipoalaniSelfSelf
Anna AmanteSelfSelf
Anna BachinskiSelf
Anna BARCLAYSelfSelf
Anna BennettSelfSelf
Anna Bentkowskiself
Anna Boryszewskiselfself
Anna BroskoSelfSelf
Anna DluzniewskiSelfSelf
Anna Evrleyselfself
Anna FigueroaSelf
Anna FilipSelf
Anna GolofitSelfSelf
Anna GrubisichSelfSelf
Anna HaakensonIL residentSelf
Anna HaakensonSelfSelf
Anna HammondSelf
Anna HarlaSelfSelf
Anna Harringtonselfself
anna harveynaself
Anna HolowatyjSelfSelf
Anna K FlorekSelfSelf
Anna KamaratosRevive Massage and SpaSelf, family and coworkers
Anna KlimekSelf
Anna KochSelfSelf
Anna KolbuszSelfSelf
Anna KosharkoSelfSelf
Anna KrawczykSelfSelf
Anna KujawskaSelfSelf
Anna KupiecPrivate
Anna La TourSelfSelf
Anna LejaSelfMy family
Anna Lewiarz-AndreevSelf
Anna LokajSelfSelf
Anna LongSelfSelf
Anna MalowanskiselfSelf
Anna MisterkaOn behalf of myself
Anna MotaSelfSelf
Anna MucciantiSelfSelf
Anna NaismithSelf
Anna Panagakisselfself
Anna PiankoSelfMy Family
Anna PopikSelfSelf
Anna PowellSelfSelf
Anna PuraSelf
Anna RiceFamilyFamily
Anna RozakSelfSelf
Anna SantucciSelfself
Anna SlowikFamilyFamily
Anna sokolowskiSelfSelf
Anna SosinSelfSelf
Anna SzaflarskiSelfMy family
Anna ThoumaSelf
Anna WilewskaSelfSelf
Annabelle HaskinsSelfSelf
Annabelle WoodwardSelfSelf
Annah K SalyardsSelf
Annaliesa Caswellselfself
Annamaria TamasSelfSelf
Anne A Uhrinaselfself
Anne AabramSelfSelf
Anne AltisSelfSelf
Anne Bennettselfself
Anne BrunoSelf
Anne Corneliusself
Anne Dempseyselfself
Anne FellingerSelfSelf
Anne HaserAKLD Lighting Design
Anne HunterSelf
Anne KasprzakFamily
Anne LatterellNone
Anne M RothSelf
Anne OestreichRetired
Anne PetersonSelf
Anne ReinNone
Anne Risherself
Anne TetzlaffSelfMy Family
Anne WehrliSelf
Anne-Marie MillerSelfSelf
Annette KaszubskiSelf
Annette Kohn-LauSELFMy sovereign self
Annette LicitraSelfSelf
Annette MarquardtSelfSelf
Annette McCarthySelfSelf strongly opposed
Annette OconnellSelf
Annette ReitzelOn behalf of myself and my family
Annette SmithNAself
Annette SuessSelfSelf
Annette Yenselfself
Annie AllgoodSelf
Annie HobsonSelfSelf
Annie McElroySelfSelf
Annie Reidselfself
Annie StephensSelfSelf
Annie Von Arxselfself
Annika SpoerlSelfSelf
Annis MeyerNone
Annmarie Mastroselfself
Anthony CejaSelf
Anthony AmanteSelfSelf
Anthony BahwellSelf
Anthony BaroneSelf
Anthony Brunoselfself
Anthony Caponemy family
Anthony CieslakSelf
Anthony ClarkSelf
Anthony DouglasSelfSelf
Anthony E JonesSelf
Anthony EngleseNaSelf
Anthony ErmilioErmilio houseMother
Anthony FlandoSelfSelf
Anthony Fosterself
Anthony FrieriSelf
Anthony FunkSELFSELF
Anthony GossSelfSelf
Anthony GuastalliSelfSelf
Anthony HolmesselfFamily
Anthony J DifiglioSandusky Lee
Anthony JenningsNa
Anthony Koehlerselfself
Anthony KrstevKrstev Customs
Anthony LevatoSelf
Anthony LopezSelfSelf
Anthony MariciNONE
Anthony MazzeoEMTself
Anthony MIchael Fosterself
Anthony MucciantiSelfSelf
Anthony Perrinoselfself
Anthony PopeSelf
Anthony PrattSelfMyself and my family
Anthony SignorellaSelfSelf
Anthony WichhartSelf
Antonia MeachamSelf
Antonio AlvarezSelfNo to this bill. Enough with the control and fear.
Antonio TaurinaSelf
Apri KrauseSelfSelf
April FetterSelfMy family
April GowanSelfMy family
April HoggSelf
April JeffersSelfMy family and myself
April MinorSelfSelf
April mironSelfSelf
April SalavaSelfSelf
April WickeySelfFamily Self
Arabella ChanSelfSelf
Arbella KolianaSelfSelf
Areli OlayoSelfSelf
Argie BakopoulosSelfSelf
Arhlene PopeSelf
Ariana LangworthySelf
Ariana VegaMy family
Arianna Medema-SheehanNA
Arica GuarinoSelf
Aristidis HalikiasHousehold
Arkasia CoxSelfSelf
Arlene M Dovichiselfself
Armando J TorresSelfSelf
Armando TorresSelfSelf
Armani S VelezSelf
Arriana GuentertSELF
Arthur BudelierSelf
Arthur E MertesMertes Family
Arthur g wargoSelf
Arthur JalinskyJalinsky HouseholdJalinsky Household
Arthur NolanSelf
Arthur PartykaDziennik ZwiazkowyArthur Partyka
Arthur VerdiSelfSelf
Artur KlaczakSelfSelf
Artur Rusinekselfself
Arturas SedysIndependent contractorSelf
Asha RowlandSelfSelf
Ashleigh RockwellSelfSelf
Ashley BebeauFamilyFamily
Ashley BensonFreedom loving Citizen
Ashley BraunSelf
Ashley BrinkmeierSelfSelf
Ashley CharlesonSelfSelf
Ashley Cibulka-BourneFamilyFamily
Ashley CoxSelfSelf
Ashley DialSelfMyself and my family
Ashley DialSelfSelf
Ashley FebusFamilyNa
Ashley FloydselfSelf
Ashley FuhrmanHousehold
Ashley GoodmanFamilyFamily
Ashley LeahySelfSelf
Ashley MancusoSelfSelf
Ashley MedemaAthletico Physical Therapy
Ashley MontagueSelf
Ashley MorehouseNAFamily
Ashley MurschelHouseholdMy family-not bots
Ashley prohaskaSelf
Ashley RadosavSelfSelf
Ashley StamatinosSelfSelf
Ashley SwitzernaSELF
Ashley TangyeSelf
Ashley WenselSelfSelf
Ashley WisemanCitizen of IL
Ashley WombleSelfSelf
Ashli FreesmeyerSelf
Ashly HausamSelf
Ashly OchsnerSelfResident
ashlyn M russellUnavailable
Ashlyn Pacerselfself
Ashmore JoshuaCitizen
Ashton OchsnerSelfResident
Asma BenjaminSelf
Assell SteveSelf
Athena KotsanisSelf
Aubrey EnglundSelfself
Aubrey WessingAubrey WessingFamily
Audrey BarrientosSelfSelf
Audrey CoxSELF
audrey klslukselfself
Audrey McGowanSelfSedlf
Audri TarrTarr FarmsPeter Tarr
Audria QuinnSelf
Audria QuinnSelfMy family
August BodhaineSelf
August FloydFloyd FamilySelf
Augustin WampflerNoneSelf
Aukosua StokesStokes FamilySelf
Austin KarasekSelfself
Austin LeipartSelfSelf
Austin longSelf
Austin PitchfordFamilyMyself
Autumn BotkinSelfSelf
Autumn RussellSelf
Autumn SpearsSelf
Autumn SweleySelfSelf
Autumn Wohlertna
Autumn ZinkSelfPeople of the USA
Ava brownSelfSelf
Ava HirschlSelfSelf
Ava KinderSelfSelf
Ava NeuhausSelf
Ava Severanceselfme
Avery BochenekSelf
Avery OrsenoFamilySelf
Avo RandruutSelf
Aynsley GregorSelfSelf
B Couriselfself
B GleesonSelf
B GleesonSelfFamily
Bailey jeanSelf
Bailey TheisenSelfMyself
Barb ElsesserSelf
Barb MishlerSelf
Barb WebsterMyselfFree Americans. Christians. Taxpayers.
Barbara A Coteself
Barbara A DemasSelfSelf
Barbara BarrettBarbara Barrett
Barbara BohlNASelf
Barbara Claymyself
Barbara D SahrhageI
Barbara DawsonPersonal
Barbara DemasFamilySelf
Barbara DietmeierSelf
Barbara DrosteSelfSelf
Barbara Dubiel KitzerowSelfSelf
Barbara FerrisAMAC
Barbara FischerSelf
Barbara FlynnSelf
Barbara gaciaMG CapitalMyself
Barbara GolabSelfSelf
Barbara GomollNone
Barbara GranadoSelfSELF
Barbara Hamrickselfself
Barbara KelleyTaxpayerTaxpayer
Barbara KinnavySelf
Barbara L CoffeySelfSelf
Barbara MarquardtSelf
Barbara McCueSelf
Barbara MolekSelfSelf
Barbara Monroeselfself
Barbara Nazimekselfself
Barbara PanekSelfSelf
Barbara PetersenBarbara PetersenBarbara Petersen
Barbara PringleSelf
Barbara ProbstSelf
Barbara Rocheselfself
Barbara SatterwhiteSelfSelf
Barbara SchexnayderSelfSelf
Barbara ScottNoneSelf
Barbara SteinSelfSelf
Barbara Susan HillSelf
Barbara TuckerUS Citizen .... selfUS Citizen
Barbara WardSelfSelf
Barbara WeglarzSelfSelf
Barbara WygodaSelf
Barbie Allegrettiselfself
Bari Lichtmanselffamily
Barrett WeadickSelfSelf
Barri GappHousehold
Barry BassSelf
Barry BlockNASELF
Barry BorchartSelfSelf
Barry EschSelfSelf
Barry ZelenerSelf
Bart NowakFamily
Basia GaciaSelfSelf
Bea OgiegoSelf
Beata BendarowiczSelfSelf
Beata GwiazdowskiFamily tax payer
Beata HylaSelfSelf
Beata KompielMyselfMy famy
Beata KompielMyselfMyself
Beata MaciasSelfSelf
Beata Swierczekselfself
Beata Zeroselfself
Beatriz liraTax Payof
Becca TarockoffFamilyFamily
Becca WSelfMy Family
Becka GraefenSelfTax-payer
Becky GrothSelfSelf
Becky HernandezSelfSelf
Becky JathoSelfSelf
Becky KochanskiSelfSelf
Becky LawlesSelf
Becky Nelsonself
Becky NelsonSelfSelf
Becky TharpenaSelf
Becky TharpeSelfMy Family - privacy
Becky wheelerSelfSelf
Belinda FullerSelfWe are not cattle - MY BODY MY CHOICE - enough of these Fascist actions.
Belinda OkolisanSelfSelf
Belinda WeltmeyerNone
Bella FlorezSelf
Ben Anlikernone
Ben DooleySelfSelf
Ben DurleyNone
Ben FranzenSelf
Ben HaakensonIL Residentself
Ben HaakensonSelfSelf
Ben Heyenselfself
Ben HossSelf
Ben LenciauskasSelf
Ben MerrillSelfSelf
Ben PaskertSelf
Ben satterwhiteSelfSelf
Ben SeppelfrickSelfSelf
Ben TylerSelfMy household
Benjamin AssellSelf
Benjamin AudetSelf
Benjamin DeLaRosaIndividualSelf
Benjamin FarmerSelfself
Benjamin GoddardSelfSelf
Benjamin GrothSelfSelf
Benjamin HolmanThomson Linear
Benjamin JagodzinskiSelfSelf
Benjamin JohnstonSelfSelf
Benjamin LawsSelf-employed
Benjamin McELhoeself
Benjamin MoscinskiSelf
Benjamin RamseyHome Inspector
Benjamin SmithSelfSelf
Benjamin TaylorSelfSelf
Benjamin WeadickSelfSelf
Berardino Barattaselfself
Bernadette DicianniSelfSelf
Bernadette KrzysiakSelfSelf
Bernadette PerezSelfSelf
Bernadette Postlenoneself
Bernadette staszeczkaSelf familyFamily Self
Bernard butcherSelf
Bernardine LoperSelf
Bernardo HinojosaSelfSelf
Bernie KucharskiSelfSelf
Beth AlwardtSelfFamily
Beth Ann McKeeLacon Chiropractic CenterSelf, family, & patients
Beth Barclayself
Beth CaswellBeth Caswellself
Beth DillSelf
Beth DonahueSelfSelf
Beth DoroffSelfSelf
Beth E GriffinIndividualSelf
Beth FultonSelfSelf
Beth HamparianSelfSelf
Beth HarbeckeSelfSelf
Beth MarkeseCitizen
Beth O'Mearaselfself
Beth OyarzunHouseholdHousehold
Beth ReynoldsSelf
Beth RuskSelfSelf
Beth SchmidtgallSelf
Beth SeggebruchSelf
Beth Weaver WatkinsSelf
Beth willisSelfSelf
Beth WillisSelf and familySelf and Family
Beth youdellSelfStop this awful bill
Bethany jarvisSelfSelf
Bethany BradfieldIndividualSelf and family
Bethany BradfieldSelfSelf and family
Bethany D HagerSelfSelf
Bethany HauseSelf
Bethany HoerrSelfSelf
Bethany LunsfordFamilyFamily
Bethany NormanMother
Bethany NormanSelfSelf
Bethany SimeoNASelf
Bethany SomlockSelfMyself and 4 family members
Bethany SwartzSelfSelf
Betsy Ackersonself
Betsy CeballosSelfSelf
Betsy GalloCiitzen
betsy gingerselfself
Betsy L SillarsSelf
Betsy Muskatself
Betty GahmSelf
Betty HovorkaSelf
Betty L Smithno
Betty MasioSelfSelf
Betty Nelsonselfself
Beverly ErbeckSelfSelf
Beverly FritzSelf- I OPPOSE THE BILL
Beverly HenkhausNone
Beverly KrebelSelf
Beverly MarshallSelf
Beverly SlawinSelfSelf
Beverly StollSelfSelf
Beverly WalkerSelfSelf
Bianca BakerSelfSelf
Bianca KavanaughSelf
Biljana MaricSelf
BIll BahrNAMyself
Bill BurleinSelfSelf
Bill FarnumResident of illinois
Bill FranzenSelf
Bill GorrellSelf
Bill Hamrickselfself
Bill HowardNoMyself
Bill KarstenSelfSelf
Bill KlanLincoln LobbySelf
Bill KramerSelfSelf
Bill KrogerThe Kroger Family
Bill SchwanSelf
Bill WarrenSelfSelf
Billy KeeleyNA
Billy RobisonBrimfield High SchoolBilly Robison
Bing shenSelfSelf
BJ BahrNAMyself
Blaine HustSelfSelf
Blaise Perezstate farmSelf
Blake CorleySelfSelf
Blake De YoungBlake De Young
Blake HegartyNa
Blake Kuhlselfself
Blake Nasternakselfself
Blake RamsSelf
Blake SnyderSelfSelf
Blake Wohlertna
Blanton WestSelf
Bob AllgoodSelf
Bob KennedySelf
Bob LindstromFamilyFamily
Bob O'DaySelfSelf
Bob OettlePFIMy Family
Bob PernaSelfSelf
Bob ShileySelfSelf
Bob StankoSelfBob Stanko
Bob VoliRetired
Bobbie AmburgeySelfThe Amburgey Family
Bobbie ChildsCitizenFamily
Bobby diakakisSelf
Bobby diakakisSelfSelf
Bogdan GrygielSelfSelf
Bogumila TylkaSelfSelf
Bolek GaciaSelfSelf
Boleslaw GaciaMG CapitalMyself
Bonita RichardsSelfSelf
Bonni doranskiSelf
Bonni McKeownselfmy household
Bonni PonticelliSelf
Bonnie BluesteinRetired
Bonnie DEMARLIEself
Bonnie McLarenselfSELF
Bonnie Millikanselfself
Bonnie RichardsSelfSelf
Bonnie RickmanSelfSelf
Bonnie SchutzSelf
Bonnie Verhulstselfself
Bozena MyrdaSelfMyself
Brad BuysseSelfSelf
Brad CarmodySelf
Brad CurtisSelfHead of house
Brad FarrellSelfSelf
Brad GSelfSelf
Brad HillerSelf
Brad NealSelfSelf
Brad Stringerself
Brad WilliamsFamilyFamily
Braden LawlesSelf
Braden Slezakhomeowner
Bradford KrauseSelf
Bradley BurmeschSelfSelf
Bradley Cutrightselfself
Bradley DonaldSelf employed
Bradley GiacominiConcerned Resident
Bradley JohnsonSelf
Bradley KolochSelfSelf
Bradley MarkleSelfSelf and Family
Bradley ReckerSelfSelf
Bradley Thompsonselfself
Brady EdwardsSelf
Brady HanniganSelfSelf- my future
Brady JamrozekSelf
Braeden KittelSelf
Brande L TuckerNoneself
Branden HostettlerSelf
Branden veachFarmer
Brandi klinkSelf
Brandi MillerMyself
Brandi NelsonSelfSelf
Brandi Nichole Ruzichself
Brandi ParcelSelfSelf
Brandi PenzaFamilySelf
Brandi SmithSelf
Brandie BowlinNoneSelf
Brandon GreenSelf
Brandon KeppleMy familyMy family
Brandon KuhlSelfSelf
Brandon MarxSelfSelf
brandon millerselfself
Brandon Neuzilself
Brandon PanfilCitizenSelf
Brandon ScalettaScaletta Transportation
Brandon SommerSelfSelf
Brandon sultzSelf
Brandon SwartzSelfSelf
Brandon WeinhammerSelfBrandon Weinhammer
Brandy BennettSelf
Brant D HulsebusresidentSelf
Brant Z StrausbaughNA
Brant Z StrausbaughSelf
Breah R Ponceselfmyself, Breah Ponce
Breanna WaldonSchool
Breanne LudwigSelf
Breeanne FindleySelfMyself and my family
Brenda AdolphRantoul City Schools
Brenda BlagerSELF
Brenda Calvin-TomlinsonSelfSelf
Brenda DayLaSalle County Republican committee
Brenda DaySelfFamily
Brenda EvansTheGathering.2Voter - citizen -parent
Brenda GutierrezHousehold
Brenda Hamrickselfself
Brenda HigleySelf
Brenda J RossmanSelfSelf
Brenda k HunterSelfSelf
Brenda MorrisonBG Morrison Ltd
Brenda PruemerSelfSelf
Brenda RoimiserSelfSelf
Brendan Hanrahan-
Brendan HehirNone
Brendan HurrleSelf
Brendan OleksakSelfSelf
Brendan R AppelNoneMyself and everyone else in this state that demands that you stop bringing this bill up
Brenna BackhausselfSelf
Brenna BippertSelfSelf
Brennan GleesonSelfFamily
Brent DycheSelf
Brent HoutSelf
Brent LawlesSelf
Brent WolfeSelf
Bret HeinzSelfSelf
Bret Hemmerselfself
Bret WozniakSelfSelf
Brett BeyersMyself and My FamilySelf - not a bot
Brett FoshagerSelfThis information is my private health information. Please do not violate my private health rights by keeping government records.
Brett Gummersheimerselfself
Brett HallNA
Brett KovelFamilySelf
Brett L HankinsFamilyMy family
Brett MargolisSELF
Brett MeyerSelf
Brett PayneNone
Brett SimonSelf
Brett SmithSelf
Brett Wilkinsonselfself
Brian BahrNAMyself
Brian BeckerNASelf
Brian BourkeSelf
Brian Burkertselfself
Brian CabaSelfSelf
Brian Clevelandself
Brian D TurnerIndividual
Brian filippinSelfSelf
Brian FinleySelfSelf
brian flanagannonemyself
Brian FordSelfSelf
Brian FosterSelf
Brian GarciaSelfSelf
Brian GarriganSelfSelf
Brian GrimaudSelfSelf
Brian Hartyselfself
Brian HawkinsSelfSelf
Brian HillOwnerself
Brian HoustonSelfSelf
Brian HuangSelfSelf
Brian J Mooreself
Brian JohnsonSelfSelf
Brian KellerCitizen
Brian KingFirst Baptist Church
Brian KisselburgSelfSelf
Brian krzyzowskiSelfSelf
Brian LeeSelf
Brian LockemyselfBrian Locke
Brian Lomelinona
Brian LoulaSelfSelf
Brian M Howeselfself
Brian McClellanSelfMy family of Illinois who believe is health privacy and freedom.
Brian McFarlandself & familyself & family
Brian McGovernSelfSelf
Brian MeyerNA
Brian NielsenSelfIllinois residents
Brian NorrisSelf
Brian O'ConnorSelf
Brian PerezSelfSelf
Brian PlonkaSELFSELF
Brian PohlmanSelfSelf
Brian PriceSelfSelf
Brian R HorneselfOutside the bounds of government. We are not Nazi Germany.Shame on you.
Brian Reeseprivate individual
Brian RudnickeNAMyself
Brian ShannonCitizenMyself
Brian StoeckerSelfSelf
Brian SullivanRetiredSelf
Brian TalbotOn behalf of myself and my familyMyself and my family
Brian UlrichSelf
Brian VanderbiltSELFSelf
Brian VearAdvanced Health Chiropractic
Brian VinsonSelfSelf
Brian WatkinsSELFSELF
Brian WinkelmanSelfSelf
Brian WojciechowskiSelfMyself
Brian WoodSelfSelf
Brian WoodsSelfSelf
Brian ZumbrockMy familyThis bill should be illegal according to both HIPAA and Nuremburg Code
Briana FlannerySelfSelf
Briana Lomelinona
Briana McQueenSelf
Briana RaySelf
Brianna IlerSelfSelf
Brianna RuizSelf
Brianna SantucciSelf
Brianna WesselSelfSelf
Brianne HippSelfSelf
Brice LanierSelfFamily
Bridget AnayaSELF
Bridget BackhausselfSelf
Bridget Dawsonselfself
Bridget GleesonSelfFamily
Bridget HaackSELFSELF
Bridget Lyonsself
Bridget mitchellSelf
Bridgett BallSelfMyself, my family, students
Bridgette IwanskiSt. Al's and st. Pat's SchoolSelf
Bridie CruseSelfSelf
Bridie Gallaglyselfself
Brielle LawlesSelf
Briggs KrempskiSelfSelf
Brinkley DavidIllinois veterans home
Britnee LuburichSelf
Britni HermansenNone
Britta NessSelf
Brittany ConnellySelf
Brittany fatzingerSelfSelf
Brittany FonteSelf
Brittany GeorgiouSelfSelf
Brittany HeineckeSelfSelf
Brittany JamisonSelf
Brittany OliverSelfSelf
Brittany PerriconeSelfSelf
Brittany SchmidtHousehold
Brittany SchmidtSelfSelf
Brittany SimunacSelf
Brittany SullivanElite Spine & Wellness Center, Inc
Brittany sweetFamily of 6Family of 6
Brittany TempletonSELFSELF & FAMILY
Brittney KaluznySelfSelf
Brittney KaluznySelfSelf and Family
Broadhurst JenniferIllinois Resident
Brody KennyStudentStudent
Bronny SamardzijaSelf
Bronwyn SearsSelfSelf
Brooke BackhausselfSelf
Brooke BeyersSelf - not a botSelf
Brooke BrandauSelfSelf
Brooke EdwardsSelfSelf
Brooke MillsSelf
Brooke Wilkinsonselfself
Brooklyn FloydFloyd FamilySelf
Brooklynn ChebnyNoneI oppose HB 4244. This violates our medical freedoms and privacy.
Brooks RamsSelf
Bruce PetersonIndWendy peterson
Bruce Burnsself
Bruce D WeisSelfSelf
Bruce DahlheimSelfSelf
Bruce GussIllinois CitizenSelf
Bruce JohnsonWe The PeopleFamily
Bruce KaplanSelfFamily
Bruce Karstenself
Bruce Limbachself
Bruce orrSelfSelf
Bruce StoffelNoneSelf and family
Bruce StrysikCornerstone Real Estate Investments Inc
Bruce TalbotOn behalf of myself and my familyMyself and my family
Bruce TheobaldAttorney
Bruce W Tischself
Bruce WillsSelfSelf
Bruno RisattiSelfMy family
Bryan AlfordOn behalf of selfSelf
Bryan BakerNASelf
Bryan CzemskeSelf
bryan e grantselfself
Bryan Evanstax payerself
Bryan LantzNASelf
Bryan LaRocheSelfWithdraw this bill. All medical care, treatments for pets should be decided on by the veterinarian and owner of patient only. No other entities should be given authority over this relationship.
Bryan LockieFamilySelf
Bryan PanfilCitizenSelf
Bryan SlaySelfSelf
Bryan SokoloskiSelfConstituent sick of Democrat games requiring constant refilling of witness slips, even though more than 40k slips have been ignored in the past
Bryan SokoloskiSelfIllinois constituents tired of refilling witness slips as democrats play games, with the expectation that our representatives like Robyn Gabel will not blow off thousands of witness slips again
Bryan StortzSelfMy family
Bryan TargoszselfMyself and my family
Bryan WagnerSELFSELF
Bryan WillsWills Chiropractic
Bryce BainSelfSelf
Bryce DresselSelfSelf
Bryce LawlesSelf
Brynn KrempskiSELFSELF
Brynn KudiaSelfMy Family
Buddy PorterSelfSelf
Bullion MariaSelfSelf
Byron PadillaAbbvie
CFamilyExtended Family
C Couriselfself
C FruhauffSELFSelf - 3rd time filling out slip STOP
C SNaSelf
Caelan DoyleSelfSelf
Caiden KovelSelfSelf
Caitlin BaldwinSelfSelf
Caitlin BrombergerSelfSelf
Caitlin M Howeselfself
Caitlin MoffittSelf
Caitlin SchwassSELF
Caitlin TaylorSelfSelf
Caleb EstepSelfSelf
Caleb IlerSelfSelf
Caleb KittelSelf
Caleb LaschinskiNone
Caleb MummeSelfSelf
Caleb SiebenthalSelfSelf
Caleb StewartSelfSelf
Caley ScottMedical practice
Callie troogstadSelfSelf
Calvin HankinsFamilyFamily
Calvin James BitakisSelfSelf
Calvin ZimmermanNone
Cameron Korzeneckiselffamily
Cameron Toenjesself
Camila WolinskiSelfSelf
Camilla ImperialeSelf
camilla papaioannouNaSelf
Camille LangworthySelfSelf
Camille PetersenNone
Camille WilliamsC & M Real Estate, LLC
Candace CernyMy ChildrenSELF
Candace CernySelfSelf
Candace NealSelf
Candace WiegandSelfSelf
Candice AssellSelfSelf
Candice BielskiSELFSelf
Candice Maysself
Candice Milesself
Candice SochackiSelf
Candie Katesselfself
Candy GodbeeNone
Cara Willsnot applicableSelf
Cari BonifasSelf
Carissa CantrellSelfSelf
Carissa J BaberSelfSelf
Carl BornFamilyFamily
Carl DavisSelfFamily
Carl E Knablenone
Carl E Knableself
Carl FugateSelf
Carl Gramerself
Carl HoeferSelfSelf
Carl Hopmanmy familymy family
Carl HornSelfHuman Beings are not property of other Human Beings
Carl StephensNone
Carl WebbFamily
carl ZeganTaxpayer
Carl ZindelTrue Value
Carla A TerpstraSelfSelf
Carla BiermanSelfSelf
Carla chatmanSelfSelf
Carla DasenbrockSelfSelf
Carla engelSelf
Carla GibbsselfSELF
Carla Klauslerselfself
Carla TerpstraSelfSelf
Carlise WeltonSelf
Carlissa RobbsDepartment of defense
Carlos RoimiserSelfSelf
Carlos RuizSelf
Carlos SteinFamilyFamily
Carlos TorresMG CapitalMyself
Carly ElliotSelfMy family
Carly EmkenSelf
Carly FontanaSelfSef
Carly OrbonSelf
Carly PerezselfSelf
Carly YoungSelf
Carmelita GomezSelfFamily
Carmen DiazSotoSelf
Carmen Enit NegronSelf
Carmen HoffmanMyself
Carmen MartinezSelf
Carmen PittmanSelfStop the government overreach and invasion of privacy
Carmen Viramontesselfself
Carol JurczewskiSelfSelf
Carol A MoritzNoneSelf
Carol Adamczykselfself
Carol CaraniSelf
Carol CarliSelf
Carol Davisnonemyself
Carol GriderSelf
Carol GriderSelfSelf
Carol J Rhine--select an item--Self
Carol JacobazziSelfSelf
Carol JohlerSelf
Carol JohnsenAmita
Carol McHaleNone
Carol MonsonSelfSelf
Carol NonnenmannSelfSelf
Carol NorbutNONEFamily
Carol Nowakselfself
Carol PetersHome
Carol sporlederNa
Carol StadelSelfSelf
Carol StrodeSelfSelf
Carol VossGardening Angels
Carol VroomSelfSelf
Carol WagnerSelf
Carol WalshAid for Women of N. Lake County
Carol WeberSelfSelf
Carol WellsSelfSelf
Carol WiedmannNone
Carol YoungmanSelfSelf
Carol Zordaniretired
Carol ZordaniSelf employed
Carole BecerrilSelfSelf
Carole DorySelfSelf
Carole Lanierself
Carole Reversselfself
Carolina ParaSelf
Caroline BundaSelfSelf
Caroline JonesSelfSelf
Caroline Marie Heflinself
Caroline Pacerselfself
Caroline wrobelSelf
Carolyn DocterSelfTax Payer
Carolyn EsserSelfSelf
Carolyn FurioSelfSelf
Carolyn HollarSelf
Carolyn JacobsonSelf
Carolyn JohnsonSerenity NPSerenity Inc
Carolyn KellerSelfSelf
Carolyn KruegerSELF
Carolyn LeonardSelfSelf
Carolyn OlesonSelfSelf
Carolyn R CarrilloIllinois Voters For Constitutional RightsIllinois Voters
Carolyn Richardsonmyself
Carolyn SpigarelliHealing Hand TherapiesSelf - taxing paying, freedom loving citizen
Carolyn SultzSelf
Carolyn Targoszmyselfmyself and family
Carolyn TaubeResident
Carolyn TiongcoSelf
Carolyn Ubriacoself
Carolyn WagnerSelf
Carri ErdelSelfSelf
Carrie CarrIllinois
Carrie DanaherSelfMyself
Carrie EckbergSelfSelf
Carrie FlickNone
Carrie FruhauffSELF & familyMy family and others who do not want this
Carrie HomannSelf
Carrie McBeathSelf
Carrie MillerSelfSelf
Carrie OstirSelf
Carrie RiceSelf
Carrie RynberkNA
Carrie SkodaSelf
Carrie Skonyself
Carrie SwensonMotherStop deleting our opposition slips. Stop playing games.
Carter AaronMy family
Carter HarrisSelf
Cary AnnenC.A. Servicing
Caryl MorrisSelfSelf
Caryn BlockSelf
Caryn StuckelSelfSelf
Casey AssellNoneSelf
Casey CameronSelfSelf
Casey DevoreSelfAmericans for medical privacy
Casey DevoreSelfAmericans supporting medical privacy laws
Casey J Durdannone
Casey KennyStudentStudent
Casey ODonnellSelf
Casey RivesSelf
Casey RivesSelfSelf
Casey ShafferMy rightsMyself
Casey ZinkSelfPeople of the USA
Cashtyn WielandSelfSelf
Casie PezzarossiSelfSelf
Cassandra OlsenSelf
Cassandra RamirezSelfSelf
Cassandra ReedichMyself
Cassandra StringerAdvanced Health Chiropractic
Cassidy Nasternakselfself
Cassie FunkSelf
Cate MarinoSelfSelf
Catharine CelliNASelf
Catherine HolmesselfFamily
Catherine Ann DeLarchenone
Catherine ArendsSelfSelf
Catherine BakerHomePrivate citizen
Catherine BryantBryant FamilySelf & family
Catherine C Smithnone
Catherine C TommanSelf
Catherine DavisSelfFamily
Catherine DeddoselfSelf
Catherine EllisonSelf
Catherine GaglianoSelfSelf
Catherine GerardiSelf
Catherine HunnSelfSelf
Catherine JenningsSelfSelf and my family- this is confirmation that we are five humans, not BOTS
Catherine L MurphyTax PayerTax Payer, Parent, Educator
Catherine Linnenself and family
Catherine M Wallanone
Catherine Mastoresself
Catherine MillerSelf
Catherine NorrisSELFSelf
Catherine RothscheMy FamilyMy Family
Catherine UrickSelfFamily
Cathi YoungFamilyMy family
Cathie SolcaniSelf
Cathleen B KlocekSelfSelf
Cathleen BavaSELFself
Cathleen DalessandroHomeowner
Cathleen DooleySelfSelf
Cathleen MoritaSelf
Cathleen RichertSeltMy family
Cathy DanielSelf
Cathy GromerSelfSelf
Cathy HarlandSelfSelf
Cathy HerzogSELFSELF
Cathy HetzkeNASelf
Cathy HollidaySelf
Cathy J CondonNone
Cathy J NalewajkaNoneSelf
Cathy LeachNASelf
Cathy LundmarkSelfI oppose this bill. As citizens our rights should be protected
Cathy MuddSelfSelf
CATHY SeveranceOn behalf of my familymyself
Cathy SullivanFamilyFamily
Cathy Van DuyneSelfSelf
Cathy Walkerselfself
Cathy WelchNone
Catizone AshleyVoterMy family
Catrina WagnerSelfSelf
Cayla ProhaskaSelfSelf
Cecilia JohnsonSelfSelf
Cecilia M MurrensSt. Frances of Rome Academyself
Cecilia ValenciaSelf
Cedra J Crenshawselfself
Celesta PiliponisSelfParents of QC IL Schools
Celeste PhelanPhelan FamilyFamily
Celia GrebsSelf
Chad brajercikNaNA
Chad CapronSelfSelf
Chad CatuaraDBA CHAD CATUARAIllinois citizens
Chad ChapmanNa
Chad CooperSelf
Chad DietzSelfSelf
Chad ELAMFamily
Chad KruegerSelf
Chad MecheNAMyself, and my family
Chad Michael CaseyResident
Chad PillerSelfSelf
Chad Ruzichself
Chad TebbeSelfSelf
Chad WyssNot ApplicableChad Wyss
Chamara JanssenSelfSelf
Chamberlin dewitteSelfSelf
Chandler JaquesNACitizens of the State of Illinois
Chantal BecharaSelfSelf
Chantel MeachamSelfFamily
Charis ReckowskyNot applicableSelf
Charity BrownSelfSelf
Charlene BarnardSelfSelf
Charlene KrauseSelf
Charlene M LauderLauderSelf
Charles CombitesCombites Construction
Charles A HernandezSelf
charles backhausself
Charles Black IIISelfSelf
Charles BonnierSELFSELF
Charles BrownSelfSelf
Charles CardellaSelf
Charles ChaneySelfSelf
Charles DettloffSelfSelf
Charles EstesSELFSELF
Charles F WoodTaxpayer
Charles Fargoselfself
Charles GannonSelfSelf
Charles GrochowskiSelfSelf
Charles HartmanSelf
Charles JohnsonNANA
Charles KohlbergNone
Charles LewisSelfSelf
Charles MackinnonSelf
Charles MartinezSelf
Charles MasonSelf
Charles NoraSelf
Charles P AlexanderCicero, France & Alexander, P.C.
Charles PrendergastSelf
Charles R Robisonselfself
Charles RivesSelfSelf
Charles Trovero JrMr Sparkle Auto Spa
Charles V Durdannone
Charles WakelandSelfSelf
Charles WeissSelfSelf
Charley Mclainna
Charlie AndertonSelfSelf
Charlie BehmeselfThis is a VIOLATION of the US Constitution
Charlie masonFamily
Charlie NewbergerSelfFamily
Charlie SnyderSelfMyself and family
Charlotte Bolthouse BarteltNone
Charlotte BrunoSelfSelf
Charlotte Drozdowskiselfself
Charlotte LuebbersSelfSelf
Charlye MayFamily
Charmaine KrobSelf
Charsie WillsNASelf
Chase Dieselselfself
Chase fordSelf
Chase McLarenSelfSelf
Chase McQueenSelf
Chaz BowlinNoneSelf
Chelsea SmothersSelf
Chelsey ChambersSelf
Chelsey PiersonSelfSelf
Cherise CossentinoZenCreativeViolation of our medical privacy
Cheryl ArmstrongCharleston school districtSelf
Cheryl BowlbyIDOCMyself
Cheryl BransfordSelf and for my FamilySelf and for my Family
Cheryl BrewerSelfSelf and family
Cheryl CarboneSelf
Cheryl DimiceliSelf
Cheryl DuncanSelfSelf
Cheryl FornelliSelfSelf
Cheryl GilmartinSelfSelf
Cheryl HartmanSelf
Cheryl HavelkaSelfself
Cheryl KoenigSelfFamily
Cheryl Kozlovselfself
Cheryl L LisyNone
Cheryl MeilinkSelfSelf
Cheryl MussonSelf
Cheryl MussonSelfSelf
Cheryl PiehlSelfSelf
Cheryl R JohnsonSelf
Cheryl Slaterfamilyfamily
Cheryl SlayPrivate citizenSelf
Cheryl StarrettSelf
Cheryl WojteckiSelfSelf
Chevonne ShafferSelfSelf
Chiara TallutoSelf
Chloe Waypersonperson
Chris AlbrechtUBS
Chris BartlettSelfSelf
Chris BeckNa
Chris BenningUsa
Chris BrownNot ApplicableSelf
Chris BuolSelf,voter, veteran
Chris CenderSelfSelf
Chris DedesNA
Chris Feddorself family
Chris FrickensteinSelf
Chris GerardSelfSelf
Chris GleasonSalud Connected HealthChris Gleason, Salud Wireless LLC
Chris Goebelselfself
Chris GrandeSelfTaxpayer
Chris HaireSelf
Chris JanninkSelfCitizen's of Illinois
Chris JensenSelf
Chris KransbergerNaSelf
Chris KrstevKrstev Construction
Chris LaceySelf
Chris MaciasSelfSelf
Chris McDonaldSelf
Chris MehlSelfSelf
Chris MichelSelfSelf
Chris MileosCM Anesthesia Inc.Family
Chris MillerSelfSelf
Chris nasiadkaMG CapitalMyself
Chris NordlieSelf
Chris OrnellasNA
Chris PapaioannouNaSelf
Chris Pedersenselfself
Chris PullenFamily
Chris RanneySelfSelf
Chris RileySelf
Chris RojasSelfSelf
Chris RosenthalSelf
Chris RosenthalSelfSelf
Chris Ryanselfself
Chris Schmidtselfself
Chris SweborgSelf
Chris Toenjesself
Chris TratarResident
Chris VernonSelf
Chris VivianoSelf
Chris VoliSelf employed
Chris WeberSelfFamily
Chris WestSelf
Chris Whitfieldselfself
Christa HeblingSelfAn INVOLUNTARY Immunization Data Registry is a violation of the US Constitution and a HUGE OVERSTEP by government. Legislation like this will drive me to leave Illinois.
Christa ReedReed Fractional MarketingMy Family and Business
Christa VelosFamilySelf
Christa VelosSelfFamily
Christian DollNoneSelf
Christian JannottaConsultantChristian Jannotta
Christian MartinezSelfSelf
Christian MooreCitizen
Christian SassRebuild Illinois
christian schulteself
christian schulteselfself
Christian SignorelliSelf
Christian SleezerSelf
Christian SmithSelfSelf
christian tsevisself
Christian WalikonisSelfSelf
christian wrightself
Christiane H BiceSelfSelf
Christiane SpeightSelfSelf
Christianne MurrensSt. Frances of Rome Academyself
Christie donnel0
Christie Dostalself
Christina AbrahamianSelfSelf
Christina BastillaSelfSelf
Christina CallierSelfSelf
Christina CeruttiSelfSelf and children
Christina ChaidezSelf
Christina ChesshirSelf
Christina CrumSelfSelf, family and patients
Christina CumboSelfTax-payer
Christina develekouSchool employee
Christina DriscollSelfSelf
Christina FabrySelf
Christina FischerNorthern Illinoisans For Medical FreedomNorthern Illinoisans For Medical Freedom
Christina FletcherSelfSelf
Christina FosterSelfSelf
Christina GiuntaSelfMy Family
Christina GlasgowSelfSelf
Christina GrockiSelfSelf
Christina HalikiasSelf
Christina LamereSelf
Christina MaffiaSelf
Christina McCorkleSelf
Christina MitriaSelf
Christina MolfeseSelfSelf
Christina MooreSelfSelf
Christina Pavlopoulosself
Christina PopovicSelfFamily of 6
Christina popovicSelfSelf
Christina R osbornMy familyMy family
Christina RevelloSelf
Christina RowlandNa
Christina SpilotroSelfMyself and My Children
Christina WitterSelfSelf
Christina YanecekSelfFamily
ChristineselfMy Family
Christine HolmN.A.Self
Christine A KochKoch familyMe and my family
Christine AdamsSelf
Christine AndersenSelf
Christine BanerjeeIndividual
Christine BarlogaSelf
Christine BondiMyselfMyself
Christine cannonNoneSelf
Christine cannonSelfSelf
Christine CotromanesSelfSelf
Christine DerKacySelfSelf
Christine E FrawleySelfSelf
Christine EvansSelf
Christine FordSelfSelf
Christine GoldmanSelf
Christine Goodmanselfself
Christine H Smutneyselfself
Christine HenthornSelfSelf
Christine iannoNone
Christine JacksonTax PayerTax paying citizen
Christine JohnsonSelf
Christine KnisleySelfSelf
Christine L JonesSelf
Christine M PayneOn behalf of selfself
Christine McLindenSelfSelf
Christine McParlandself
Christine MealerSelf
Christine MealerThe State of IL citizensAll hard working, freedom loving, law abiding American citizens in IL
Christine MorganSelf
Christine OGradyNaSelf
Christine PhillipsSelf
Christine Pilladoself
Christine PlutaSelfSelf
Christine PolandSelf
Christine PrendivilleSelf
Christine ProhaskaSelfSelf
Christine RecsetarSelfThis is a violation
Christine Rene LeggeroSelfSelf
Christine StahlSelf
Christine walkerSelfSelf
Christine WassellSelf
Christine WhiteSelfSelf
Christine WickSelf
Christine ZielkeIndividualSelf and my family
Christopher AlersSelf
Christopher ArndtChristopher Arndt
Christopher AssellSelf
Christopher BaconFamilyFamily
Christopher BlakeSelf
CHRISTOPHER CASEYPrivate Citizenself
Christopher ColeMyselfMyself
Christopher DeCantoHouse Hold
Christopher DeCantoSelfSelf
Christopher DomagalaSelfSelf
Christopher EsserSelfSelf
Christopher GacekMy familyMy family and my privavy
Christopher GeorgeSelf
Christopher HallNoneSelf
Christopher Heinrichnone
Christopher HendersonHenderson farms
Christopher HoklasIntegrated Wellness Center
Christopher HughesSelfSelf
Christopher J BrownFamilySelf
Christopher J KoenigSelfSelf
Christopher James KellerNAFamily
Christopher JanickiSelf
Christopher KearneySelfSelf
Christopher LanierSelfSelf
Christopher Leonardselfself
Christopher LichtNone
Christopher Payneself
Christopher PetrusevskiSelfSelf
Christopher Schmidtselfself
Christopher SewellSelfSelf
Christopher SiefertSelf
Christopher SteinerPersonal
Christopher TateSelfSelf
Christopher ThillSelf
Christopher W SchmidtSelf
Christopher WilczekSelfSelf
Christos HasabalisSelfMy family
Christy Carranoretired
Christy EskridgeSelfSelf
Christy KessleringKessRx
Christy L Carranoretired
Chuck DePriestSelfSelf
Chuck EakinsSelfFamily
Chuck Leach JrNASelf
Cindi Allenselfself
Cindi MuntzSelfSelf
Cindy AlvisSelfSelf
Cindy CamachoNAMy family
Cindy DavisSelfSelf
Cindy DunbarSelfSelf
Cindy FischerNorthern Illinoisans For Medical FreedomNorthern Illinoisans For Medical Freedom
Cindy FlorczykSelfSelf
Cindy HallmarkHome owner
Cindy JohnonNASelf
Cindy JohnsonSelfSelf
Cindy KindellNone
Cindy Knightselfself
CINDY LEEConsultant
Cindy Limbachself
Cindy MatusikNone
Cindy MurphySelf
Cindy Phillipsselfself
Cindy PrenticeSelf
Cindy ReckerSelfSelf
Cindy SmithSelfMyself and Family
Cindy TabbSelfFamily
Cindy WaltersSelf
Cindy Websterselfself
Claire Boye-DoeGnosis Natural HealthClaire Boye-Doe
Claire ChildsSelfSelf
Claire ErmelSelfSelf
Claire GroppeSelfSelf
Claire LymanSelf
Claire M ErmelHouseholdSelf
Claire Pacerselfself
Claire Plappselfself
Claire RogersSelfSelf
Claire SullivanSelf
Clara HechtTaxpayer
Clara Hopmanmy familymy family
Clara TruongSelf
Clare Potyralamyselfmyself
Clare WojtysiakFamilyOn Behalf of Self
Clarice Prangeselfself
Clarissa BartlettSelfSelf
Clark Ballardselfself
CLAUDE Joseph Lemriseselfself
Claudia EichelbergerSelfMedical information is PRIVATE and this is unconstitutional
Claudia Paquetselfself
Clay DietzSelfNA
Clay Henryself
Clay SultzSelf
Clayton StallingsHousehold
Clif bucklesSelfSelf
cliff sowkacs labs inc
Clifford Ballardselfself
Clifford DavisSelfSelf
Clifford SpeareRetired
Clifton EnglundSelfself
Clsy O'Connellself
Cody CetnarowskiSelf
Cody WernsmanSelf
Cole DeCaignySelf
Cole Masekself
Cole R ChapmanSelfself
Colette GastonSelfSelf
Colette HazinskiSelf
Colette HazinskiSelfSelf
Colette WhittenhallSelf
Colin Carrollselfself
Colin HarrisSelf
Colin HayesSelfSelf
Colin HeatherlySelf
Colin QuinnSelf
Colin Websterself
Colleen BarrettPrivate family
Colleen ChigarosSelf
Colleen ConnollySelfSelf
Colleen DettenmeierSelf
Colleen doyleFamilyFamily
Colleen DuffRHC
Colleen DuffSelf
Colleen FraynSelfSelf
Colleen GalviciusSelfFamily
Colleen GoffSelf
Colleen HanniganNAIllinois resident
Colleen HornFamilyFamily
Colleen HornSelfSelf
Colleen JandeskaResidentialSelf
Colleen Knoxselfself my family
Colleen MalloyNa
Colleen MalloySelfSelf
Colleen McFarlandSelf
Colleen McGovernselfself
Colleen Pattonnone
Colleen Reilleyselfself
Colleen SchroepferSelf
Colleen SellarsNone
Colleen Soonself
Colleen ThorneSelf
Colleen zielinskiSelfFamily
Collin CooperWord on Fire Ministries
Collin DuszakSelfSELF
Colton AndertonSelfSelf
Colton James SleezerSelf
Connell HechtNone
Conner Henryself
Conner Massie-DevoreSelfAmericans for constitutional rights
Conner Massie-DevoreSelfAmericans for protecting medical privacy
Connie BergslienSelfSelf
Connie ChaneySelfSelf
Connie DavisSelfSelf
Connie GummersheimerSelfSelf
Connie HankinsSelfSelf
Connie KanaginSelf
Connie PetersonSelf family
Connie RouxNoneSelf
Connie SerritellaSelfSelf
Connor CainSelf
Connor DavisSelfSelf
Connor LaVallieSelfSelf
Connor SimsNa
Constance KlosterSelfSelf
Constance VukelicSelf
Constance AtterburyRegistered Voter
Constance Malinowskiselfself
Constantino HeckermannSelfHousehold
Cooper AndersonSelf
Cooper PetersonSelfSelf
Cora SchreroSelfSelf
Coralea Reckowskynot applicableself
Coreen FarrellSelfSelf
Coretta N ScottSELF
Corey MitchellSelf
Corey PerigoSelfSelf
Corey walkerClay county chiropracticSelf
Cori AshmoreHousehold
Corie DevallSelfMy family
Corinna Fosterself
Corinne HajdukovicNA
Corinne HapanionekCorinne HapanionekCorinne Hapanionek
Corinne StorySelf
Corinne ZobottSELFself
Corissa ThanosSelf
Cornelius Chiuselfself
Correan FoltzSelf
Corrie KrulaHard Rock Concrete Cutters
Corrine HanniganSelf
Cortez LouiseSelfSelf
Cortney HarrisSelf
Cory Beckselfself
Cory HuffSelfSelf
Cory ShuprytFamilySelf
Cory Yandellselfself
Cosette VelaSelf
Courtney filippinSelfSelf
Courtney LeipartSelfFor myself and My family
Courtney MeischnerSelfSelf
Courtney MeyerSelfSelf
Courtney PirrelloNot applicable
Courtney VanderVeenSelfSelf
Craig A HernanNA
Craig A StearSpinal Health Center
Craig beyerNa
Craig BillnerNone
Craig DeetsFamilySelf
Craig Hamrickselfself
Craig LymanSelfFamily
Craig NunnallySelfSelf
Craig OdegaardNASelf
Craig OdegaardSelf
Craig PaulsSelf
Craig SchoeberleNone
Craig Smithselfself
Craig Stear JrSpinal Health Center
craig W monsonnone
craig yokoyamaself
Cris JohansenCitizenMyself
Cristina Burkeselfself
Cristina JuarezSelf
Cristina MurgNA
Cristina WillertNone
Cristine Wiesnerselfnot a bot
Cronin StaciSelf
Cruz GironSelfSelf
Crystal AdamsSelf
Crystal CarrollSelf
Crystal GraySelf, not a robotSelf, not a robot
Crystal GruszkaNone
Crystal gruszkaNone
Crystal MichalakSelfSelf
Crystal SchwartzPersonalSelf
Crystal SteinbachMills Marketing
Crystal SurprenantSelfBusiness
Crystal wilsonNoneMyself
Cullen Davisselfself
Curt D Anlikerself
Curt TroogstadFamilySelf
Cyndi HolichIllinois VoterIllinois Voter
Cynthia BouldsSelfNA
Cynthia BurgessAmita
Cynthia CharleboisSelfSelf
Cynthia D StevensSelfSelf
Cynthia Dawdyselfself
Cynthia DunbarSelfSelf
Cynthia FrymarkSelf
Cynthia GillesNASelf
Cynthia GovekarResidentSelf
Cynthia GrantGrant Family
Cynthia GrantSelf
Cynthia GraySelfSelf
Cynthia HeneghanSelfSelf
Cynthia HimmelSelfSelf
Cynthia J Niemergnaself
Cynthia KentSelf
Cynthia KosogladSelfSwlf
Cynthia KozakSelf
Cynthia L Durdannone
Cynthia L PowersPower In Motion Rehab
Cynthia L Weaverself
Cynthia LinnSelfSelf
Cynthia M WendlandtSelf
Cynthia Mahancitizen
Cynthia Mahancitizenmy family
Cynthia OchoaSelfSelf
Cynthia Passalinoself
Cynthia RocheSelfMy family
Cynthia SavoieOn behalf of selfSelf
Cynthia SimmondsSelfSelf
Cynthia SmithState of Illinois Citizen
Cynthia VolkertSelfSelf
Cynthia WollenzienIDOCSELF
Cynthia WrightSelfSelf
Cyranda AhonenMy familySelf
D AndreasFreedom Matters
D ChlebekMy Family
D Dawn ScottNone
D Eugene KomesSelfSelf
Daisy ChavarriaNoneFamily
daisy schulteselfself
Dalal BeacomSelf
Dalal BeacomSelfSelf
Dale AdairSelfSelf
Dale CharlettaDAC Imaging S.C.
Dale Dragertselfself
Dale Poquetteself
Dallas C BearSelfSelf
Damian DrwalSelfSelf
Dan A MeffordFamilyFamily
dan bacinselfself
Dan BarclaySelfSelf
Dan BarrettSelfSelf
Dan BaumSelfFamily
Dan BrongeSelfSelf
Dan BrownCitizen
Dan Caswellselfself
Dan ClausenSelf
Dan FergusonMy familyMy family
Dan FrerichsHouseholdParent
Dan GoffArlington Counseling Associates
Dan J Bubertselfself
Dan KellerSelf
Dan KnippSelfSelf
Dan morkSelf and familySelf
Dan Naughtonselfself
Dan OstremSelf
Dan PurdueSelf
Dan StarmachSelf
Dan SullivanSELF
Dan Techmanself
Dan VosnosFamilySelf
Dan Walkerselfself
Dan WurtzNA
DanaSelfDana Barmes
Dana AlbersSelf
Dana AlbersSelf
Dana Anlikerself
Dana BaylianSelf
Dana celarFamilyMyself and family
Dana ConlonSelfSelf-not a bot
Dana DearthSelfSelf, community
Dana DuffSelf
Dana FrickeSelfSelf
Dana GriggsMy familyMy family - This is gross governmental overreach. Stop the madness.
Dana JacksonSelfMY FAMILY
Dana PadillaSelf
Dana SerranoSelfSelf
Dana StierSelf
Dana swaglerNa
Dana TannerWilliamson County Educationself
Dana VanSleetSelf
Dana VanvoorstSelfSelf
Dana WatsonSelfSelf
Danae OConnorSelf
Dane Karasekselfself
Dane maricSelf
Dane WalikonisSelfSelf
Danele OttenSelf
Danette BarclaySelfSelf
Dani Gibson--None--
Dani M AthansSelfSelf
Danica FordSelf
DanielState of illinois
Daniel Wolinskiself
Daniel AlbertiStudio A DesignDaniel J Alberti
Daniel AndradeCPD
Daniel AssellMyselfMy family
Daniel BieniekSELF
Daniel BrehmerSelf
Daniel BurnapSelfSelf
Daniel CichockiFamilyFamily
Daniel DettloffMrSelf
Daniel DettloffSelfSelf
Daniel EhrmanSelf
Daniel ErmelHouseholdSelf
Daniel ErmelHouseholdSelf, lifelong Illinois resident
Daniel FischerNorthern Illinoisans For Medical FreedomNorthern Illinoisans For Medical Freedom
Daniel FrerichsSelfParent
Daniel GolabSelfSelf
Daniel HabanSelfSelf
Daniel HarderFamilyFamily
Daniel HaroldSelfSelf
Daniel HaukeNoneSelf
Daniel HeneghanSelfSelf
Daniel HollenbachReason
Daniel HollenbachSelfSelf
Daniel J Arnettselfself
Daniel J Sweeney DCDaniel J Sweeney DC ltdself
Daniel JacobazziselfSelf
Daniel JankowiczSelf
Daniel KairisSelfSelf
Daniel KlausDaniel KlausDaniel Klaus
Daniel LaibSelfSelf
Daniel LippnerSelf & familySelf & family
Daniel LoosSelf
Daniel LuckingSelfSelf
Daniel MacinSelf
Daniel MaricSelfSelf
Daniel MessmoreSelfSelf
Daniel Michael MullinSelf
Daniel MinnichDistrict 146
Daniel MoynihanSelf
Daniel MuhlemanSelfSelf
Daniel MullinsMy familyIllinois Citizen
Daniel NaumowiczNoneSelf
Daniel OlsenSelf
Daniel ParrishSelfSelf
Daniel Premoselfself
Daniel PrzybylkoSelf
Daniel PsaltisPsaltis Chiropractic Clinicself
Daniel PuskaricSelf
Daniel R TurnerSelf
Daniel ReitzelSelf
Daniel RiceFamilyFamily
Daniel RiceSelfFamily
Daniel RileyUSMC
Daniel RiveraSelfSelf
Daniel RykenFamilySelf
Daniel Salaniselfself
Daniel SchroederSelfself
Daniel Vandercaron behalf of selfSelf
daniel virgaon behalf of selfself
Daniel WallaceSelfSelf
Daniel WetheringtonSelfSelf
Daniel zeglinSelfSelf
Daniela NortonHouseholdSelf
Daniele MisiulisSelfSelf
Daniella bernardoSelf
Daniella HernandezSelfSelf
Danielle ValdezSelfSelf and household
Danielle AndersonSelf
Danielle AndersonSelfself
Danielle BeshelID Label IncSelf
Danielle BrandonSelfSelf
Danielle DettoreSELFMedical Records are private information and I would like to keep it that way.
Danielle DoidgeSelfConcerned citizen
Danielle FilippSelfSelf. NO MANDATES, NO MASKS
Danielle FloydSelfMy Self
Danielle FrankSelfSelf
Danielle GallaglySelfSelf
Danielle GarciaSelf
Danielle GarciaSelfSelf
Danielle GrathwohlFamilyFamily
Danielle HuntMy FamilyMy Family
Danielle JodisonSelfSelf
Danielle kametasSelfSelf
Danielle kozminskiSelf
Danielle KubiakSelfSelf
Danielle MartinSelfSelf, my children, family and friends
Danielle OstremSelf
Danielle Perrinoselfself
Danielle RiveraSelfSelf and Family
Danielle TollaksenSelfSelf. No forced masks. End this insanity, let those who want to continue do so by choice. No force.
Danielle TosteSelf
Danna WoodHomeowner and taxpayer
Dannielle CooperNone
Danny HidalgoSelfIllinoian who believe in Health Privacy and Freedom
Danny PaganSelf
Danny PepponiHead of HouseholdFamily
Dante FioccaSelfSelf
Danuta FudalaSelf
Danuta KlaczakSelfSelf
Danuta KukulakNA
Danyce BeckerSelf
Darby GarbeHousehold
Darcey SmithSelfSelf
Darci WilliamsSelf
Daria MackeySelf
Daria SkrzypczynskiSelf
Darin Petersonretired union member
Darin RothMorgan Stanley
Dario RuizSelf
Dariusz RudzinskiSelfMy Family
Dariusz Zeroselfself
Darla MahaffeySelfSelf
Darla PullinsMyself
Darlene BarnardNone
Darlene BrehmerSelf
Darlene KuhlselfSelf
Darlene LazzaraNone
Darlene R SwartzSelfSelf
Darlene ReddingtonSelf
Darrel W Bruck Jrnone
Darrell JohnsonNaSelf
Darren BermanSelfSelf
Darren FoleyMegatechPCEvery American Citizen
Darren GoveSelfSelf
Darren KenshaloOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Darren OFlanaganselfSelf
Darrin BattagliaSelfSelf
Darrin MaueSelfSelf
Darrin OberhoferSelfSelf
Darrin W Curtnerself
DArtagnon EnglishSelf
daryl bergunderselfSelf
Daryl MaddoxOn behalf of selfSelf
Daryl SchueSelfSelf
Dave DowneynaSelf
Dave EmersonSELFSELF
Dave FelkerSelfTaxpayer
Dave GromerSelfSelf
Dave Hansonselfself
Dave KratowiczSelfSelf
Dave Krogernone
Dave LarsonSelfSelf
Dave MartinoN ANone
Dave nahmself
Dave spinaleSelfSelf
Dave SubjectSelfParents
Dave VaughnNoneSelf
David BuckleyBuckley Painting
David A Dunlapconstructionself
David AlexSelfFamily
David Allen MikitkaSelfSelf
David and Barbara Gewaltretiredself
David ArringtonNone
David AtkinsonNGA
David backhausDavid Backhaus
David BaderOn behalf of selfon behalf of self
David BechsteinNone
David BennettSelfSelf
David BerczekSelfSelf
David BoescheNoneSelf
David BrockmanSelf
David BrownSelfSelf
David BuhlSelfSelf
David c YoungmanSelfSelf
David CaddiganFamilyFamily
David CenderSelf
David CoxDavid Cox Construction
David CoxSELF
David DanielsResident
David DavisSelf
David DeEiel SrDHI
David DurhamSelf
David EichelbergerSelfSelf
David EskridgeSelfSelf
David F Grazianoself emp
David FalcioneSelfSelf
David Fettingselfself
David FikeLawSelf
David FlickNone
David FlorezSelf
David Fossselfself
David FreemanSelfThis is an invasion of privacy and in direct violation of most basic tenants of The Constitution of the United States that a grammar school child should know.
David G DurhamDurham Chiropractic
David GaytonNASelf
David Gieserselfself
David GimbelSelf
David GioveSelfSelf
David GrimestadSelf
David Gummersheimerselfself
David GussIllinois CitizenSelf
David HaapojaRETIRED
David HamVoting for change. Stop government over reach
David HansonSelf
David HaukeNoneSelf
David HazlettSelfSelf
David HernandezSelf
David HitchSelfSelf
David HooglandOn Behalf of SelfSelf
David HyrczykMolly Brands
David IversonSelfSelf
David J BehnenSelf
David J PoznanskiPoznanski & AssociatesSelf
David Jacobsonselfself
David JohnsonFamilyFamily
David KirbyLake Forest Jewelrs
David KopaczSelfSelf
David L BryantNone
David L RetzlaffSelf
David LaFrancisselfSelf
David LandgrafSelfSelf
David Lee DonahueSelfself
David LeonSelfSelf
David LevereDuncan excavating
David LW SmithSelfSelf
David MangioneClincosm, Inc.
David Martinself
David MartinSelfSelf
David MartinezSelfSelf
David MasonNA
David MatuszakSelfSelf
David McBrideThird Coast Web
David MeyerSelfself
David MikolajczakSelfSelf
David MorkSelf
David NelsonSelfNelson Family
David NiehausSelf
David Nowakselfself
David ObertSelfSelf
David parkSelf
David ParkinsonSelfSelf
David PlourdeSelfSelf
David R WilliamsTrusted Home SolutionsSELF
David Reese FiddickMyselfMyself
David RentschSelfSelf
David RoseSelf
David RothSelfSelf
David RousseauRousseau ChiropracticSELF
David RowdenSelf
David RuscittiTax Paying IL Resident
David S DAmatoMyself onlyMyself only
David SchexnayderIntelligent Design ITSelf
David Schulerselfself
David SearsSelfSelf
David ShawSelfSelf
David SherwoodSelfSelf
David SierockiSelfFamily
David Skinnerselfself
David SpinaleSelfSelf
David SpurlockIndividual
David starrettSelf
David TessmannnaSelf
David VerdickSelf
David Vosselfself
David WanerResident
David Wassermanself
David WeinbergerselfMy Family
David WestergaardIndividual citizen
David wheelerSelfSelf
David WiebkingDuncan Excavating
David Wilkinsonselfself
David Wilkinson Srselfself
David YoungYoung Mechatronics, Inc.self
David ZalarDavid ZalarSelf
Davis C HoudekIndividual
Dawid BialasSelf
Dawid HebdaSelfFamily
Dawn BergeronSelfSelf
Dawn BielanskiSelf
Dawn CoburnSelf
Dawn CoglianeseSelfSelf
Dawn CollinsSelfSelf
Dawn DeSmedtResidence
Dawn EarlSelfSelf
Dawn eiermanSelf
Dawn GodareSelfSelf
Dawn JacobsSelf
Dawn KlawikowskiSelf
Dawn LarsenSelf
Dawn Mselfself
Dawn M BroadhurstSelf
Dawn NovakSelfSelf
Dawn ParkerSelf
Dawn PaulFamilySelf and family
Dawn PouliotSelf
Dawn RosenquistSelfSelf
Dawn RoweSelf
Dawn SamarasSelf
Dawn SchindlerSelf
Dawn SwaderSelf
Dawn V FoxResident
Dayla GentryNa
Dayle StofferahnSelfSelf
Deacon KremerSelfSelf
Dean ColyerSelf
Dean DeschampsNone
Dean FolkSelfSelf
Dean MoncoMy Family - Two Adults
Dean SchlueterDean Schlueterself
Deana WalterSelfSelf
Deanna BergSelf
DeAnna McWilliamsSelfSelf
Deanna RosenfeldSelfSelf
Deb CrockerRiver City Alternative Health, Inc
Deb FoshagerSelfThis information is my private health information. Please do not violate my private health rights by keeping government records.
Deb PerezSELF
Deb SillettiSelfSelf
Deb SosnowskiSELFMyself, I am a citizen and taxpayer of IL who is fed up with this illegal, unconstitutional power grab and segregation of the citizens of our state
Deb TurnerSelf
Debbie KempfNonenone
Debbie BendetSelfSelf
Debbie Chenaultself
Debbie DavisSelfSelf
Debbie Hamrickselfself
Debbie HarrelsonSelf
Debbie HeinzSelfSelf
Debbie HendricksOnce proud resident of IllinoisDebra Hendricks
Debbie KliebertSelf
Debbie KruegerHomesteadFamily
Debbie M DennisSELF
Debbie MoynihanSelf
Debbie PlappPrivate citizen- I am not a botPrivate citizen who opposes this gross overreach of government
Debbie PlappselfNO reason to know my private health information
Debbie ProctorSelfSelf
Debbie R FaulhaberSelf
Debbie RameyNoneSelf
Debbie SnyderSelfSelf
Debbie swindleSelfSelf
Debbra Hoffmanselfself
Debby KrebsSelfFamily
debi kislukselfself
Debora ThompsonSelfSelf
Deborah Loftus-ErrthumSelfself
Deborah ArellanoSelfSelf
Deborah BauerNoneSelf
Deborah BooneNoneSelf
Deborah BuonincontroSelfSelf
Deborah CrowSelf
Deborah DaumNa
Deborah DeganSelfSelf
Deborah FergusonCitizen
Deborah FergusonSelf
Deborah FrahmSelf
Deborah HaleNA
Deborah JamesSelfSelf
Deborah Jeanne NordsiekNone
Deborah KeelingSelfSelf
Deborah KillionSelfSelf
Deborah LemkeNoneMyself
Deborah LindgrenSelf
Deborah LoganSelfSelf
Deborah NordSelf
Deborah OhlendorfSelf
Deborah PetersonselfSelf
Deborah RiedleNoneNone
Deborah SchmitzSelfSelf
Deborah ShuffSelfSelf
Deborah ToddSelf
Deborah VaccaroSelfSelf
Deborah WaldonHonest governmentDeborah Waldon
Deborah ZindelHome
Debra BaderOn behalf of selfon behalf of self
Debra CaddiganSelfSelf
Debra DeMontSelfSelf
Debra DieckowPrecision Family Eyecare
Debra DietzSelfNA
Debra DudleySelfSelf
Debra GilbertNASelf
Debra Griecoselfself
Debra HanrahanSelf
Debra Hoffmanself
Debra L MalinowskiYearself
Debra L ToneySelfSelf
Debra L Williamsindividual
Debra McQueenSelf
Debra PanfilCitizenSelf
Debra PiluskiSelfSelf
Debra PiluskiSrlfSelf
Debra SchollFamily
Debra SchollMyselfMy family
Debra StalderPrivate citizen
Debra swansonSelf
Debra SweeneySelf
Deevolunteer, WPPCBarrington Homeschool association, Hill top school
DeeDee WampflerNoneSelf
Deena Burkertselfself
Deena KriegerMrsSelf
Deena KriegerSelfSelf
Deena PowellSelfSelf
Deena WhiteFamilyFamily
Deena WhiteFamilyMy family
Deepthy PuthusserilSelfSelf
Deirdre JonesSelfSelf
Deirdre LandgrafSelfSelf
Deirdre LegereitPrivate citizen
Deja-Marie Vijil-JimenezSelfSelf
Delilah LopezSelfSelf
Delina LongSelfSelf
Delora nergerHome
Delores HornMy familyMy family
Demetra HasabalisSelfMy family
Demetrios PappageorgeSelfSelf
Dena FlesnerSchool
Dena HeltonSelf
Dena HeltonSelfSelf
Dena kraberFamilyIndividual
Dena MitriaSelfSelf
Dena RiddleSelf employed procool
Dena wiesnerselfself
Denelle HetrickSelf - NOT A BOTFamily
Denise GarciaselfSELF
Denise HardersFamilyNot a bot
Denise HeitzSelfSelf
Denise HoltgraveSelfSelf
Denise JoyceNoneSelf
Denise KransbergerNaSelf
Denise Kruckebergnone
Denise LittlefairSelfSelf
Denise M BurnettNAMy family
Denise PotaczekSelfSelf
Denise RiedlNAMy Illinoisan Family who believe in Privacy and Health Freedom
Denise SciannaFamily
Denise SmithCitizenFamily
Denise SmithNA
Denise SnyderSelf
Denise WiktorSelf
Denise ZabelleSelfself
Denning NathanielSelf
Dennis AlbertTax payer
Dennis B Nolannone
Dennis BolligerPrivate Citizen
Dennis CookSelf
Dennis CrowleySelf
Dennis GibbsSelfSelf
Dennis GoetzSelfSelf
Dennis GraberDNASelf
Dennis HoughSelf
Dennis J Eggerson behalf of self
Dennis KelbusKelbus Construction And Design LLC
Dennis KrobSelf
Dennis PetersSelfSelf
Dennis RosenbrockMyselfMy family
Dennis Smithnana
Dennis TerpstraSelfSelf
Denton MyrnaNa
Derek Allen SchusseleSelfSELF
Derek CwikSelf
Derek DiemerselfSelf. This is awful overreach.
Derek DurbinSelf
Derek GalviciusSelfFamily
Derek HawkinsHeather M. HawkinsSelf
Derek J DiemerSelfSelf
Derek JasonSelfSelf
Derek KasprzakFamily
Derek Kochselfmy family
Derek Kuhlselfself
Derek NiehausSelfSelf
Derek WaltonNoneSelf and family
Derek Withersselfself
Derren RobbDerren Robb
Derrick A CrenshawCitizen
Derrick DavisonSelfSelf
Derrick OConnorselffreedom loving Illinoisan and American
Derrick WrightSelfSelf
DeShanna MillerSelfSelf and children- Our health information is private and does NOT belong to you.
Desiree BennyhoffSelfSelf
Desiree centenoNanny
Desiree LenzSelfSelf
Devin CorbettSelfSelf
Devin McDermandSelf
Devon BentonSelfSelf
Diana AllenSelfSelf
Diana AshleySelfSelf
Diana CarlsonSelf
Diana diakakisSelf
Diana DiakakisSelfSelf
Diana DiNapoliSelfSelf
Diana DuvnjakSelf
Diana KnoxSelfSelf
Diana Norton-MekeelSelf
Diana OBrienCitizenSelf
Diana PackmanSELFSELF
Diana PraljakSelfSelf
Diana SzorcSelfCitizen
Diana TuguiSELFSelf
Diana WozniakDiana WozniakDiana Wozniak
Diane AbbinantiSelfSelf and family
Diane AndertonSelfSelf
Diane Barangoself
Diane BradburySelf
Diane CollettiSelfFamily
Diane DargisSelfSelf family
Diane DeckerNone
Diane EbleselfSelf
Diane EstedSelf
Diane FlanerySelf
Diane Gray- None -
Diane HunnSelfSelf
Diane J BeamerOn behalf of myself
Diane Knightself
Diane M SchwartzSELFSELF
Diane MathewSelf
Diane McCrearySelfSelf
Diane PetersSelf
Diane PetersSelfSelf
Diane Sakowiczmy family
Diane Schlueterselfself
Diane StrieterSelfSelf
Diane TurekMyself
Diane VastiSelfSelf
Diane WallSelf
Diane YorkSelf
Diann CarmanselfSelf
Diann HorningSelf
Dianna HannersSelfSelf
Dianna StewartNAMyself and legal American citizens, my family
Dianne FalcoIllinois citizenFamily
Dianne FalcoResident and voterIllinois voters
Diego Garciaselfself
Dimitrios MantzorosSelfSelf
Dina AustinSelfMy family
Dina DemetrioParent
Dina NanbergSelf
Dina RubakhaSelfSelf
dina wisniewskiselfself
Dina WoolSelfSelf
Dirk SchaeferSelfSelf
Djuanna SommerSelfSelf
Dmitriy AtrakhimovichSelf
Dmitry RomanovichSelfMy family of 5
Dolores ChmillSELFSELF
Dolores Clementeself
Dolores LandrethSelfSelf, family
Doloresa Seniunienefamilyfamily
Domenico GiannoneSelf
Domenico GiannoneSelfFamily
Dominic Del MedicoSelfSelf
Dominic DeVoreFamily
Dominic JurassiSelfSelf
Dominick ClarizioNone
Dominik skubiakMG CapitalMyself
Dominika DymekSelfSelf
Dominika SmereczynskiSelf employed
Dominika SmereczynskiSelf employedSelf
Dominika TylkaSelfSelf
Dominique CastilloCitizen
Dominique RowlandSelfSelf
Dominique SistoFreedom Illinois
Don DavisConcerned CitizenSelf
Don DiNapoliSelfSelf
Don FreundHBVISelf
Don GoldsteinSelfSelf
Don SeppelfrickSelfSelf
Don VoelkerSelf
Don WendtSelf
Dona Bellselfself - stop giving away our freedoms
Donald AndersonSelf
Donald BataliaSelfSelf
Donald BurkeSelf
Donald E Severns JrConcerned Citizen
Donald GilbertNASelf
Donald KliebertSelf
Donald MCCARTNEYSelfSelf
Donald MorelandDna
Donald PillerSelf
Donald RouxNone
Donald StegmaierSelf
Donald SullivanSelf
donald surprenantselfMy family who believe in privacy and health freedom
Donald WelbourneSelf
Donata butcherSelf
Donna RoeschelSelf
Donna AdairSelfSelf
Donna BarnhartSelf
Donna BrooksSelf
Donna Bryantself
Donna Caliselfself
Donna CastellanosSelf
Donna collinsSelfSelf
Donna CraigSelfSelf
Donna DeCaignySelfSelf
Donna DeSantisSelf
Donna DobrowolskySelf
Donna DortzbachChicago Public Schools
Donna Duncan McCormackSelf
Donna ElliottSelfself
Donna EstesMy familyMy self
Donna GainesEASD
Donna Gerlichnone
Donna Goerlichmy familymy family
Donna GuzzioSelfSelf
Donna Ilerselfself
Donna KempSelf
Donna lysiakSelfSelf
Donna M Lynn-Howeselfself
Donna ManellaSelfSelf
Donna PiekarczykSelfSelf
Donna Poquetteself
Donna R SwansonSelf
Donna RevelloSelf
Donna RieckSelfSelf
Donna S WildSelfSelf
Donna SawickiMy FamilyMy Family
Donna Scanlanself
Donna ShadowensIllinois Registered Voter and US CitizenSelf, family and US Citizens
Donna StackSelfSelf
DonnaKemp EdAdvocatebusiness
Donnelle CramerSelfSelf
Donnie BarnardRetired
Dora JaraSelf
Dora PattersonSelfSelf
Dorean ReimerSelfSelf
Dorene Mulderself
Dorian KristonSelfSelf
Doris A SantschiSelfSelf
Doris BarrySelfSelf
Doris CooperSelf
Doris HehlSelfSelf
Doris MunozNoneSelf
Doris TrinidadCitizenSelf
Dorle WilkinsonSelfSelf
Dorora BlaszczykSelf
Dorota MorawczynskiSelf
Dorothea WolvertonSelfSelf
Dorothy Cirockself
Dorothy KazukMyselfRegistered voter and not a bot.
Dorothy KruminSelfSelf
Dorothy Kumonselfself
Dorothy M WoodsSelfSelf
Dorothy Myersselfself
Dory A RodriguezSelfSelf
Doryl Tomainselfself
Doryl Tomain-OLearSelfSelf
Doshin L ParkSelfSelf
Doug FeigenSelf
Doug HortinQuail Ridge Farm, Inc.
Doug KeelingSelf
Doug SteinSelfSelf
Doug TarrantSelf
Doug WhiteSelfSelf
Douglas BestSelfInvasion of medical privacy. Vote NO.
Douglas DemuthSelf
Douglas G SoberdkiSelf
douglas groveselfself
Douglas J DevallSelfMy family
Dr Andrew Ackellnot applicable
Dr Guy CozziSelfSelf
Dr Gwain ZarbuckZarbuck Chiropractic ClinicIllinois Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni Association
Dr Jennifer ScheningNext Generation PediatricsNext Generation Pediatrics
Dr Michael BrunoBruno Chiropractic CenterIllinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association
Dr Timothy EricksonSelfSelf
Drew DerricoSelfSelf
Drew DycheSelf
Drew Lewisselfself
Drew ShippHiFiDrew Shipp
Drew WesselSelfSelf
Dru EmkenSelf
Duane MaxeySelfIllinoisans that wants medical freedom and privacy.
Duane schaeferSelf and familySelf and family
Dundy AipoalaniSelfSelf
Dustin GallagherSelf
Dustin OverturfSelfSelf
Dustin SchultzeResident
Dustin SliwaSelfSelf
Dustin WiesemannNoneSelf
Dusty BrinkleyNone
Dwight TaylorSelfSelf
Dylan Wohlertna
E Couriselfself
E GottsSelfSelf
Ean C Tsevisself
Ean TetzlaffSelfSelf
Earin Landselfself
Earl L VanRoeyenselfself
Earl WendorfSelfSelf
Earline L Sweeneyselfself
Easton SnyderSelfMyself and family
Ed BaumgartenSelfSelf
Ed BrockellUS Army
Edgar ChaidezSelf
Edin Sue BosnyakFamilyFamily
Edith BristolSelfSelf
Edmund Brinerself
Edna DaschnerSelfDennis Daschner and Edna Daschner household
Edvin KumiSelf Employed
Edward B SchoonveldJ.A. Watts, Inc.Self
Edward Carl Cliftselfself
Edward chmielewskiEdward, Donna and Alex chmielewskiEdward Chmielewski
Edward CollinsSelf
Edward FellingerSelfSelf
Edward J EmkenSelf
Edward KrysSelfSelf
Edward KurczSelfSelf
Edward LangefeldSelfFamily
Edward Lynnnone
Edward marzanoMyselfMyself
Edward RonkowskiNoneself
Edward RosenbergSELFSELF
Edward SledzSelfCitizen
Edward Tobiaszmyselfmyself
Edward ZakoorSelfSelf
Edwin C GableSelfAll persosons should have the right to medical privacy, including their vaccination status.
Edwin M GormanSelfSelf
Edwin McKenzieSelfSelf
Edyta DzieglewiczSelfSelf
Edyta GajHair salon
Edyta GodlewskaSelfSelf
Edyta KudlaSelfSelf
effie kalkounosNone
Egle KritopulosSelf
Eileen BenderNone
Eileen bernaSelf
Eileen FinlaySelfSelf
Eileen LegerCitizen
Eileen MartinSelf
Eileen RichardsonSelfSelf
Eileen ThorpCitizen
Eileen Walshself
Eileen WellbankSelf
Eileen WendorfSelfSelf
Ekaterini SotirakosSelfSelf
Ela OsobkaSelf
Elaine CrainSelf
Elaine DeptulaSelfSelf
Elaine HaukeSelfSelf
Elaine PerezSelfSelf
Elaine RosaSelf
Elaine Schmidtnone
Elaine SotirakosSelf
Elaine WarrenHome
Eleanor ForsytheSelf
Eleanor KeplerSelfSelf
Eleanor SearsSelfSelf
Eleftheria PapaioannouNaSelf
Eleftherios koumousidisSelf
Elena AnastasiouSelfMy family and people of IL who believe in privacy and healthcare freedom
Elena GalatSelfSelf
Elena Litvintsevself and familyself and family
Elena PerezSelfSelf
Elena TejedaCitizenSelf
Eleni KaramitsosselfSELF
Eleni PappageorgeSelfSelf
Eleonora JanickiSelf
Elfego GallardoSelfSelf
Eli Shereshovech IVselfmyself and family
Elia GrzesiakSelfSelf
Elias ArvanitisSelfSelf
Elias ZabouraSelfSelf
Elijah HaskinsSelfSelf
Elijah OlayoSelfSelf
Elijah Suttonself
Eliot Colemanselfself
Elisa IgnashMy family
Elisa MeyersNoneMy family
Elisabeth GowlerSelf
Elisabeth KowalikPro SePro Se
Elise ChurchillSelf
Elise DeWitteselfself
Elise SmelserSelfSelf
Elissa GrossmanChiropractic Chicago
Elissa HydeSelf
Elissa Schneiderselfself
Elizabeth HaukeNone
Elizabeth AldrichAldrichSELF
Elizabeth AlexFamilySelf
Elizabeth AltMy family
Elizabeth BenoitSelf
Elizabeth BrucknerEBI INC.
Elizabeth CiprianoSelf not a botself on behalf of my family
Elizabeth ClarkSelfParent in IL
Elizabeth ClawsonSelf
Elizabeth CutrightSelfself
Elizabeth de KanterSelfSelf
Elizabeth E KadyschukSelf
Elizabeth Earlnonemyself, family
Elizabeth EllisSelfMy Family
Elizabeth FallsSelfSelf
Elizabeth GaytanSelf
Elizabeth GebeFamilyFamily
Elizabeth Gieserselfself
Elizabeth GirdwainNASelf
Elizabeth HaroldSelfSelf
Elizabeth HernandezSelf
Elizabeth HostetlerOn behalf of selfOn behalf of self - IL voter
Elizabeth J BrandtVillage of Lincolnshire
Elizabeth JuirisSelfSelf
Elizabeth KilroySelf
Elizabeth KlausElizabeth KlausElizabeth Klaus
Elizabeth L Burnhamnoneself
Elizabeth LawrenceSelf
Elizabeth LoperSelf
Elizabeth MillerHomeSelf
Elizabeth Minerself
Elizabeth NaumowiczNoneSelf
Elizabeth NemuraSelfSelf
Elizabeth Oknerselfself
Elizabeth PappalardoSelfSelf
Elizabeth PetersonSelfSelf
Elizabeth PomilloSelf
Elizabeth PrendergastFreelance
Elizabeth PrendergastFreelance Design
Elizabeth PrestonFamily
Elizabeth RistowNA
Elizabeth rogalMyselfMyself and my family
Elizabeth RottmanSelfSelf
Elizabeth RubioSelfSelf
Elizabeth RusinRusin Family
Elizabeth ScheidlerSelf
Elizabeth Semonself
Elizabeth SerafinSelfSelf
Elizabeth ShickSelf
Elizabeth SignorelliSelfSelf
Elizabeth Slezakself
Elizabeth SmetanaMy familySelf
Elizabeth SpringerD203
Elizabeth Staryself
Elizabeth TatroFamily
Elizabeth ThompsonSelfSelf
Elizabeth VosnosFamilySelf
Elizabeth Warner-BoyerSelfSelf
Elizabeth WeadickSelfSelf
Elizabeth WeselakSelfSelf
Elizabeth WilsonNAIllinoisan who believes in privacy and health freedom
Elizabeth ZawistowskiSelfSelf
Elizabeth ZielinskiSelfMy Family
Ella Caswellselfself
ella kislukselfself
Ella KLEINFELTERmy family
Ella MangioneClincosm, Inc.
Ella MeadStudent
Ella PaganessiSelfSelf
Ella Reid Falconioprivate citizenconcerned citizen for medical privacy
Ellen ChosnykSelfSelf
Ellen DriscollSelf
Ellen HillSelf
ELlen Kellerself
Ellen LundquistSelfSelf
Ellen Podgorski SchmidSelfSelf
Ellen Podgorski SchmidSelfSelf
Ellen RamsSelf
Ellen Welzselfself
Elli DavisSelfSelf
Elliana WidmerSelfSelf
Ellie DilksSELFThere's no purpose to have this information stored.
Ellie RobySelf
Elody FrancikSelfFamily
Elsa ClausenSelf
Elvira Kimselfself
Elzbieta MarkowskiSelfMy family or Illinoisans who believe in privacy and health freedom.
Elzbieta MarkowskiSelfSelf
Elzbieta MyrdaN A
Elzbieta OzypSelfFamily
Elzbieta WojdylaSELFSELF
Ember PetersonSelfSelf
Emil KaluckiSELFSELF
Emil szotkoMG CapitalMyself
Emil WeissselfSelf
Emilee JonesSelfIllinois voter
Emilee MarriottSELFA parent and true patriot
Emilee PetersonMyself & my familyMyself & my family
Emilia G YosickS3lf
Emilia Sanderself
Emilia Smithfamilyself
Emilie DawsonSELFself
Emilie PriceSelfSelf
Emily BaumSelfFamily
Emily BushSelfSelf
Emily ChilelliSelfSelf
Emily DickeySelfSelf
Emily FleckSelfSelf
Emily FranzSelfSelf
Emily GroszczykSelfSelf
Emily HayesSelfSELF
Emily HiltonSelfSelf
Emily HusseySelfMy family
Emily KeplerSelfSelf
Emily KlossingSelf
Emily LattzSelfSelf and family
Emily LongSelf
Emily McGuiganSelfSelf
Emily McMasterPersonalEmily McMaster
Emily McNabbUnited States CitizenMyself and family
Emily MixsonNa
Emily NiemiThe Niemi HouseThe Niemi Family
Emily OLoughlinAcupuncture Student
Emily PerezSelfSelf
Emily SaczekSelfSelf
Emily Smithselfself
Emily Swierczekselfself
Emily Van CleaveSelfFamily
Emily VarshoSelf FamilyMy Family who believes in health freedom.
Emily WernsmanSelf
Emily Wilhelmnoneself
Emily youngSelfSelf
Emma BataliaSelfSelf
Emma BrandonSelfFor daughter
Emma BuddMyself
Emma DeCaignySelf
Emma EdwardsenSelfSelf
Emma PajakNA
Emma PetersonSelfSelf
Emma Sandersander
Emma WalkerSelfself
Emma Wengernonemyself
Emma WichhartSelf
Emmanuel WoodsMy FamilyMy Family
Emmett McGovernNorthridge Prepself
Emmett McGovern jrselfself
Emmett MeierSelfSelf
Enase ZagootSelf oppose record
Enedina VillagomezSelf
Enrique estradaCitizen
Enza QuaidSelfSelf
Ereka LassandroSelf, FamilySelf, family
Eric BothieSelf
Eric BroomsSelf
Eric ClarkSelfSelf
Eric CurtisSelf
Eric DiedrickSelfSelf
Eric EllisSelf-EmployedSelf
Eric EvertSelfSelf
Eric GastonSelf
Eric Guzmannone
Eric HaakensonIL residentself
Eric HaakensonSelfSelf
Eric HaefkeSimple Stitches
Eric HenricksNAself
Eric HernandezSelfSelf
Eric J CinnamonMy self
Eric JamesMyselfMyself
Eric Kleinmy self
Eric LevernierLincolnshire-Riverwoods FPDSelf
Eric LinenfelserSelfSelf
Eric MarquardtSelf-familySelf-family
Eric MogensenSelf
Eric RueschhoffSelfSelf
Eric S PitmanSelfSelf
Eric schmitzSelf
Eric SidorSelfSelf
Eric SmithSelfSelf
Eric SochackiSelf
Eric StacySelfSelf, IL RESIDENT
Eric Vander MeerschSelfSelf
Eric WatkinsSelfSelf
Eric WillisSelf and familySelf and family
Erica Avellonenoneself
Erica AvelloneSelfSelf
Erica EppersonMyselfMyself and my family
Erica FalcioneSelfSelf
Erica HaakNoneSelf
Erica PetrusevskiSelfSelf
Erica R MorenoSelfSelf
Erica RauschSelf
Erica SchauFamilySelf
Erica StottsFamilySelf
Erica VanaSelfSelf
Erich RashanSelf
Erik LeggeroSelf
Erik R AndersonErik AndersonSelf
Erik RichterRichter Industries
Erik SheldonNASelf
Erik StephensSelf
Erik TobeyFamilySelf
Erika BlakeSelf
Erika KlingenmaierSelf
Erika LeeNA
Erika PerezSelfSelf
Erika ScheirerSelfSelf
Erika VernonSelfSelf
Erin BorcherdingFlora Elementary School
Erin CairoHousehold
Erin CampbellSelfIllinoisans who believe in privacy & health freedom
Erin Caseyprivate citizenself
Erin DossettSelfSelf
Erin EctonSelfSelf
Erin GoetterGoetter Household
Erin GundersonSelfSelf
Erin HoweFamilyFamily
Erin kerpelNone
Erin LukasiewiczHouseholdHousehold
Erin MickSelfSelf
Erin MorrisonSelf
Erin OConnorSelfSelf
Erin OleksakSelfSelf
Erin RoeschNASelf
Erin RogersSelfSelf and 3 children under the age of 12
Erin SchisleySelf
Erin SchoeberleNone
Erin SchumacherNASelf
Erin SheridanSelfSelf
Erin YanzSelfMy family & Illinoians who believe in privacy & medical & health freedom
Erin ZymaliSelfSelf strongly opposed
Ernest MarsalisNoneErnest and Johanna Marsalis
Errin Carletonselfself
Ervin DrwalSelfSelf
Ervin GarciaSelf
Eryn MullinsMy family
Esperanza BrownSelfSelf
Esperanza HartmanFamily
Esperanza OlayoSelfSelf
Ester WagnerSelfSelf
Esther B FogalSelf
Esther Brownselffamily
Esther Frieburgmarketing310etc
Esther PetersonSelfSelf
Ethan Beckselfself
Ethan czubSelfSelf
Ethan DahlSelfSelf
Ethan DuewerCummins Dental GroupSelf
Ethan PittmanSelfSelf
Ethan ProughFamilyFamily
Ethan Vander MeerschSelfSelf
Etta OostmanSelfSelf
Eugene L Gillispieself
Eulalia Earlnoneme, family
Eunicia SoptHomemaker
Eva CervantesSelf
Eva CromackFamilyFamily
Eva hughesSelfSelf
Eva hughesSelfSelf
Eva LaRocheSelf. Withdraw this bill. All medical care and treatments for my pets should be decided on by my veterinarian of choice and myself only. No other entities should be given authority over this relationship.
Eva PCSelf
Eva RudzinskiSelfMy Family
Eva WampflerNoneSelf
Evan Beckerself
Evan BeckerSelfself
Evan BushSelfFamily. This is invasion of medical privacy and government overreach.
Evan DidwayMy FamilyMy Family
Evan Ekstromself
Evan HoeferSelfSelf
Evan JohnsonNoneSelf
Evan KaneSelfSelf-not a bot
Evan MarquezSelfFamily
Evan SchmidtgallNone
Evan SkarinSelf
Evan VallalySelf
Evanthia KyriazesNone
Eve bottaSelf
Evelina MihovSelf
Evelyn Harringtonselfself
Evelyn R Stenzelselfself
Evelyn SalomonSelfFamily
Evelyn Schmidtselfself
Evelyn UlivieriSelfSelf
Evelyn WatkinsSelfSelf
Evette GorgesSelfSelf
Ewa DabrowskiMyself
Ewa DoroszSelf
Ewa GubalaSelfSelf
Ewa kopaczSelfMy family
Ewa KuleszaSelfSelf
Ewa NasiadkaMG CapitalMyself
Ewa WojcikSelfSelf
Ewa Zielinskaself
Ewelina Drozdznot applicable
Ewelina E KitlasSelfMy family
Ewelina IwanickiSelfFamily
Ewelina Pyczselfvoter
Ezekiel KinderSelfSelf
F GleesonSelfFamily
Fabien LailletSelfSelf and family
Faith BylakSelf
Faith Hemmerself
Faith LattzSelfSelf
Faith RiemerSelfSelf
Fara LibrizziSelfSelf
Faye WestSelf
Felecia SchweigertSelf-
Felicia jarosinskiNA
Felicia JochumIllinois ResidentI reject this bill and this is my written statement filed as below.
Felicia MooreSelfSelf
Felicia St JohnSelfFamily
Felizardo BelgaSelfSelf
Fernando FloresCitizens Against Government Overreach
finn forsytheSelf
Fiona GleesonSelfFamily
Fran BoyerNa
Fran BurkeSelfSelf
Frances MazzoliniSELFSELF
Frances PinderSelf
Francesca HalikiasDePaul
Francesca RevelloSelf
Francesca Swansonselfself
Francesco GarciaMyself & my familyMyself & my family
Francine CichonSelfThis registry is a violation of privacy and a violation of HIPAA. This bill should be voted down.
Francine D'AmicoMyself
francine petrucciMyself and familyMyself and family
Francis choiSelfSelf
Francis J Koszykself
Francis PenavicSelfSelf
Franciszka WiechecSelf
Frank BurmeschSelfSelf
Frank CarterSelfSelf
Frank czajaNone
Frank DybasSelf
Frank EvansSelfSelf
Frank FasoParts Town
Frank FieldsSelf
Frank FormatoMyselfMyself
Frank GiulianoSelfSelf
Frank MarikSelf and Family
Frank martinOBrien Steel
Frank RibaudoCitizen
Franklin GulleySelf
Franklin IzzoSelf
Franz WoerleSelfSelf
Fred BeckerRetired
Fred DuSellSelfSelf
Fred HighICHE
Fred SorensenFamilyFamily
Frederick P FollmerNASelf
Frederick RathkeSelfSelf
Frederick Schau VSelfFamily
Frederick SearsSelfSelf
Frederick T Schurger DCSchurger Chiropractic, LLC dba Keystone Chiropracticself
Frencesca GioveSelfSelf
Friedrich GartnerSelf
futch brianSelfSelf
G BrownSelfSelf
G Franklin KennethFarmerFamily
G H MerrittNew IllinoisNew Illinois
G ReitzelSelf
Gabby GuastalliselfSelf
Gabi GraneSelf
Gabrial ThompsonSelfSelf
Gabriel DutaSelf
Gabriel ErbeckSelfSelf
Gabriel Garciaselfself
Gabriel MartinezSelfSelf
Gabriel S RodriguezSelfSelf
Gabriel SalinasSelfSelf
Gabriel Schroepferself
Gabriela Koisselfic4ic
Gabriela LulusaCitizen of IllnoisSelf
Gabriela QuillSelf
Gabriela WilewskaSefSelf
Gabriele BertolozziSelf
Gabriella TylkaSelfSelf
Gabrielle Barattaselfself
Gabrielle CasperSelfSelf
Gabrielle EstepSelfSelf
Gabrielle HousefieldSelf
Gabrielle Krahulaselfself
Gaetano cardellaSelf
Gahbriella NovakSELFSELF
Gail Baislerself
Gail A HolmbergNONESELF
Gail AntonSelfSelf
Gail HeinzIndividual
Gail KimuraSelf
Gail Krempskiselfself
Gail McelroySelf
Gail merrySelfSelf
Gail PeckSelf & family
Gaile Vitasself
Gani MehmetiSelfParent
Gannon Riceself
Garon AlbrechtSelf
Garrett FisherSelf
Garrett Geisemanselfself
Garrett GraySelf
Garrett PautschNA
Garrett WareSelfSelf
Gary BowlinNoneSelf
Gary CarlsonSelf
Gary DeckingaSelf
Gary DeddoSelfSelf
Gary FinkeSelfSelf
Gary ForristallSelfSelf
Gary GracyasSelf
Gary HerbertSelf
Gary KazukMyselfMyself
Gary LoweryGary Loweryself
gary maughancibm mortgage
Gary MetkeSelfSelf
Gary MillerSelf
Gary NesvacilNesvacil Family of 4Nesvacil family of 4
Gary PinnsGary Pinns Golf Ltd.
Gary R Houkselfself
Gary RoebenSelfSelf
Gary RoweSelf
Gary RuffnerIllinois Taxpayer
Gary ScholtzSelfSelf
Gary SleezerSelf
Gary VenturelliSelf
Gaston Cordovaselfself
Gavin BarclaySelfSelf
Gavin DeweySelfSelf
Gavin GeorgeNoneMyself
Gavin GonzalezNASelf
Gavin SheridanSelf
Gavin ZieglerSelfSelf
Gay SellersSelfSelf
Gaye O'Connornone
Gayle RayhelFamilyFamily
Gayle PeneschiSelf
Gayle SchmidtDNA
Gayle SwidlerSelf
Gene BoureySelfSelf
Genelle Inmannoneself
Genevieve and Mark BroaddusBroaddus Family
Genevieve Canoselfself
Genevieve ConnessSelf
Genica Evansnone
Geoff PrestonSelfFamily
Geoffery Beattyselfself
Geoffery PowellSelfSelf
Geoffrey CoxAdvocate
George A Lomelino JrIllinois Department of Corrections
George BakerSelfSelf
George BozonelosNot Available
George C Arcillaselfself
George CarterSelfSelf
George DanielSelf
George Gomollno
George JacobsenSelfSelf
George JordanFamilyFamily
George Kruegerselfself
george oswaldNone
George PowellSelfSelf
George QuestSelfSelf
George RomanosSELFSelf
George ThillSelfSelf
Georgette JoyceSelf
Georgette WursterFor selffamily
Georgi IvanovSelfSelf
Georgia A BubertselfSelf
Georgia BauerSelfSelf
Georgia CarterSelfSelf
Georgia keeSelfMy Family
Georgia LoidlSelfSelf
Georgia VelissaropoulosSelf
gerald bakerselfself
Gerald BrummelSELF
Gerald C OlsonNone
Gerald GushiniereSelf
Gerald KrauseSelfSelf
Gerald T BergerSelfIllinoisans who believe in medical privacy
Gerald VetterSelfSelf
Geraldine JozwikSelf
Geraldine LeiderSelfSelf
Geraldine PerrySelf
Gerard AvelloneselfStop the witness slip games vote on this now so we can hold you accountable
Gerard LaLondeSelfSelf
Gerardo RiveraMy FamilySelf and Family
Germaine LiebermannSelf
Gerri SongerTownship High School District 214Self
Gerry JandeskaSelf
Gesiakowski AudreySelfSelf
Gesiakowski JeffSelfSelf
Gesiakowski JustinSelfSelf
Gesiakowski SarahSelfSelf
Gesiakowski VivianSelfSelf
Geza RadicsSelfWithdraw this bill. All medical care and treatments for pets should be decided on by veterinarian and owner of patient only. No other entities should be given authority over this relationship.
Gia AndersSelf
Gia DizonnoSelf
Giacinto CostanzaNone
Giancarlo BennettSelfSelf
Giedre TulperselfSelf
Gilbert GallegosSelfSelf
Gilbert KoontzConcerned citizen
Gina LaPapaSelfSelf
Gina BenjaminSelf
Gina BoomsmaHome
GINA DonahueSelf
Gina F WelbourneSelfFamily
Gina Garvida DayHousehold
Gina Gregga.Gregga Carbide, Inc.
Gina HammerlSelf
Gina huttonSelf
Gina IsaacNoneNone
Gina JonesSelfSelf
Gina KubicaSelfSelf
Gina KuhnSelfself
Gina M TappSelfFamily
Gina Marie Zuccaroself
Gina McLarenSelfSelf
Gina Mindockselfself
Gina NeillSelfSelf
Gina PascucciSelf
Gina SandoraSelfSelf
Gina SmithCitizen of Illinois
Gina StrodeNone
Gina TappFamilyGrandchildren
Gina TappSelfSelf
Gina VlantisSelfSelf. This is not ok. The government has no right to keep any of my families health information in a database at all. I am disgusted by this piece of legislation.
Gina WeberSelfSelf
Gina WillSelf
Ginifer FuhrmannSelf
Giovanna GioveSelfSelf
Giovanni GonzalezNASelf
Giselle RiveraSelf
Gisenia DiazSelfSelf
Glen HankinsFamilyFamily
Glen PopielaChicago Police Department
Glenn Proud IIIselfself and family
Glenn SchroederSELF
Glenn SwensonSelfPlease stop over reaching. You are killing the Democratic Party
Glenn Wendtlandself
Glenna TolliverSelfSelf
Glennette BarclaySELF
Gloria HeinenSelfself
gloria kernparent
Gloria Kramerselfself
Gloria PepperellSelfSelf
Gloria VosburghSelf
Glory BorgesonSelfSelf
Golab BarbaraSelf
Gordana RistevMy selfMyself
Gordon CrowSelf
Gordon HankinsSelfSelf
Gottfried JochumSelf
Grace AgnelloSelf
Grace BeckerSelfSelf
Grace BurchardSelfSelf
Grace GacekSelfSelf and Family
Grace GrisiSelf
Grace HesterSelfSelf
grace kislukselfself
Grace LattzNANA
Grace LumGrace Lum
Grace LuxtonselfSelf
Grace MadsenSelfSelf
Grace MeadStudent
Grace Novakself
Grace PerriconeSelfSelf
Grace UrbasicSelf
Grace VallalySelf
Grace WichhartSelf
Grace WilliamsSelfSelf
Graceann Martinnonemy family
Gracie F SchmidtSelf
Gracie Schmidtself
Graden Riceself
Graham McCrillisSelfSelf
Graham Streblerselfself
Grant AaronMy Family
Grant DevallIllinois Registerd VoterMy family
grant groveselfself
Grant JohnsonSelfSelf
Grant ReesSelfSelf
Grant SpoonerselfSelf
Grant ZuchnikSelf
Grazyna MarusarzFamilySelf
Grazyna WrobelSelf
Greg A WilliamsnoneGreg A Williams
Greg BanekSelf
Greg broschSelfSelf
Greg CheaureSelfSelf, my children, my family
Greg DanielSelf
greg edwardson behalf of selfmyself
Greg ForsytheSelf
greg gingerselfself
Greg Gorskiselfself
Greg HedgesSelfSelf
Greg KellettSelfSelf
Greg KyptaIllinois Registered VoterMy family
Greg LuttenbergerSelfSelf
Greg MastArthur Christian School
Greg PrzybylkoSelf
Greg Riceself
Greg Tannehillselfself
Greg wylandNoneFamilies
Gregg ShippHiFi FitnessSelf
Gregg SternSelf
Gregg SternSelfSelf
Gregory B ShuffSelfSelf
Gregory BillingsSelf
Gregory BiziarekNoneMy family
Gregory CurrySelfSelf
Gregory D Colbynoneself
Gregory D ThurstonNeuroLab
Gregory DanielsRetired
Gregory HydeSelfSelf
Gregory Joseph MichalikSelfSelf
Gregory LeCompteSelfSelf
Gregory LuttenbergerSelfSelf
Gregory MarlaSelfSelf
Gregory McCulleyCitizen
Gregory NessSelf
Gregory NovakIndividual
Gregory PecNa
Gregory PiedmontSelf Employed
Greta DavisSelf
Gretchen FritzNAself
Gretchen Garzaselfself
Gretchen HarveySelfSelf
Gretchen HoeferSelfSelf
Gretchen JohnsonIndividualIC4IC
Gretchen PongettiGretchen PongettiGretchen Pongetti
Griffin HayesSelfSelf
Grzegorz Moskwamyselfmyself
Grzegorz PiszkoSelf
Guadalupe maciasC&B renovationsGuadalupe Macias
Guillermo PerezSelf
Gulnara PayneSELF
Gunnar SpoerlSelfSelf
Gustavo RodriguezIllinois Coalition for Informed ConsentSelf
Guy Dempseyselfself
Gvidas MartinaitisSelfMy family
Gwen AllisonNASelf
Gwendelynn MartindaleAmerican CitizenEveryone who is NOT a communist
Gwendolyn CarmichaelStudentself
Gweneth NiehausSelf
Hai-Lin LiPlease Select
Hailey BadtkeSelfSelf
Hailey BrandelllSelfSelf
Hailey Roachselfself
Hailey RosensteinCrepes a Latte
Hailie SchafmanSelfSelf
Haley LeeSelfSelf and children
Halina JajicDanes HVAC
Halina PociaskSelfSelf
Halina WlodarskiSelfSelf
Hallie AndertonSelfSelf
Hallie HerzSelfSelf
Hallie LaCroixself
Hanley Dawson VselfSelf
Hannah Caswellselfself
Hannah CondonStarved Rock LodgeIndividual
Hannah DavidsmeierSelfSelf
Hannah ErbeckSelfSelf
Hannah Fosternonenone
Hannah HerzSelfSelf
Hannah HildenbrandSelfSelf
Hannah KocanNaSelf
Hannah LuxtonSelfself
Hannah ManningSelf
Hannah MillerSelfHomeSelf
Hannah Muzzyselfmyself and my family
Hannah Nicholasselfself
Hannah OremSelfMy family
Hannah RosenthalSelfSelf
Hannah WardinSelfSelf
Harold MintonSELFSELF
Harold TippieSelfMy Family
Harold WeatherfordNoneNone
Harriet BogdanowiczNone
Harriet Carrellself
Harrison LangworthySelfSelf
Harrison PillerSelfSelf
Harrison VallaroSelf
Hayden BarberaSelfSelf
Hayley FedorskiSelf
Hayley RodgersHousehold
Heath KinderSelfSelf
Heather Beckselfself
Heather BuchananHomemaker
Heather Camrenselfself
Heather ConroySelfSelf and I'm not a bot
Heather DusekSelfFamily
Heather FilkowskiHomeowner residentSelf Family
Heather FrickensteinSelf
Heather GollihurSelf
Heather GordonSelf
Heather HalgrenSelfSelf
Heather HankinsFamilyFamily
Heather JacobsenThe Stand ApparelThe Stand Apparel
Heather JohnsPlano Dental
Heather KubinskiSelf
Heather Langlitzself
Heather LoveNurse
Heather MaddenSelf
Heather McBrideSelfSelf
Heather McCordSelf and familySelf, family, and the smallest minority - the individual
Heather McHaleSelfFamily
Heather MilburnSelf
Heather NelsonSelfSelf
Heather orozcoSelf
Heather parkerCmhc
Heather R GoinesHome
Heather R NorrisSELFSELF
Heather Rozak-KubanSelf
Heather StallingsSelf
Heather VainerSelf
Heather WardSelfSelf
Heather WoodwardSelf
Heckermann MicheleSelfHousehold
Hector HerreraSelfSelf
Heidi BucklesSelfSelf
Heidi LoprienoSelfSelf
Heidi PetersonFamilyMy Family
Heidi quinonezSelfSelf
Heidi ShannonSelfFed up Parents
Heidi siebertFamilyFamily
Heidi Wiens-LeonSelfSelf
Helen BarngroverSelfSelf
Helen Garciaself
Helen HalikiasSelf
Helen HallermannSelf
Helen LazzaroselfSelf
Helen LiapisSelfSelf
helen mcandrewsself
Helen Seilerselfself
Helen SeppalaSelf
Helen WargoSelfSelf
Helena HuelkeMyselfMyself
Helena JanickiSelfSelf
Helena KowalSelf
Helena ObrochtaSelfSelf
Helena PetersSelfSelf
Helena WaksmanskiSelf
Helena WilewskaSelfSelf
Helga SuittsSelfSelf
Henry AndertonSelfSelf
Henry DoroffSelfSelf
Henry FowlesSelfSelf
Henry FrickensteinRetiredSelf
Henry Gramerself
Henry HutchingsNone
Henry JanickiSelfSelf
Henry JonesSelfSelf
Henry MistarzSelfMy Family
Henry MyersSelf
Henry PetersonSelf
Henry StollSelfSelf
Henryk FlorekSelfSelf
Hero TamelingSelf
Hilary C ReiffTax Payer and Public School ParentSelf and Family
Hill Nancyselfself
Hillary BlackSelfFamily
Hollie ShoupSelfSelf
Hollis Blumeselfself
Holly AipoalaniSelfSelf
Holly AndersonSelfSelf
Holly BeelerSelfFamily
Holly BoersmaSelfSelf
Holly BowmanSelfMy family
Holly CravensMyself
Holly DiedrichNone
Holly GadeSelfSelf
Holly GerhartMyselfMy family
Holly JohnsonSelfSelf
holly joyceNoneTaxpayer
Holly LecocqSelfSelf
Holly MakanoeichSelfSelf
Holly MockoSelfSelf
Holly Ramsburghousehold
Holly SvendsenSelfSelf
Holly WalshSelfSelf
Holly ZImmerSelfSelf
Honey Zimmermanself
Hope geallisMyself
Hope PlacherPersonal
Hope WaszSelfSelf
Houston KenSelf
Hubert MyrdaN A
Hugh Gallaglyselfself
Hugh GillGill Automotiveself
Hugo ValdiviaSelfSelf
Hunter FoxSelf
Hunter PaskertSelf
Hunter WillisSelf and family-family
I J DoyleSelfInfringement on our rights
Ian BayotSelf
Ian Davisselfself
Ian Fargoselfself
Ian KarczewskinaSelf
Ian WatkinsSelfSelf
Ignatius ScrantonSelf
Ileana BlakeSelfSelf
Ilene BrinerSelf
Ilona LaRocheSelfWithdraw this bill. All medical care and treatments for pets should be decided on by the veterinarian and owner of patient only. No other entities should be given authority over this relationship.
India AaronMy Family
Inga DainiusAlisa Bloom, LLCself
Inga Dainiusselfself
Intha TaylorSelfMy family
IOSIF TamasSelfSelf
Irene Aielloselfself
Irene BlazakisSELF
Irene ChowaniecSelfSelf
Irene GileJGC Publishing
Irene Mageraself
Irene MakropoulosSelf
Irene MileosFamilyFamily
Irene MorokoSelfSELF
Irene O'Neill MDSelf
Irene stergiouSodexo
Irene WittkeSelf
Irina BustinSelf
Irina PlacintaSelf
Irina Turcoselfself
Iris BassHome
Iris Hopmanmy familymy family
Irma Castilloself
Irma L CastilloSelf
Isaac MartinezSelf
Isaac ReitzelMyself
Isaac Tanksleyselfself
Isaak VelaSelf
Isabel AlbersSelfSelf
Isabel AndersonSelf
Isabel RykenSelfSelf
Isabella GaleSelf
Isabella HernandezSelfSelf
Isabella KoertnerJens Artisan Breads
Isabella OliverSELFSelf
Isabella TaurinaSelf
Isabella VelazquezSelfSelf
Isabella watkinsSelf
Isabelle Earlnonemyself, family
Isabelle HaskinsSelfSelf
Isabelle M HennessyPeople of Illinois
Isai quinonez jrSelfSelf
Isaiah Smithself
Isak NicholsConcerned familyself
Isla CiprianoSelf not a botself on behalf of my family
Ismael RubianoSelfSelf
Israel SiltmanSELF
Ivan GrbavacSelfSelf
Ivan SalvaSelfSelf
Ivana HiladoSelf
Ivana StankovicOrthodox Church
Ivania Delgadoselfself
Ivica Vidovicselfmy children
Ivona RocqueNAIlinoisans who believe in health freedom
Iwona BakowskiSelfSelf
Iwona MatusiewiczSelfSelf
Iwona NiczyporukSelfSelf
Iwona PiwowarczykSelfSelf
Iwona ZylaSelfSelf
Iwona ZyskowskaSelfMy family
Izabela MikosSelfSelf
Izabella kyrchMs
Izabella TylkaSelfSelf
J belloSelfSelf
J Couriselfself
J FruhauffSELFSelf & family
J FruhauffSELF & familySelf family and 29k who do not want this
J L DavisIL resident and US citizenself
J Richard BurnsEast Moline Chiropractic ClinicSelf
J StockStock,Carlson & Associates LLC
Jacie CarterNa
Jack Andersenself
Jack Baugh-- Year --Self
Jack Benjamin LaschinskiNone
Jack BensonSelfFamily
Jack CiprianoSelf not a botself on behalf of my family
Jack DerKacySelfSelf
Jack GoddardSelfSelf
Jack HeneghanSelf
Jack LawJacklaw46
Jack LyonsNAmyself
Jack McKenna WoodSelfSelf
Jack MitchellSelfself
Jack MolenstraSelfSelf
Jack MoscinskiThis is a terrible idea - NO to HB4244
Jack PajakNAself
Jack SheltonMr.Self
Jack TrimpeNone
Jack WalczakSelfSelf
Jack WalkerSelfSelf
Jackie DooleySelf
Jackie Ekstromself
Jackie GarneauSelfSelf
Jackie HaasNASelf
Jackie McPhailRN
Jackie Williamsself
Jackie WyseSelf
Jacklyn RothSelfSelf
Jackson BainSelfSelf
Jackson albeeSelf
Jackson JelinekSelfSelf
Jaclyn KneppSelf
Jaclyn M NadrowskiSelfMy family
Jaclyn NadrowskiSelfFamily
Jaclyn ThompsonSelfSelf
Jaclyn TrujilloSelfMy family
Jaclynn HookerNlsd 122
Jacob AlbertsonSelf
Jacob AndertonSelfSelf
jacob clarkSelfSelf
Jacob DallasSelfSelf
Jacob HertzSelfSELF
Jacob HildenbrandSelf
Jacob Joseph ForgeronNASelf
Jacob KLEINFELTERmy family
Jacob KlinkNoneFreedom lovers
Jacob KnapikStudent
Jacob LattzSelfSelf
Jacob marriottSelfSelf
Jacob RMyself
Jacob RosenquistSelfSelf
Jacob Smithselfself
Jacob St OresSelf
Jacob TealSelfSelf
Jacob ThompsonSelfSelf
Jacob TidwellSelfSelf
Jacob TipreFamilySelf
Jacob VazquezSelfSelf
Jacob wandelSelfSelf
Jacob ZillerNASELF
Jacqleene MeyersSelfSelf
Jacque LynnSelf
Jacqueline BomprezziNo
Jacqueline Bosnyakselfself
Jacqueline BulavaDirector of Operation
Jacqueline CollinsSelf
Jacqueline DawsonSelfSelf
Jacqueline F HeirbautSELFSELF
jacqueline GallowaySelf
Jacqueline gonzalezSelf
Jacqueline Kappermyselfmyself
Jacqueline Kristine MantelSelfSELF Complete violation of my medical autonomy and constitutional freedoms, stop this disgusting and unnecessary government overreach
Jacqueline Lamela-TalericoNone
Jacqueline LarsonSelf
Jacqueline MackieSelf
Jacqueline McNamar-HisleSelfSelf
Jacqueline OConnorselfA real person filling out a witness slip, not a bot, opposing this bill
Jacqueline PoboznySelfFamily and Illinoisans who believe in privacy and health freedom.
Jacqueline RathkeSelfSelf
Jacqueline RobardsPersona
Jacqueline RobinSelfSelf
Jacquelyn Catoselfself
Jacquelyn OconnorSelfSelf
Jacquelyn OlivaSelfSelf and family
Jacqui ErwinSelfSelf
Jada VoelkerSelf
jade dellingerSelfSelf
Jade HamerSelfSelf
Jade HoenesSelfSelf
Jade Ponceselfself
Jade Reidselfself
Jadwiga CichorzSelfSelf
Jadwiga HajnosFamily
Jadwiga KentlaSelf
Jagoda kompielMrs.My family
Jai StolzenbachSelfSelf
Jaime Bautistaselfself
Jaime Fossselfself
Jaime LewandowskiSelf
Jaime MazurSelfSelf
Jaime Pipenhagenself
Jaime ShowSelfSelf
Jaimee Calvert BlankenshipSelf
Jaimie JonesSelfSelf
Jaimy BeissmannSelfFamily
Jairus Ponceselfself
Jake BuraniczSelfSelf
Jake HankinsFamilyFamily
Jake JathoSelfSelf
Jake Muzzyselfmyself and my family
Jake NorrisSelf
Jake ZitkoSelfSelf
Jaki BerggrenFamilyMy Family medical info is ours to decide what to do with it must have permission to collect it.
Jakob JohnsonNA
Jakob KairisSelfSelf
Jakub KlimekSelf
Jakub MoravecFamilyFamily
Jakub RusinSelfSelf
Jame ElmerSelfSelf
Jamee KlimaNone
James Morland Cowellselfself
James AagesenSelfSelf
James Alaimoselfself
James AndersonNAself
James BaetzelSelf
James BaileyAAA Heating & Cooling Inc.
James BarclaySELF
James BednarzNone
James BenderSelfSelf
James BensonSelfSelf
James BitakisSelfSelf
James BlakeSelfSelf
James BluhmSelf
James BoudreauNone
James BunchSelf
James CaronisnoneMyself
James ChmillSELFSELF
James CiprianoSelf not a botself on behalf of my family
James ClarkHarrison monuments
James CollinsNA
James ConroySelf Choose to OpposeSelf Choose Oppose
James CurtinNA
James D BurnettDB Squared Transpott
James DavisSelfSelf
James DeYoungnoneself
James DonnellySelfSelf
James Eggerson behalf of self
James F Holderman IIISelfParents, Defenders of Rights Endowed By God
james fallonself
James Fargoselfself
James FarmerNone
James FondriestSelf
James FullerTaxpayer
James G Condonnone
James GillihanSelfSelf
James GorskinoneSelf
James GraeberFamily
James HanfordIllinois taxpayer
James HankeConcerned Citizen
James HeitzFamilyFamily
James HerbertFamily
James hickeySelf
James HoegSelf
James HomannSelf
James HooverSelf
James HoseyCitizen
James HowardSelfSelf
James Huisingaself
James j NaughtonNaSelf
James J WardSelfSelf
James JodisonSelfSelf
James Joesph StauderResident
James K Baartzself
James KeyserSelfSelf
james kingsleyjim kingsley
James KirbySelf
James KlocekSelfSelf
James KlouseNA
James KofoidJames Kofoid Chiropractic, L.L.C.
James KottNone
James KrausSelf
James KuzmaSelf
James KuzmaSelfSelf
James L BrophyMyself
James L StonehouseNot applicablemyself
James LanhamMyself
James LedererSelfSelf
James LoganNAMyself
James LoveSELF
James LoveSelfSelf
James LymanSelf
James M DavidSelf
James M Jeffries JrNASelf and immediate family
James M RagoN ASelf
James MarterResidentSelf
James Masekself
James MatheuSelfself- on behalf of my family
James MazurSelf Choose to OpposeSelf choose to Oppose
James McCrillisSelfSelf
James McIlroyFamily
James MeindlSelf
James MiddletonMiddleton
James MorsovilloSelfPlease vote for personal privacy and back our freedoms in the US.
James N SchinlerNA
James NachtweySelfSelf
James NaughtonNaSelf
James NeriusSelf
James NewbyMy Family - NewbyMy Family (Karen Newby, James T, Jessica R, Jemma K; Josianna R, Jade K, Jennifer A)
James Nowakselfself
James O'Donnellself
James OsmondSelfSelf
James P Howe Jrselfself
James ParisiSelf
James ParkerSelfSelf
James PedersenSelfSelf
James PerezselfSelf
James PiazzaFreedom Property Management LLC
James R HopkinsD&J Hopkins Farms LLC, JRH Cartage LLC,
James RackelinMy familyMy family
James RackelinSelfMy family
james reynoldsSelfSelf
James RichardsSelfSelf
James RieckSelfIllinois taxpayer
James RohrIndividualself
James Rootnonthis information should private from government eyes.
James RuskSelfSelf
James SchaefgesFamilyFamily
James ScrogginMyself
James ShakeSelfSelf
James StapletonSelfSelf
James StirnNone
James Streu IIFamily
James SzwabowskiSELF
James T DrydenSelf
James TroskyselfSelf
James Van WakemanSelfSelf
James W GoodallSelfFamily and any Illinoisan who believes in privacy and health freedom
James WakefieldSelfSelf
James WiiliamsSelfSelf
James WolinskiSelfSelf
James WombleSelfSelf
James WombleWomble
James Womble JrSelfSelf
James youngNa
James Zhouperson
JamesM KalkHerrmann concrete
Jameson DrydenSelf
Jamex StackSelfSelf
Jami PapenbergSelf
Jami wrightSelf
Jamie B HeffernanPrivate citizen
Jamie BeccueSelfSelf
Jamie BennettSelfSelf
Jamie BledsoeSELFSELF
Jamie ButkiewiczSelfSelf
Jamie DisneySelfhousehold
Jamie Genslermom
Jamie GitchelFamilyFamily
Jamie GraverSelfSelf
Jamie GrubichNA
Jamie HadadySelfSelf
Jamie HorstmannNa
Jamie K HankinsFamilyMy family
Jamie KubatzkeMeMe
Jamie McDanielNAJamie McDaniel, Gillian Schuller, Riley Murphy, Pam Goffin, Linda McDaniel, Mike Damaschke, Jason McDaniel.
Jamie MonganSelf
Jamie SeputisNoneSelf
Jamie shickSelf
Jamie StortzSelfMy family. We are not bots.
Jamie StrodeSelfSelf
Jamie ThomureDuPage Family Wellness
Jamie Tinaglia LeeSelf
Jamie Watsonselfself
Jammie GourleySelf
Jan CapiakSelfSelf
Jan DoveSelf
Jan FarmerSelfSelf
Jan GubalaSelf
Jan Holstenselfself
Jan KemperNASelf
Jan MetkeSelfSelf
Jan MooreSelfMy family who believe in privacy and health freedom
Jan NasiadkaMG CapitalMyself
Jan SearsNone
Jan TervydisSelfSelf
Jana D Mugrageselfself
JANA FRANKselfself
Jana McAnallyNoneSelf
Jana SoviarSelfSelf
Janae Lemmertselfself, family, and all Illinoisans
Jancy AudetSelf
Jane BelgaSelfSelf
Jane BourkeSelf
Jane Cassidyselfself
Jane Celeste FonnerSelfSelf
Jane DidwayMy FamilyMy Family
Jane Hermansselfself
Jane HughesSelf
Jane InmanSelfSelf
Jane JohansenCitizenMyself
Jane LeCompteSelfSelf
Jane ParkSelfSelf
Jane Schenkself
Jane TallitschKane CountySelf
Jane Thompsonselfself
Jane ZhangFamilyFamily of Concerned Citizens
Jane ZhangSelfSelf
Janeen Aniol FeldmanSelfSelf
Janel MorrisSelfSelf
Janell HartjeIllinois residentIllinois residents from my family
Janelle BeckerSelfSelf
Janelle BergSelfSelf
Janelle PitulaRepresenting MyselfRepresenting Myself
Janelle PitulaRepresenting MyselfSelf
Janelle TowneFamily
Janelle WojtcakSelfMy Family
Janene ParisiSelfSelf, family
Janet BoosterSelfSelf
Janet BarwickSelf
Janet BluhmSelf
Janet Cooperself
Janet HarlowSelfStop this bill. It is a grab to control my personal body. It is none of the states business what my medical and health status is. Tyrannical bill.
Janet HendershotSelfSelf
Janet HortonSelf
Janet L Shawselfself
Janet LairdSelfJanet Laird
Janet LairdSuccessful ScriptSelf
Janet LeighSelfSelf
Janet NoguchiNone
Janet PolickySelfSelf
Janet ReiterSelf
Janet SchramResidentSelf
Janet StarrSelfSelf
Janet StrysikNoneSelf
Janet WulbertSelfSelf
Janet ZikaSelf
Janette ZielinskiSelfSelf
Janey TamelingSelf
Janice A Prinzindividual
Janice BerrySelf
Janice DoyleSelf
Janice FisherSelfSelf
Janice GromkeSelfSelf
Janice Marie WettsteinNursing
janice millerindependent
Janice NesbittNone
Janice NeurauterIndividual
Janice RodriguezSelfSelf
Janice Shipmanselfself
Janie FoxSelf
Janie ManusSelfSelf
Janilyn KocherPissed off taxpayer
Janilyn KochertaxpayerSelf
Janine Downingself
Janine Schneiderselfself
Janis AlbeckSelfMyself
Janness AbrahamNASelf
Janusz OszajecSelfI OPPOSE THIS BILL
Janusz WolinskiSelf
Jared MurphySelfFamily
Jared Colliernone
Jared dellingerSelfSelf
Jared EchelbergerNAMy Family and as an Illinois resident who believes in freedom and privacy.
Jared ErdmierChiropractic First of Rockford
Jared GoodmanOn behalf of selfSelf
Jared LendySelf
Jared mooreSelf
Jared SheridanSelf
Jared StrodeSelfSelf
Jared ThomureSelf
Jarmila Singerself
Jaroslav SydorenkoSelfSelf
Jaroslaw BlaszczykSelf
Jaroslaw MageraSelf
Jaroslaw MorokoSelfSelf
Jaroslaw PiankoSelfMy Family
Jaroslaw PolakowskiSelf
Jaroslaw TryczykEuropean Trucking corp
Jaroslaw worwaSelfSelf
Jaroslaw WrobelSelf
Jarrod BrandonSelfFor Husband
Jarrod HudsonSelfSelf
Jarvia BryantSelf
Jason ArendsSelfSelf
Jason AhonenMy FamilySelf
Jason AustinSelfMy family
Jason B SchmidtgallNone
Jason Baugherselfself
Jason BrighamSelfSelf
Jason BueningTaxpayerSelf
Jason DemasHouseholdSelf
Jason DoddSelf and familySelf and family
Jason Edelmanselfself
Jason FadziejewskiSelf
Jason FeltzNaSelf
Jason FowlerSelfSelf
Jason FreelandSelfSelf
Jason Garciaselfself
Jason GillihanFamilyFamily
Jason GilmoreSelfMy family who believes in privacy and health freedom
Jason GraneSelf
Jason handrinosSelf
Jason HeatherlySelf
Jason J WolfMyselfMyself
Jason JostThe NON Communist Agenda
Jason LassilaselfThis is a pro-communistic proposal. Anti
Jason LeagueToyota
Jason MarshallSelfSelf
Jason McCoyProtect our RIGHTSVoters
Jason mcloughlinSelf
Jason MossNot available
Jason Ormondselfself
Jason PattersonSelfSelf
Jason PetersonSelfSelf
Jason RaisnerSelf
Jason ReitzelMyself
Jason RossSelfSelf
Jason SchrederSelfFamily of 7
Jason SmithIndividual
Jason StrangeSelfSelf
Jason VerhulstSelfSEL
Jason Wengernonemyself
Jason Wolanskiselfself
Jason WroschSelfCompletely unnecessary. There are much bigger things to focus on in this state
Jason YoungMy familyFamily
Jay BiondoIndependent
Jay Brannemanself
Jay HidalgoNASelf
Jay HillOn behalf of selfOn behalf of self
Jay HollomanNone
Jay PerlmanSelfMyself and Family
Jay StephensAutogenous
Jayden Gallagly-My family
Jayden TamasMy familyMy family
Jayme ThorntonSelf
Jayne AgnerSelfSelf
Jayne BoerselfSelf
Jayne BoyleSelf
Jayne BoyleSelfSelf
Jayne GarriganSelfSelf
Jayne HayesSelfSelf
JD Fallonself
JD PaulusSelfSelf
Jean BolligerSelfSelf
jean bolotinself
Jean FreemanHome
Jean GaddiniMyselfWe the People of 1096 Carly Dr. Yorkville, IL
Jean Hazardselfself
Jean HoganSelfMyself and my family of 5
Jean HurrleSelf
Jean KingSelfSelf
Jean Schiszikselfself
Jean Schueself
Jean VoelkerSelf
Jean WolskiSelfSelf
Jean-Pierre BoustanySelf
Jeana BainSelfSelf
Jeanette Boermanselfself
Jeanette Driesnerselfself
Jeanette HeesakerSelf
Jeanette HeppeFamilyFamily
Jeanette HirtSelf
Jeanette Lambert Peiferretired
Jeanette PowersNot applicableSelf
Jeanette SeguiSelfSelf
Jeanette VitkovicSelfSelf
Jeanne BarberSelf
Jeanne DeYoungnoneself
Jeanne Fernandeznoneself
Jeanne HedgepethCitizen
Jeanne HenschellHomeSelf
Jeanne PottorffNone
Jeanne PuskaricSelf
Jeanne PuskaricSelf
Jeannette ElliottSelf
Jeannie MarkionniNaSelf
Jeannine Knightself.self
Jeannine NotoNone
Jeannine SchefflerSelfMy family who believes in privacy and health freedom
Jeannine Walegaself
Jed DavisNANA
Jeff A CholewinskiPrivate citizen
Jeff AgnerSelfSelf
Jeff AlbeeSelf
Jeff Antonettiself
Jeff BakerSelf
Jeff BrinkSelfSelf and family
Jeff BrownIDOCSelf
Jeff BullardJefferson County Sheriff's Office
Jeff CarlsonSelfSelf
Jeff ChudyFamily
Jeff DobbsSelf
Jeff DoyleFamilyFamily
Jeff EkstromSelf
Jeff FosterSelfSelf
Jeff Helfandselfself
Jeff HolwerdaSelfSelf
Jeff HuberSELF
Jeff JonesSelfSelf
Jeff KimNaSelf
Jeff KishSelfSelf
Jeff KlokkengaSelfSelf
Jeff KwasniewskiSelf
Jeff LaddCitizenSelf
Jeff LaschinskiNone
Jeff LattzSelfSelf and family
Jeff MaasSelf
jeff mytychselfself
Jeff NelsonSelfSelf
Jeff Newberryself
Jeff OtterbySelfSelf
Jeff peeblesFamilyFamily
Jeff ReiterSelf
Jeff RiemerSelfSelf
Jeff RizzoSelfSelf
Jeff sutterSelfSelf
Jeff WebberWe the People
Jeff WeberSelfSelf
Jeff Wilhelmnoneself
Jeff WilliamsSelfSelf
Jeffery A McGinnisFamilyFamily(4)
Jeffery BrownIDOCSelf
Jeffery Peeler JrSELF
Jeffrey Andersenself
Jeffrey AndersenSelfSelf
Jeffrey BainSelfSelf
Jeffrey BergSelf
Jeffrey ClousingSELF AND FAMILYSelf and family
Jeffrey CostaSelf
Jeffrey D DurbinSelf
Jeffrey EnglishSelfSelf
Jeffrey EnsignNA
Jeffrey Foxna
Jeffrey G MartykaSelf
Jeffrey GarceaSelf
Jeffrey GrantSelf
Jeffrey H Maneyself
Jeffrey HohenzyJamco Tool & Cams
Jeffrey K StoutStout Chiropractic Clinic, PCself
Jeffrey KawaSelfSelf
Jeffrey MackSelfSelf
Jeffrey ManusSelfSelf
Jeffrey McAteerSelfSelf
Jeffrey R Ladd JrVoterSelf
Jeffrey R PurtellEmergency Services Insurance Agencyself
Jeffrey RomaniSelfSelf
Jeffrey SavoieOn behalf of selfOn behalf of self
Jeffrey Smithselfself
Jeffrey Van Fleetnone
Jeffrey Wynnconcerned citizen
Jelena GrbavacSelfSelf
Jen BackhausCitizen
Jen Lyonsself
Jen MichaelidesSelf
Jen OtterbySelfSelf
Jen PickeringFamilyFamily
Jen Wilkensself
Jena FisherSelf
Jena MckinnonSelfSelf
Jena SchreiberHead of house hold
Jeneane L FergusonSelfSelf
Jenee BerningSelf
Jenell JohnsonSelf
Jenelle ParrishSelfSelf
Jenifer ChambersSelf
Jenna BlanfordSelfSelf
Jenna ClaytonStanton Insurance Agency LLC
Jenna DemasHouseholdSelf
Jenna DempseySelfSelf
Jenna FeigenSelf
Jenna OsmondSelfSelf
Jenna SchafmanSelfSelf
Jenna TalbertTeacher
Jenna VelazquezSelfSelf
Jenna YoungSelfSelf
Jennetta AndersonSelf
JenniferFamilies of IllinoisFamilies of Illinois
Jennifer Andrek- None -
Jennifer AndruczykSelf
Jennifer BarronSELFSELF
Jennifer BourgSelf
Jennifer BourneMyself
Jennifer Brauch DCSelfSelf
Jennifer BrezinaSelfSelf
Jennifer BroadhurstIllinois Resident
Jennifer BrouchMy familyMy famiky
Jennifer BuccelliResident
Jennifer BuckSelfSelf
Jennifer BurchardSelfMyself
Jennifer BurkeSelf
Jennifer CalhounSelfSelf
Jennifer CaliendoHousehold
Jennifer ChoiSelfSelf
Jennifer ChrostowskiSelf
Jennifer CichockiFamilyFamily
Jennifer ClarkSelfSelf
Jennifer ColemanSelfSelf
Jennifer Curtnerself
Jennifer DillonSelf
Jennifer DonhamTaxpayer
Jennifer DunlapSelf-employedself
Jennifer EbnerSelf
Jennifer Edwards-SteffaniSelfMy family
Jennifer EmlingSelf
Jennifer FergusonNone
Jennifer FinzeSelf
Jennifer FioccaSelfSelf
jennifer gabelhomemaker
Jennifer GallenbachFamilyMy Family
Jennifer GeorgeNoneMyself and my children
Jennifer GraySelf
Jennifer GrzesiakSelfSelf
Jennifer HallumSelf
Jennifer HattenSelfSelf
Jennifer HayesMyself
Jennifer hillSelf
Jennifer HillgithSelfSelf
Jennifer HollySelf
Jennifer HoltSelfMy Family
Jennifer HongSelf
Jennifer HughesSelfSelf
Jennifer HuntzickerSelfSelf
Jennifer HutchisonBusinessFamily
Jennifer HutchisonSelfSelf
Jennifer JordanSelfSelf
Jennifer JunSelf
Jennifer JunSelfSelf
Jennifer JurkovicMy familyMy family
Jennifer kingSelfSelf
Jennifer KisselburgSelfSelf
Jennifer KlattSelf
Jennifer KoenigSelfSelf
Jennifer KoertnerJens Artisan Breads
jennifer KratochvilSelf
Jennifer L ParlierselfMy family
Jennifer L Van FleetNone
Jennifer LangefeldSelfFamily
Jennifer LewisNAself
Jennifer LindsayNoneSelf and family
Jennifer LiuSelf
Jennifer LopezSelfSelf
Jennifer MalinowskiYearself
Jennifer Maughanmaughan
Jennifer McCartneySelfSelf
Jennifer McClellanSelfMy family who believe in personal privacy and health freedom
Jennifer McCoskeyPrivate Citizen
Jennifer McgrathSel
Jennifer McNicholasNa
Jennifer MeierNASelf
Jennifer MiguelSelf
Jennifer Mikulskimy family
Jennifer MillerMy family
Jennifer Millerselfself
Jennifer MohauptSelf
Jennifer MooreMy householdSelf
Jennifer MoseleyNAThe Moseley Family
Jennifer MoseleySelfMoseley Family
Jennifer MucciantiselfFreedom loving American
Jennifer MucciantiselfFreedom Loving Americans
Jennifer MunsellSelfSelf
Jennifer MurphyVoterSelf
Jennifer NeurauterIndividual
Jennifer NicholsselfIllinois resident
Jennifer Nowakselfself
Jennifer Pacerselfself
Jennifer PalmerSelf
Jennifer ParisiSelfSelf
Jennifer PennSelfSelf
Jennifer PetersonSelfSelf
Jennifer PietkaSelf
Jennifer PitchfordMy familyMy Family
Jennifer PrestonParent of householdHousehold
Jennifer PrestonSelfFamily
Jennifer PriceSelfSelf
Jennifer PryorILHousehold
Jennifer PryorILNo
Jennifer Riceself
Jennifer RileyNone
Jennifer RileySelf
Jennifer RoosSelfSelf
Jennifer RussellIndividual
Jennifer RussellSelfA citizen with rights to privacy
Jennifer SchoepelNot applicable
Jennifer SeawrightSelf
Jennifer SebastianSelfSelf
Jennifer SerratoSelfSelf
Jennifer SewellSelfSelf
Jennifer ShermanNothing
Jennifer SliwaSelf
Jennifer SommerSelfSelf
Jennifer StahlIndividual voterindividual voter
Jennifer Stakeself
Jennifer StiglianeseSelfSelf
Jennifer TallunganSelf
Jennifer Terrillself
Jennifer ThompsonSelfSelf
Jennifer Tuerkpersonal
Jennifer TumminaroSelf
Jennifer UpchurchSelf
Jennifer VainisiSelf
Jennifer Van Huisselfself NOT A BOT
Jennifer Vander MeerschSelfSelf
Jennifer WalikonisSelfSelf
Jennifer WaltersSelfSelf
Jennifer WaltersSelfThe good people of Illinois
Jennifer WardynskiSelfSelf
Jennifer WeglarzSelfSelf
Jennifer WeinhammerSelf
Jennifer WhitlockNAMy family
Jennifer Williamsselfself
Jennifer ZielinskiSELFSELF
Jennings AnthonyNa
Jenny GonzalezNASelf
Jenny Gorskyselfnone
Jenny GriffinSelfHousehold
Jenny HagueSelfSelf
Jenny L MestselfI am STRONGLY opposed to an INVOLUNTARY Immunization Data Registry as it is a violation of the US Constitution and a HUGE OVERSTEP by government which will destroy trust in Illinois leadership
Jenny MooreSELF
Jenny paapSelf
Jenny petersonSelf
Jenny ScottSelf
Jeramy PriceMy FamilyMy family
Jeremiah choiSelfSelf
Jeremiah MitchellSelf
Jeremiah VarbleIDOC
Jeremie WellsNAMyself and my family.
Jeremy BryanSelf
Jeremy ChrostowskiSelf
Jeremy ColeFamilyFamily
Jeremy FletcherSelfSelf
Jeremy FosdickSelf
Jeremy GiblinIndividualIndividual - Jeremy Giblin
Jeremy JohnsonSelf
Jeremy MeekDiscovery Inspection ServicesMeek Family
Jeremy RakersSelfJeremy Rakers
Jeremy schreroSelfSelf
Jeremy SohnNASelf
Jeremy TaylorCitizenSelf
Jeremy WalkerIC4ICIC4IC
Jeremy WilczakSelfSelf
Jeri-Ann DayIllinois Citizen
Jeritza TorresSelfSelf
Jerome BaumannSelf1
Jerome harrisonSelf
Jerome KishSelfself
Jerome kosogladSelfSwlf
Jerome PilalisSelfSelf
Jerome SenesacSelfMy grandchildren
Jerome SulwerSelf
Jerome VidaNA
Jerrick LongestCitizens asks to Please say No
Jerrod SartoLucky Seven Sports
Jerrold LevNA
jerry enyeartna
Jerry and Wendy Klinknermyselfourselves
Jerry conleeSelfSelf
Jerry Franco Franco PiechowiakSelfSelf
Jerry Griecoself
Jerry Heinrichnoneself
Jerry LinnSelf
Jerry SchmitzSelfSelf
Jerusha SmithNa
Jessa LighgFamilySelf
Jesse ChildersSelf
Jesse MillerSelf
Jesse OostemaSelfSelf
Jesse ThompsonSelfSelf
Jesse VarshoSelf FamilyMy Family who believes in health freedom.
Jessi MostardiniNone
Jessi RobertSelfSelf
Jessica MabeSelfSelf freedom fighter not a bot
Jessica AckeSelfSelf
Jessica Ann Clarkself
Jessica AshdownSelf
Jessica BarrNot applicable
Jessica BieleckiMyselfMyself
Jessica Biskupself
Jessica BiziarekMyselfMy family
Jessica BochenekSelf
Jessica BonnstetterFamilyFamily
Jessica BrummelSelf
Jessica BurkeSelf
Jessica CahillNot applicable
Jessica CouriNone
Jessica CunninghamSelf
Jessica DobraSelf
Jessica Fernandezself
Jessica FolanSelf
Jessica HallCollege Student
Jessica HamiltonIDVA
Jessica HarshbargerNoneIllinois residents and American citizens
Jessica HinkleSelf
Jessica JalowiecSelf
Jessica KaniaSelfSelf
Jessica Karasekselfself
Jessica KhalifehSelfSelf
Jessica KleinFamilyFamily
Jessica KrischNA
Jessica LamlechHome
Jessica LaReauSelfSelf
Jessica LetiziaSelf
Jessica LinenfelserSelfSelf
Jessica Linnenself
Jessica MahoneySelf
Jessica MatejekSelf
Jessica MattesNA
Jessica McAteerSelfSelf
Jessica MooreSelfSelf
Jessica ODonnellIndividual
Jessica PetersonMyselfSelf
Jessica RitterSelfSelf
Jessica RossiFamily
Jessica RozakSelfSelf
Jessica SageHousehold
Jessica SantiagoSelfMy family
Jessica SchererSelfSelf
Jessica SchuesslerSelfVoter
Jessica smithSelfSelf
Jessica SmithUnited States of America
Jessica SmosnaSelfSelf
Jessica SpentzosSelf
Jessica StumpfSelfSelf
Jessica ValdiviaSelfSelf
Jessica VegaNoneSelf
Jessica WardSelfMy family
Jessica WengernoneMyself
Jessie BornFamilyFamily
Jessie ClarkSelf
Jessie LongJessieJessie and Nathan family
Jessika EakinsFamilyFamily
Jhia WallerIC4ICIC4IC
Jil CurrySelfSelf
Jill A Manningintegrity janitorial serviceself
Jill AdkinsSelfSelf, family
Jill birkholzSelfSelf
Jill CryderNoneSelf
Jill EkstromSelf
Jill EllisonSelf
Jill FragolaJF Industries Inc
Jill GawneSelfSelf
Jill GraySelf
Jill KellerSelfSelf
Jill LarsonSelfSelf
Jill LivelySelfSelf
Jill NobleSelf
Jill PaulusSelfSelf
Jill PickensSelf
Jill PostellRetired
Jill ReeseSelfSelf
Jill RisattiSelfMy family and anyone who cares about keeping health information private
Jill RocksteadSelf
Jill SheaSelfSelf
Jill ThiryPrivate
Jill WestfallSelf - Stay out of my medical recordsMe and my family
Jill WhiteSelfSelf
Jillian JanickiSelf
Jillian JarvinenJarvinen FamilyJarvinen Family- household of 5
Jillian MastrinoSelfSelf
Jillian ValtierraSelfSelf
Jim BachinskiSelf
jim berardihighland park for freedom
Jim Condonselfself
Jim ConroySelf Choose to OpposeSelf choose to oppose
Jim CunninghamMyself
Jim DargisSelf
Jim DeciccoIllinois Resident
Jim DonnellySelfSelf
Jim FisherSelfSelf
Jim FleckSelfSelf
Jim FullerSelf
Jim HaeckerLombard
Jim HaroldSelfSelf
Jim HulsebusHulsebus Machesney park
Jim HuntzickerSelfSelf
Jim Kellerselfself
Jim KurczodynaSelfSelf
Jim McKeeSelf
Jim millerSelfSelf
Jim MillerTaxpayer
Jim NelsonSelfSelf
Jim ProctorSelfSelf
Jim schmaudererFiling on behalf of self
Jim WascherSelfSelf
Jim WoolSelfSelf
JimAndJanet VanneIndependent contactorSelf and spouse
Jimmie CarawaySelf
Jinny Jacobsonselfself
Jo Clark Caulkinsself
Jo Ellen TappendorfSelfSelf
Jo HaydenSelfSelf
Jo HidalgoNASelf
Jo JacksonSelfSelf
Joan C BehmeFor my family of 7Citizens who do not want to be experimented on, labeled, or discriminated against.
Joan C BehmeselfTrinity Homeschool Coop
Joan DentonSelf
Joan FullerSelf
Joan HoffmannSelfSelf
Joan JohnstonSelfSelf
Joan Kisserhomeowner
Joan Koyama StonehouseNot applicablemyself
Joan O'FlanaganAwake IllinoisSelf
Joan ParkSelf
Joan parkSelfSelf
Joan Voorheesself
Joane MaherIndividualSelf
Joann BartonSelfSelf
Joann DomagalaSelfSelf
Joann Pancikselfself
Joanna CholewaNAMy family
Joanna DabrowskiSelfSelf
Joanna DubielSelf
Joanna GontarzSELFSELF
Joanna HoschSelfSelf
Joanna JackowskaSelfSelf
Joanna KlaczakSelfSelf
Joanna KleczynskiSelf
Joanna KrupskiSelf
Joanna Ladaselfself
Joanna M WalekCookSelf
Joanna MartinJoanna MartinJoanna Martin
Joanna MichonSelfSelf
Joanna NasiadkaMG CapitalMyself
Joanna NistaPrivate person
Joanna RgbinskiSelf
Joanna RusinSelfSelf
Joanna Stibgen MeyersMy familyMy family
Joanna wynneSelfSelf
Joanna ZelayaSelfSelf
Joanne ChambersSelf
Joanne CocoSelfSelf
Joanne Coutureself
Joanne DemminPersonalPersonal
Joanne GastonSelf
Joanne HallSelfSelf
Joanne M TalbotOn behalf of myself and my familyMyself and my family
Joanne O'RourkeSelfSelf
JoAnne Panzerselfself
Joanne ShannonSelfSelf
JoAnne TrimpePersonal
JoAnne TrimpeSelf
Joaquin SandovalRetired
Jodi BeyersMy FamilySelf - not a bot
Jodi BrogdonSelf
Jodi HaefnerSelfSelf
Jodi HaskinsSelfSelf
Jodi KielsmeierSelfThis does not support Constitutional rights of Americans.
Jodi PerrinSelfSelf
Jodi RileySelf
Jodie ZitkoSelfSelf
Jody BensonSelfSelf
Jody BochenekSelf
Jody HarringtonNA
Jody OltmanSelfSelf
Joe BenderSelfSelf
Joe Caswellselfself
Joe hughesSelfSelf
Joe LaCombeSelfSelf
Joe LandfairSelfMy family
Joe LysiakSelfSelf
Joe McElroySelfTo Rep Morgan and Legislators in favor of this bill. Psa 109  Let your days be few; Let another take your office.
Joe McKinneyRochelle Elementry SchoolRochelle Elementry School
Joe MooreSelf
Joe MooreSelfSelf
Joe OleksakSelfSelf
Joe PiombinoSelf
Joe schulteselfself
Joe signorelliSelfSelf
Joe SimeoWord on Fire MinistriesMyself
Joe SolcaniSelf
Joe SperaSelf
Joe TetzlaffSelfMy Family
Joe UlivieriSelfSelf
Joe WeadickSelfSelf
Joel DankerSelf
Joel EckbergSelfSelf
Joel RivamonteCitizen
Joel RoosaMy familyMy family
Joel SluisSelf
Joel stephensonLlc
Joel SternsteinNoneSelf
Joell Olalde SpringmanSelf
Joelle Belchself
Joelle KurczodynaSelfSelf
Joesph ablesFree American citizen
JoGena HowlettSelfSelf
Johan HolsingerU.S. Citizen
Johanna BerghoferSelfSelf
Johanna StarrSelfSelf
John MeansIC4ICSelf
John Nowakselfself
John AbrahamianSelfSelf
John AnayaSELF
John ArmstrongSelf not a botSelf not a bot
John ArnoldSelf
John AugleSelfSelf and family
John BakalisNASelf
John BalockiDr John Balockiself
John BeecherSelfSelf
John BenuzziSelfSelf
John BertolozziSelf
John BlackSelf
John BlahusiakSelf
John bourqueSelfSelf
John Bradley KeplerSelfSelf
John BrandauSelfSelf
John BurtonSelf
John C BrownSelfSelf
John C RevelloSelf
John CastaldoSelfSelf
John CavanaughSelfSelf
John ChidlowSelfChidlow Family
John ChowaniecSelfSelf
John ClarizioNone
John CollierSELF
John CookselfSelf
John CreevyNAMyself
John D and Patricia A RichardsonResidents and Taxpayers
john dallasld mechanical
John DalySelf
John David HaskinsSelfSelf
John Delgadoselfself
John DriscollSelfSelf
John E KilkennyPrivate citizen
John FallertNone
John FlemingSelfSelf
John Francis KhinCitizen
John GastonSelf
John GiulianoSelf
John GiulianoSelfSelf
John GraySelfSelf
John GregorSelfSelf
John GrenertPrivate
John GuillSelf
John HalgrenFire service
John HannanILself
John HaskinsSelfSelf
John HechtCitizen
John HegnerSelf-employedSelf
John HeinzSelfSelf
John HermanReal EstatePassports are ALREADY BEING REMOVED in the UK - please understand this will make Illinois look even worse that it already does....Broke, behind and blind to what the people really want.
John HillSelf
John HoeferSelfMy family
John HosseltonNone
John HowardNone
John HvezdaSelfSelf
John J CarterSelfSelf
John J NataleSelfSelf
John JacobSelfSelf
John Jamersonselfself
John JanickiSelf
John JohnstonSelfSelf
John JunsSelfI strongly OPPOSE any kind of vaccine registry.
John KeenanNoneSelf
John KirkRetired
John LovejoySelfSelf
John Lovetereself
John M CarterSelfMy family
John ManteSelfSelf
John MarcatanteNone
JOHN MASTERSMasters Investment Group LLC
John McLennanself
John MikulskiSelf
John MulhallSelfSelf
John MurphySelfSelf
John MyrdaN A
John NataleSelf
John NaughtonSelfSelf
John Noonanselfself
John OdleSelfSelf
John P FallonHousehold
John P HuffmanSelfSelf
John PalkoSelfSelf
John PanekSelfSelf
John PanicolaSelfSelf
John PatseySelfSelf
John Paul AabramSelfSelf
John PavlisMyself
John PerriconeSelfSelf
John PetersonSelfSelf
John PoppeSelfSelf
John Presley0
John PrincipeSelf
John RevelloSelf
John RiedleNoneNone
John RonnSelf
John S CaronSelf
John S CaronSelfThis is a massive invasion of privacy. This is for myself, my family and all others who value privacy and personal freedom.
John SalajkaSELFIllinois voter
John SalettaNone
John SerratoSelfSelf
John Severanceselfmy family
John shawakerSelfSelf
John Shermanselfself
John SmosnaSelfSelf
John TautgesNone
John TurnerFamilySelf
John Van Huisselfself NOT A BOT
John Von Arxselfself
John WalterSelfSelf
John WardSelfSelf
John WeltmeyerIDOC
John Zahosselfself
John ZirbesSelf
John ZordaniSelfself
Johnathan HamannNAMyself
Johnathan WagnerSelfSelf
Johnny CastaldoSelfSelf
Johnny EllisonSelf
Jola KurasMG CapitalMyself
Jola SurowiecSelfSelf
Jolanta KniazYear
Jolanta SikoraConcerned citizenStop playing with the dates. It won't change our minds. My medical history belongs to me and my doctor. Nobody else.
Jolanta Tobiaszselfmyself
Jolee saharaPrivateJolee sahara and the Sahara family
Jolene Paquetteresident
Jolyn BulthuisStraitLine Decorating
Jolyn Daughertyselfself
JoMarie ShiresSelfSelf
Jon AndertonSelfSelf
Jon FrantzFirm
Jon GarnerNA
Jon Gieserselfself
Jon GokenFamilyFamily
Jon JudgeSelf
Jon Leiningersole proprietor
Jon Payneselfself
Jon StegmaierSelf
Jonah ColeSelf
Jonathan A JonesSelfSelf
Jonathan BordersSelfSelf
Jonathan BurriellSelfSelf
Jonathan CvetanResident
Jonathan D HinesNA
Jonathan ElderSelf
Jonathan Frithsenselfself
Jonathan GingerichGingerich Repair
Jonathan JeddSelf
Jonathan KettleSelfSelf
Jonathan Piskaselfself
Jonathan RuttiSelfMy Family
Jonathan SurprenantSelfMyself and my family who believe in privacy and medical freedom
Jonathan Wilderselfself
Jonathan WintermeyerFamilyFamily
Jonathon GearingPersonal
Joni BurckharttFamily
Joni CampbellSelf
Joni SorceSelf
Jordan BrooksSelfSelf
Jordan CunninghamSelf
Jordan HanfordSelf
Jordan JathoSelfSelf
Jordan MorahnSelfI oppose.
jordan sallerselfself
Jordan SmithSelfSelf
Jordan VanagasSelfSelf
Jordin NallySelf
Jorge GomezFamilyFamily
Jorge GomezSelfFamily
Jorge MorenoFamilyFamily
Jose RocheSelfMy family
Jose Angel Rodriguez MartineSelfSelf
Jose FigueroaSelf
Jose FigueroaSelfSelf
Jose ValtierraSelfSelf
Josefina ChaidezSelf
Joseph AgnelloSelf
Joseph B AabramSelfSelf
Joseph BarangoSelfself
Joseph BendaSelfSelf
Joseph BuckSelfSelf
Joseph ChianoMy selfMy family
Joseph CumboSelfTax-payer
Joseph DalessandroHomeowner
Joseph DeWitteselfself
Joseph FlowersJoseph Flowers
Joseph GiammarinoSelf
Joseph GillesNASelf
Joseph GlantSelfSelf
Joseph GraySelfSelf
Joseph Gribauskas JrRetired
Joseph HavelkaSelfSelf
Joseph HaxtonretiredFamily
Joseph HoffmannSelfSelf
Joseph IgnoffoSelfSelf
Joseph J BonadonnaSelf
Joseph J KielarSELFMr. Joseph Kielar
Joseph J Von Arxselfself
Joseph Khairallahself
Joseph kieserRepublican party
Joseph KocanNew Eve Technologies, Inc.Self
Joseph MeyersNoneMy Family
Joseph MontanaroSelfSelf
Joseph MucciantiSelf
Joseph MucciantiSelfSelf
Joseph NorrisSelfSelf
Joseph P SkaffSelf
Joseph P SkaffSelf
Joseph ParisMyself
Joseph PascucciSelf
Joseph RonowskiReyes Holdings
Joseph Salvoselfself
Joseph SandersSanders HouseholdSanders Household
Joseph SchefflerSelf
Joseph SchollSelf
Joseph SchollSelfFamily
joseph sperlikSelf
Joseph StubbsSelf
Joseph SwankselfSelf
Joseph tanneySelfFamily
Joseph WalshSelfMy family
Joseph WarnkeCity of Chicago, Fire Department
Joseph Wilhelmnoneself
Joseph WolskiSelfSelf
Joseph ZielinskiSelfSelf
Josephine AttentoSelfFamily
Josh BervenSelfSelf
Josh daySelfFamily
Josh HootsSelf
Josh MooreSelfSelf
josh rickeyself
Josh SmithSelf
Josh Smithselfself
Josh youngSelfSelf
Joshua AckertSelfParent
Joshua AckertSelfSelf
Joshua BowtonIdoc
Joshua ByersSelfSelf
Joshua CunninghamNoneSelf
Joshua DavenportSelfSELF
Joshua DoroffSelfSelf
Joshua FillerCitizen
Joshua Gramerself
Joshua GurnseySelfSelf
Joshua HoldimanSelfSelf
Joshua HuckerUSAUSA
Joshua Lovellselfself
Joshua M AkinSelf-employed
Joshua MartinMyself
Joshua McDowell.Self
Joshua McElroySelfSelf
Joshua MichelSelfSelf
Joshua R Robisonselfself
Joshua SouchetSelfSelf
Joshua StachuraLifelong Illinois Resident and concerned parentThe general populace of the state of Illinois
Joshua TealSELF
Joshua ThiemeyerSelf
Joshua Thomas WhiteAshley Furniture
Joshua WagerFamilyMy Family who believes in health privacy
Joshua WilliamsSelf
Joshua Youngselfself
Josiah AndertonSelfSelf
Josiah GrzesiakSelfSelf
Josiane ElkhouryJeyme
Josie broschSelfSelf, family
Jovana BursacSelf
Joy BlackSelfSelf
Joy L CaldwellSelf
Joy Masekself
Joy MooreSelf
Joy MooreSelfSelf
Joy SheaSelfSelf
Joya Van Der LaanPersonalJoya van der laan
Joyce AugustusSelf
Joyce Belobraydichselfself
Joyce LewisAdamsSelf
Joyce PenningtonSelfSelf
Joyce Smithselfself
Jozef Ligezaselfself
Jozef PiwowarczykSelfSelf
Jsrad PossNa
Juan NavarroSelf
Juan Sotoselfself
Judi KopaczNa
Judith BensonHousehold
Judith GierutSelfSelf
Judith Grimmettself
Judith Hoppen-ArcillaAFAself
Judith JagodzinskiSelfSelf
Judith VantSelf
Judith WilsonSelf
Judy CamiliereSelf
Judy CamiliereSelfSelf
Judy CaronNA
Judy gibbsSelfSelf
Judy LoulaSelfSelf
Judy MehalicSelf
Judy MooreNone
Judy NaughtonNaSelf
Judy SwindlePersonal
Judy Techmanself
Judy TetzlaffSelfSelf
Judy WoodSelfSelf
Jules SHomemakerTaxpayers
Juli FitzgeraldSelf
Juli MirabileSelf
Julia AmicoSelfSelf
Julia ClarkSelfSelf
Julia FosdickCitizen of Illinoiscitizens of Illinois
Julia JaworSelfSelf
Julia KarpinskiSelf
Julia PantchevSelf and familySelf and family
Julia Seniunasselfself
Julia SignorelliSelfSelf
Juliana szotkoMG CapitalMyself
Julianne FeigelSelfMy family
Julianne McElroySelfSelf
Julianne Smithresident
Julie A BourbonSelf
Julie ArmstrongSelf
Julie ArnoldSelf
Julie BachmanFamily
Julie BauerSelf
Julie BaumgartenSelfSelf
Julie BehmeselfTeens Against Tyranny
Julie BoeckenstedtSelfFamily
Julie BoomsmaSelf
Julie BotkinSelfSelf
Julie BotkinSelfSelf and family
Julie BullockIDOCSelf
Julie CaiseSelfSelf
Julie CampbellSelf
Julie cantrellSelf
Julie ChoHousehold
Julie ClarizioNone
Julie Danielsonselfself
Julie DepaSelf
Julie DeweySelf
Julie DonatelliSelf
Julie EwingSelfSelf
Julie FerenziMyselfMyself
Julie FischerSelfSelf
Julie Fosterselfself
Julie GokenFamilyFamily
Julie GwiasdaSelf
Julie HabstrittSelfSelf
Julie HarrisnSelf
Julie HeatherlyMy familyMy family
Julie HetrickIllinois Resident and Citizen of the United StatesMyself and my family
Julie HeyerIndependentIndependent
Julie HotzeSelfMy family
Julie HoustonSelfSelf
Julie Huffarself
Julie jahnNa
Julie Jordan-BrandtNaSelf
Julie KaiserSelfSelf
Julie KraemerCitizen
Julie KruseSelfMyself
Julie KukrejaPen & Mouse Design House Inc.
Julie KukrejaSelfSelf
Julie KulhanekSelfSelf
JULIE M HOLENPioneer Referral Services
Julie McLaughlinMcLaughlin chiropractic ClinicMcLaughlin chiropractic, and employees
Julie MillerSelfSelf
Julie Nowakselfself
Julie PalenciaNone
Julie RilloSelfSelf
Julie RowdenSelfHousehold
Julie SchaeferSelfSelf
Julie Staehelyselfself
Julie UhlerSelfSelf
Julie VanderpeolFamilyFamily
Julie WagerFamilyMy family who believes in health privacy
Julie WojtowiczNone
Julie WoodSelfSelf
Julien FlorezSelf
Juliet CalabreseSelf
Juliet WillsSelfSelf
Juliette Hopmanmy familymy family
Julina KirbySelf
Juline SchumacherSelf
Julio FernandezSelf
Julius Fejesself
Julue KunceMom
Justas LelisSelf
Justin BarclaySelf
Justin CvetanResidentResident
Justin CzarnowskiSELFSELF
Justin DilksSELFThis information is not necessary to have on a registry.
Justin DouglasSelfSelf and this is not a robot
Justin HaroldSelfSelf
Justin HunterSelf
Justin IsaacSelfSelf
Justin JamesSelfSelf
Justin jathoPersonalPersonal
Justin MilburnSelf
Justin MisialekMe
Justin NallySelf
Justin OrsenoFamilySelf
Justin ReichertSelfSelf
Justin SchwartzRaycar Gear and Machine Co.Self
Justin SiemensSelf
Justin TaylorSelfMy family
Justin WhitlockNAMy family
Justin WilhelmsSelf
Justine StockbridgeSelf
Justini Scherfna
K MartinNoneSelf
k moriartynonemy family
Kacey HansonDHS
Kacie BiniakSelfSelf
Kacie ElmerSelf
Kacper KlaczakSelfSelf
Kaelan SmithSelfSelf
Kahla DavisSelfSelf
Kai lenciauskasselffamily
Kailey RowdenSelf
kaili chulteselfself
kaili schulteselfself
Kainen LohjaSelfSelf
Kaitlin ByersSelfSelf
Kaitlin DeCantoSelfSelf
Kaitlin HarringtonSelfMy family
Kaitlin LamackNANA
Kaitlyn Clayself
Kaitlyn BolotinConsultantKaitlyn Bolotin
Kaitlyn CainSelf
Kaitlyn Juana MorenoSelfSelf
Kaiya GrzesiakSelfself
Kaleb MeierSelfSelf
Kalee GenisSelfSelf
Kaleigh CunninghamSelfSelf
KALILA DawoodSelf
Kalina DeniseNone
Kallal TerrieKallal Farms Inc
Kalli McDonaldSelf
Kalli PraterSelf
Kamil Kaluckiself
Kamil ososMG CapitalMyself
Kamila kubiakMG CapitalMyself
Kamila StaporSelfHousehold
Kaminska SylwiaSelfSelf
Kamla WongSelf
Kandy WaldieSelfSelf
Kanyanat MillerSelfSelf
Kara ArenaNASelf
Kara BakerSelf
Kara BondiSelfSelf, spouse, and parent that deserves privacy with health records
Kara ElmerSelf
Kara HillSelfSelf
Kara Lamackselfself
Kara MangioneClincosm, Inc.
Kara MarquardtSelfSelf
Kara McGarrahanSelfSelf
Kara RoosaMy familyMy family
Kara RuizSelffamily
Kara SwordNot applicable
Kara TomasSelfSelf
Karen WhitneySelfSelf
Karen A Borownoneself
Karen A Nitzselfself
Karen A PowersFamily
Karen Ann WhitneySelfSelf
Karen BaartzSelf
Karen BosoSelf
Karen BurmeschSelfSelf
Karen CarlsonSelf
Karen CiprianoResident
Karen CubberleyFamilyFamily
Karen CurtisSelf
Karen CurtisSelfHead of household
Karen DamatoSelfSelf
Karen DiVenereSelfSelf
Karen DonovanSelf
Karen DonovanTaxpayer
Karen DresselSelfSelf
Karen EttiNoneSelf
Karen F SoberskiSelf
Karen FalkSelf
Karen FordSelfSelf
Karen FoxSelfSelf
Karen FreundHBVISelf
Karen GoldaSelfSelf
karen Haberstockselfself
Karen Hagenselfself
Karen HahnNASelf and Family
Karen HealerSelf
Karen HechtTaxpayer
Karen HullingerSelf
Karen HyndsNoneKaren Hynds
Karen J LalagosSelfSelf
Karen J PeeryResidentSelf
Karen K Beasonself
Karen KoserSelfSelf
Karen L SchultzUSPS
Karen Lovellselfself
Karen LushNA
Karen Lynn WilliamsnoneKaren Lynn Williams
Karen ManzSelfSelf
Karen McAuliffeSelfSelf
Karen McDonoughSelfSelf
Karen MoonNot applicable
Karen NolteSelfSelf
Karen OlayoSelfSelf
Karen Perliaconcerned citizenSELF
Karen PopovicNA
Karen Portenselfself
Karen RednoirIndividualSelf
Karen Riggenbachselfself
Karen SailerSelf
Karen SchindlerselfSelf
Karen Schusternonestop the over reach of going into our private lives. We are sick of Illinois hypocritical laws that make us lose more freedoms and rights to choose. Self
Karen SwearingenSelfFamily
Karen TroogstadFamilySelf
Karen WilliamsTaxpayer
Karen Z HooglandOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Karessa LoosSelf
Kari BelloSelfSelf
Kari DycheSelf
Kari KeeranMy familyMy self and my family
Kari KinnardSelfSelf and my family with 3 minor children
Karianne DoyleSelfSelf
Karin A FerenzSelf-employedSelf
Karin SchmidtSelfSelf
Karin TuurieMy householdself
Karina PhilippiSelf
Karl ArmstrongSelfIllinoisans who believe in privacy and health freedom
Karl ForgeronNASelf
Karl KirschSelfSelf
KARL W WELZselfself
Karl ZettlemoyerSelf
Karla Greenself
Karla Kirkwood-JohnsonselfI am opposed to the collection of this data as immunization schedules and requirements do NOT apply to everyone and is against the constitutional freedoms of this country.
Karla OhnerSelfSelf
Karla SeggebruchSelf
Karla Sliferselfself
Karlene Campbellselfself
Karlie KrehbielSelf
Karly OlsonSelfIllinois teachers
Karma SeymourSELFSELF
Karol filipkowskiSelf
Karol kaluckiSelf
Karol RybinskiSelfSelf
Karolina PolakowskiSelfSelf
Karolina SobczykSelfSelf
Karolyn WilliamsSelfSelf
Karrie JerdeeWills Chiropractic
Karrie MatthewsMy Family
Karry AndersonSelfSelf
Karyn Bordenself
Karyn LealiPersonal
Karyn O'Keefeself
Kasandra ortegaSelfSelf
Kasey MinnerSelfSelf
Kasey ReedNAself
Kasi AndersonRegistered NurseSelf and family
Kasia CMyselfMyself
Kasia PowroznikMrs.Mrs.
Kasia PowroznikMrs.My family
Kasia szotkoMG CapitalMyself
Kassandra McLarenSelfSelf
Kassandra RamirezMy familySelf
Kassandra RamirezSelfMy family
Kassie HallNA
KAT MONAHAN sheetzDiamond Grove Farm
Katalina HeckermannSelfSelf
Katarina SamardzijaSelf
Katarzyna BlahusiakSelf
Katarzyna CiesielskiSelfSelf
Katarzyna GadzinskiSelf
Katarzyna JanuszkoSelf
Katarzyna KowalczykSelfSelf
Katarzyna MagieraSelfSelf
Katarzyna ManteSelfSelf
Katarzyna Moskwamyselfmyself
Katarzyna RytSelf
Katarzyna SliwaSelfFamily , taxpayers, citizens
Katarzyna SlusarczykSelfSelf
Katarzyna Szotkoselfself
Katarzyna TokarskaSelfSelf
Katarzyna ZiemianskaSelf
Kate DeCantoSelf
Kate DerricoSelfSelf
Kate FurzlandSelfSelf
Kate HolwerdaSelf
Kate MarengoSelf
Kate MelekhovaSelfSelf
Kate Monaxiosself
Kate PhillippiSelf
Kate RollmanIndividualIndividual
Kate SchramlSelfVehemently oppose.
Kate VallaroSelf
Kate WojcikSelfSelf
Katelin SchreroSelfSelf
Katelyn Eggerson behalf of self
Katelyn FuentesSelf
Katelyn Leonardselfself
Katelyn Whitlockselfself
Katelynn SchuetzMcKendree University
Katerina AvgerinosSelfSelf
Katharina PelkeyNoneSelf
Katharine BarnesSELF
Katharine IzzoSelf
Katherine berrymanSelf
Katherine BochteSelf Employed
Katherine BuntingSelfFamily
Katherine CantrellSelfSelf
Katherine CavanaghParentParent
Katherine DallmierSelfSelf
Katherine DieboldSelf
Katherine DoranskiSelf
Katherine FranklinSelfSelf
Katherine GroppeSelfSelf
Katherine HeatherlyMy familyMy family
Katherine JasonSelfSelf
Katherine KucharSelf
Katherine McCallNASelf
Katherine MeisterSelfSelf
Katherine MistarzSelfMy Family
Katherine MurschelMy household. We are not botsMy household who are not bots
Katherine PlataNASelf, dependents
Katherine RiveraSelfSelf
Katherine RosenthalNaSelf
Katherine SchillingselfOpposed to violation of HIPAA law and confidentiality of medical information.
Katherine SilvaySelfSelf
Katherine SnitowskySelf
Katherine TracySelfHousehold
Katherine WolteringSelfSelf
Katherine WortmanSelfSelf
Kathie Faverofamily
Kathleen GiampaSelf
Kathleen B AabramSelfSelf
Kathleen BerrySelf
Kathleen Clevelandself
Kathleen Cordovaselfself
Kathleen DiazFamily Home
Kathleen FackerSelfSelf
Kathleen GlennonSelfSelf
Kathleen GrossenbacherSelf
Kathleen HeinMyselfmyself
Kathleen IzbanTaxpayerIzban and McNamee Family
Kathleen JackowskiSelfSelf
Kathleen JonesSelfMyself and family
Kathleen JurakSelfSelf and family
Kathleen KaufmanSelfSelf
Kathleen KennellySelfSelf
kathleen louise groveselfself
Kathleen M Carlsonselfself
Kathleen M McCafferty695 Prairie Ave.
Kathleen M RuzanskiSelfSelf
Kathleen M Toveyselfself
Kathleen MacKinnonSelfSelf
Kathleen McAuliffeSelf
Kathleen Meyers-GroppeSelfSelf
Kathleen NeeSelfSelf
Kathleen O'BrienFamilyFamily
Kathleen O'ReganSelfSelf
Kathleen OndyakSelf
Kathleen OReillyself
Kathleen Patchettself
Kathleen R HigginsSelfSelf
Kathleen S SchalowselfSelf
Kathleen SabbsNone
Kathleen SluhoskiSelf FamilySelf Family
Kathleen SrokaCitizen
Kathleen SummerhillSelfSelf
Kathlynn GadeNASelf
Kathryn A KadyschukSelf
Kathryn CampbellselfMy family who believes in privacy & health freedom
Kathryn CazzolaSelfSelf
Kathryn ChapmanSelfMy Family
Kathryn DaileyPerson
Kathryn FesterSelfSelf
Kathryn GouzoulesESD 75
Kathryn HaraldsonSelfFamily
Kathryn J Kneeselfself
Kathryn KirbySelf
Kathryn KoclanisAs an individual
Kathryn Kozlowskiself
Kathryn LuxtonSelfself
Kathryn M FlavinSelfSelf
Kathryn M Gillispieself
Kathryn M TalbotSelfSelf
Kathryn MatherlyNoneSelf
Kathryn olstedSelf
Kathryn renchenHouseholdMyself and household
Kathryn RespassSelfMy household
Kathryn RodriguezSelfSelf
kathryn schlesinger hahnA A Electric Company
Kathryn ScottSelfSelf
Kathryn SordeletSelfSelf
Kathryn SubjectSelfParents
Kathryn SwansonSelfSelf
Kathryn Tylerselfmy family
Kathryn TylerselfMy Illinois family that values privacy
Kathryne CotromanesSelfSelf
Kathryne PirtleSelfSelf
Kathy OConnorResidentMyself
Kathy AndersonSelfSelf
Kathy CollinsNone
Kathy danielSelfSelf
Kathy DumelleSelf
Kathy DyjakSelfSelf
Kathy GeislerNa
Kathy goergesSelf
Kathy HolwerdaSelfSelf
Kathy HydeSelf
Kathy KramerSelfSelf
Kathy LongCitizen
Kathy MilanSelfSelf
Kathy NelsonSelfSelf
Kathy PavlisSelf
Kathy R Resslerselfself oppose
Kathy RusnakSelfSelf
Kathy RutkowskiSelf
Kathy SachtlebenMyselfMyself
Kathy VrablicSelf
Kathy WonsowskiSelfSelf
Katica JurassiSelfSelf
KatieAmericanKatie Glenn
Katie ablesFree American citizen
Katie AndraskiSelf
Katie AssellCitizenSelf
Katie BeehSelfSelf
Katie BlanchardSelfSelf
Katie BrocatoSelf, IL citizens, familySelf, my family, IL citizens
Katie BrykSelf
Katie BukowskiSelf
Katie CampagnaSelfSelf
Katie CollinsSelfKatie Collins
Katie FadziejewskiNa
Katie FoxNA
Katie Goebelselfself
Katie GurnseySelfSelf
Katie kellerSelfSelf
Katie KlimekSelf
Katie Knableself
Katie KooimaHousehold
Katie LigasSelfMy Family
Katie LordSelf
Katie MelullSelfSelf
Katie MillerSelf
Katie MorganNANA
Katie MurraySelf
Katie NewbergerSelfSelf
Katie OConnorSelf
Katie Paquetteresident
Katie SavageSelf
Katie SharpSelfMy Family
Katie Sleighselfself
Katie SutterSelfSelf
Katie VailSelfSelf
Katie ZinkSelfPeople of Illinois
Katie ZinkSelfPeople of the USA
Katie ZuchaSelfSelf
Katrina BeckNA
Katrina cardellaSelfMyself
Katrina GustafsonSelfSelf
Katrina JenkinsSelfFamily
Katrina PetersonNone
Katrina Steffesselfmy family
Katrina TedderKat's DesignsSelf
Katy KidwellSelf
Katy SutterSelfSelf
Kay BaerSelfSelf
Kay morkSelfSelf
Kay WadsworthSelf
Kaya JasonSelfSelf
Kaya szotkoMG CapitalMyself
Kayden KleinstubSelfSelf
Kaye CochranSelf
Kayla Cowellselfself
Kayla DemasHouseholdSelf
Kayla DempseyFBC Child Development CenterSelf
Kayla LindenSelf
Kayla Lomelinona
Kayla MitriaSelf
Kayla PeerySelf
Kayla SvendsenSelfSelf
Kaylea DavilaSelfMy family that believes in privacy and health freedom
Kayli OFlanaganselfSelf
KayLynne GasiorowskiUniversal wellness sourceUniversal wellness source
Kaytlin GordonSelf
Kazimierz KowalSelf
Kazimierz szczygielSelfSelf
Keirsten TrhlikNone
Keith BensonProtech Security Group
Keith DayIllinois Citizen
Keith FoxRetired
Keith GiaquintoGiaquinto Chiropractic and Digestion Center Inc.Self
Keith GuzaitisSelf
Keith HeatherlySelf
Keith HinkleSelf
Keith HudsonIndependent Contractor
Keith KarczewskiSelf
Keith Kuhlselfself
Keith MeierSelfSelf
Keith MooreSelfSelf
Keith MouisNa
Keith MouisNone
Keith MunselSelfSelf
Keith MunsellSelfSelf
Keith Owanoself
Keith Paarenmy familymy family
Keith RiddleSelfSelf
Keith RitterSelfSelf
Keith SalernoSelf
Keith SchallmoSelf
Keith SeegerNA
Keith SpaniolMyselfSelf
Keith swindleSelfSelf
Keith WiersemaNone
Keli Vaughanselfself
Kelley Darrenonemyself
Kelley GillenwaterFamilyFamily
Kelley RawlingsTax payer
Kellie JohnsonSelf
Kelly BirkyfamilySelf
Kelly BridgemanSelfSelf
Kelly CarnesNASelf
Kelly Conwayselfself
Kelly CunninghamSelfSelf
Kelly DeschampsNone
Kelly DeStefanoSelfSelf
Kelly DohertySelfSelf
Kelly Donovanfamily
Kelly DoranskiSelf
Kelly DrewMy FamilyMy Self and My Family
Kelly FisherSelfSelf
Kelly FitzgeraldFull time working mom
Kelly FitzpatrickSelfI am NOT A BOT I'm a real human being who is very upset with your tactics
Kelly GallagherMy Family
kelly gannonself
Kelly GibsonSelf
Kelly GraeberFamilyMy family and children I serve
Kelly GrossiSelf
Kelly HokenessSelf
Kelly HuntSelfSelf
Kelly KirbyParent
Kelly KramerSelfMy children and all other children in Illinois
Kelly KretzerSelf
Kelly LaschinskiNone
Kelly LaschinskiSelf
Kelly Leonardselfself
Kelly LiebgottSelfSelf
Kelly Lotrietself
kelly maculanselfself
Kelly MatthewsSelfSelf
Kelly McDuffeeSelf
Kelly McElhaneySelfSelf
Kelly McGowanHouse of McGowanMyself
Kelly MendozaSelfSelf
Kelly MessmoreSelfSelf
Kelly MetkeSelfSelf
Kelly NelsonSelfSelf
Kelly nesslingSelf
Kelly NordlieSelf
Kelly O'HernSelfSelf
Kelly OdegaardNASelf
Kelly PonticelliSelfSelf
Kelly RhodesSelfSelf
Kelly RidgesSelf
Kelly RowdenSelf
Kelly ScottFamilyFamily
Kelly SegretiSelfFor me & my beautiful family who report to GOD not GOV
Kelly Shermanselfself
Kelly SiebertSelfSelf
kelly slagleSelfSelf
Kelly smith.
Kelly SmithFamilyself
Kelly StoeckerSelfFamily
Kelly SwayneSelf EmployedSelf
Kelly Synowiec-MoroneySelfSelf
Kelly Vidovicselfmy children
Kelly VielSelfMy family
Kelly WalshFamily
Kelly WolakSelfSelf
Kelse MatherMyself
Kelsey CollinsSelfSelf
Kelsey HenselSelfSelf
Kelsey KairisSelfSelf
Kelsey OlsenSelfSelf
Kelsey TobeyFamilySelf
Kem WilsonSelfMy family
Ken ArellanoSelfSelf
Ken BrezinaSelfSelf
Ken HamillSelfSelf
Ken HauserSelf
Ken KrolSelf employed
Ken LangworthySelf
Ken LarsonNone
Ken McCreerySelfSelf
Ken RutkowskiSelf
Ken Schroepferself
Ken SmithSelfSelf
Ken WeingardSelf
Kenadee Edelmanselfself
Kendall Beckselfself
Kendall HeymNone
Kendall MillerNa
Kendall PriceSelfSelf
Kendell PillerSelfSelf
Kendra BreindelSelfSelf
Kendra HelferSelfSelf
Kendra JenningsTMC
Kendra RenfroeNaSelf
Kendra Robinsonself
Kendra SteinmetzSelfSelf, my children, and all Illinoisans who believe in privacy, and freedom of choice
Kenna HartianSelfSelf
Kennedy HartsfieldSelf
Kenneth BarkerSelf
Kenneth BurchSELF
Kenneth CaseySelfSelf
Kenneth FischerSelf
Kenneth G KoopIndividual
Kenneth HoltSelfMy Family
Kenneth J Toenjesself
Kenneth J Willeynoneself- parent, grandparent
Kenneth KohlbergNone
Kenneth LundgreenFamily
Kenneth MichalakSelfSelf
Kenneth R CatesSelf
Kenneth ReyesSelf
Kenneth SmithSelfMyself and Family
Kenneth ZitkoSelfSelf
Kent E Christiansonselfself
Kent RossmillerTax payer
Kent WendySelfSelf
kenton girardrealty group
Kenyon BrooksSelf
Keralee FroebelSelf Employed Artist
Keri FelgenhauerSelf
Keri GaulSelfself
Kerin LarsonSelf
Kerri hoodFamilyMy children and family
Kerri hoodSelfMy family
Kerri KovelFamily
Kerri MeadTax Payer
Kerri SurprenantNAMy family or Ilinoisans who believe in privacy and health freedom
Kerri WilsonSelfSelf
Kerry CarnesSelfSelf
Kerry CromackFamily
Kerry McNicholasSelfSelf
Kerry MeyerhoffMyself
Ketra HerrmannSelf
Keven RodrickSelf
Kevin BranniganSELFself
Kevin AdleySelf
Kevin AdleySelfSelf
Kevin AugustusSelfSelf
Kevin BlossFurry Inspirations, Inc
Kevin BristolSelfVoter - Figure pushing this back another session will make us forget. Never. Elections are coming soon.
Kevin BrownSelfSelf
Kevin ChellbergKI
Kevin ClarkSelf
Kevin ColbertSelf
Kevin ConlonSelfSelf-not a bot
Kevin DonofrioSelfSelf
Kevin DowneySelfSelf
Kevin Finlayself familyself family
Kevin FreemanSelfSelf
Kevin G Krallnone
Kevin GibbonsSelf
Kevin gilboeMy familyMy family
Kevin GrahamSelf
Kevin HaunNA
Kevin HenthornSelfSelf
Kevin IlerSelfSelf
Kevin IscraNASelf
Kevin J Friesprivate citizen
Kevin KeelingSelf
Kevin KochSelfSelf
Kevin KothSelf
Kevin krugerSelfSelf
Kevin M HarrisSelf
Kevin m SilvaAmerican Citizen
kevin McGraneselfself
Kevin McLindenSelf
Kevin MetkeSelfSelf
Kevin minerNa
Kevin NeuhausSelfSelf
KEVIN O PRITCHETTLaw Office of Kevin Pritchett, Inc.
Kevin ParrishSelfSelf
Kevin PociaskMy family
Kevin QuinnSelf
Kevin S Inmanselfself
Kevin SchoeberleNone
Kevin SellersFamilySelf
Kevin Stenmarkselfself
Kevin SultzSelf
Kevin T McGingSelf
Kevin TrejoSelfSelf
Kevin TrimpeAbbvie
Kevin WilliamsSelfSelf
Khampasong ManeesangConstituent
Kiera DoyleSelfSelf
Kiersten HumboldtSelfSelf
Kiesha Handson-GulleySelf
Kiley PaulsSelf
Kim AmideoSelt
Kim BairdSelfSelf
Kim BrahmSelf
Kim CameronSelfSelf
Kim CantrellSelfSelf
Kim CescatoSelf
Kim CorleySelfFamily
Kim CorleySelfSelf
Kim DaleySelfSelf
Kim FlanaganSelfSelf
Kim ForristallSelfSelf
Kim GoodallSelfFamily and any Illinoisan who believes in privacy and health freedom
Kim GoodmanKyani, Inc.
Kim HartsfieldSelf
Kim IaffaldanoSelf
Kim JanickiSelf
Kim KasallisSelfSelf
Kim KenneySelfSelf
Kim Kolbertself
Kim LosterSelf
Kim Loster-RiceSelf
Kim M Morrisselfself
Kim MayMay InternationalIndividual
Kim McQuillanSelfSelf
Kim MillerNone
Kim MillerNoneMyself
Kim MrozekSelf
Kim NovakSelf, familySelf, family
Kim Periman-BurtonSELF
Kim pochosSelf
Kim R WynnNA
Kim RussellCitizen
Kim SarrosSelfSelf
Kim SechristSelf
Kim SeilsSelf
Kim SkrabolyParentAll Illinois residents who fight for medical freedom of choice
Kim SpragueChoate Mental Health
Kim ThroopSelfSelf
Kim TylerSelfOur household
Kim Viravecselfself
Kim WardinSelfSelf
Kim WynnNA
Kim WynnSelfSelf
Kimber BrownSelfself
Kimberley RileyChicago ReadChicago Read
Kimberly KidnerSelfSelf
Kimberly A CrowleySelf
Kimberly A VeversFamilyFamily
Kimberly AbatangeloSelfSelf
Kimberly Andersenself
Kimberly AndersenSelfSelf
Kimberly BartkowiakSelfSelf
Kimberly BurnsHousehold
Kimberly Cain-JanickiSelf
Kimberly CorleySelfSelf
Kimberly D ClairSelf
Kimberly DigninPrivate Citizen
Kimberly EiselsteinMyselfMy family
Kimberly GreiweSelf
Kimberly HagedornSelf
Kimberly HaunNA
Kimberly HendersonSelfSelf
Kimberly KendallSelfMy family and people in Illinois who believe in privacy in health and freedom
Kimberly L StecSelf
Kimberly LabickiNone
Kimberly LigunaslSelfFamily
Kimberly Lynn HawkSIU
Kimberly MillerNoneMyself
Kimberly MurrayPrivate
Kimberly OehlerNone
Kimberly PetersonSelf
Kimberly RoseSelf
Kimberly SierockiSelfFamily
Kimberly SmootSelf
Kimberly StoubSelfSelf
Kimberly VillaSelfKimberly Villa
Kimberly VliesLake Forest Place
Kimberly WegrzynSelf
Kimberly WhiteWhite Family
Kinga BuchajskiSelfSelf
Kinsay SmithSelf
Kirk AllisonNASelf
Kirk BeissmannSelfFamily
Kirk JohnsonEarly American WorkshopJohnson Family
Kirk SellarsNone
Kirk SwansonSelf
Kirsten OvittIC4ICIC4IC
Kirsten GoddardSelfSelf
Kjersti EilersNA
Klaudia BaranSelfSelf
Klaudia Tredotamyselfmyself
Klovisa AmatajNone
Kmberly LaugtugNone
Knapik NicoleSelf
Kolby OuradaKolby OuradaKolby Ourada
Kollak GeneSelf
Konstantina MavropoulosSELF
Konstantinos Dino RoupasFly Transporter LLCRepresenting My Family, Extended Family, Church and Church Members, Neighborhood, Community, and the Stranger that is Among Us.
Koreena haireSelf
Koren DuncanSelfSelf
Korenkiewicz JoannaSelf
Korey EndressMy familyFamily
kori groveselfself
Koula Halikiasself
Kressie MaricleNASelf
Kris Feddorself, familyself, family
Kris HunterPreschool
Kris ReetzFamilyFamily
Kris SeverinsenSelfSelf
Kris SzaflarskiSelfMy family
Kris winburnSelf
Krissa BrongeSelfSelf
Krissy Nielsen-LombardiSelfSelf
Krista AckeSelfSelf
Krista AljetsSelf
Krista Figlewiczselfself
Krista Madaleneselfself
Krista RohlMyselfMyself and my family
Krista Sallerselfself
Krista SheldonSelfSelf
Kristan CarlsonSelf
Kristan Hansonself
Kristana TateSelfSelf
Kristen AndersonSelf
Kristen BarbaroSelfSelf
Kristen DinkelSelfYou have received enough feedback to end this bill and yet you continue to do what you can to implement your own desires over the desires of your constituents
Kristen EngleSelfMy children
Kristen Eschselfself
Kristen GraczSelf
Kristen HolwerdaSelfSelf
Kristen kennedySelfSelf
Kristen KoppersSelfSelf
Kristen KuhlemeierSelfSelf
Kristen MateskiSelfSelf
Kristen McDonaldSelfVoter
Kristen MittsFamilySelf
Kristen MonegatoSelfSelf
Kristen R BiggsSelf
Kristen ReganselfSelf
Kristen RosenbergSELFSELF
Kristen SchultzNA
Kristen SmithSelfSelf
Kristen SpanglerSelf
Kristen TenagliaSelf
Kristen VargasHousehold
Kristen VenetsanopoulosselfIllinoians who believe in health freedom and privacy
Kristen ZeigerSelf
Kristi ArnoldsAgencySelf voter
Kristi JenningsSelfFamily
Kristi KendzieSelfSelf
Kristi KittelSelf
Kristi LaRoseSelf
Kristi PerigoSelf
Kristi TippieSelfEvery Illinoisan who values the 1st and 14th Amendments
Kristi TyberendtSelfSelf
Kristie BernhardSelfSelf
Kristie OrnellasNA
Kristin BeringerNone
Kristin BrattaSelfSELF
Kristin BrownSelfSelf
Kristin BrustSelfSelf
Kristin FoxSelf
Kristin JuniaSelf & Family
Kristin KeslerSelfSelf
Kristin KocanSelfSelf
Kristin McDonoughSelfSelf
Kristin MuckerheideMyself
Kristin ODetteSelfFamily
Kristin PriceSelfSelf
Kristin RojasSelfSelf
Kristin SmithMomMom
Kristin ThirionSelfAmerican citizens resisting tyrannical government and Constitutional overreach.
Kristin Tomey VallalySelf
Kristin TrevinoSelfSelf
Kristina AhlgrimMy familyMy family
Kristina BarbosaSELFSELF
Kristina BuserSelf
Kristina CarlsonSelfSelf
Kristina Carmichaelhouse wifeself
Kristina Govorovskaselfself
Kristina Govorovskaselfself, my family - on behalf of those who see this is unconstitutional
Kristina HealySelf
Kristina JurkuteSelfSelf
Kristina KarlSelf
Kristina Kellerselfself
Kristina KubiliuteSelfSelf
Kristina MulhallSelfSelf
Kristina NevilleAccelerate Microgreen HealthSelf
Kristina NevilleSD129
Kristina NevilleSD129Self
Kristina PaskeyWork From HomeTax Payer
Kristina RistevMy selfMyself
Kristina Slawinskiself
Kristina TillmanSelfSelf
Kristina WilderSelfSelf
Kristine FrigoSelf
Kristine k AndersonSelfSelf
Kristine KearneySelf
Kristine MarionSelf
Kristine NovakIndividualIndividual
Kristine RentschSelfSelf
Kristine RogdeSELFSELF
Kristine VojackSelfMy Family
Kristopher KoppersSelfSelf
Kristy BorchartSelfSelf
kristy corteseself
Kristy KirganSelf
Kristy L PattersonSELF
Kristy LancasterSelf
Kristy mattsonSelf
Kristy MaySelf
Kristyn Leonardselfself
Kristyn WojciechowskiSelf
Krutsinger GlendaSelf
Krysta LlerezaSelf and familySelf and family
Krystian SzorcFamilyCitizen
Krystyna BanekSelf
Krystyna RostowskaSelfSelf
Krystyna TaraSelfSelf
Krzysztof KaluckiSelfSelf
Krzysztof KolczynskiSelfSelf
Krzysztof kompielMyselfMy family
Krzysztof kompielMyselfMyself
Krzysztof LadaSelfself
Krzysztof OrylSelfSelf
Krzysztof ParaSelf
Krzysztof StramaSelfSelf
Krzysztof SzorcFamilyCitizen
Krzysztof WojcikSelf
Kurt BensonHousehold
Kurt CatalanSelfSelf
Kurt CiabattariSelf
Kurt JohnsonSelfSelf
Kurt KudelkaSelf FamilyMy Family
Kurt PepperellSelfSelf
Kyla SmithSelf
Kyla SultzSelf
Kyle BachinskiSelf
Kyle BlackX
Kyle FloydFloyd FamilySelf
Kyle FredricksonSelfSelf
Kyle HolwerdaSelfSelf
Kyle HulsebusSelfSelf
Kyle LappinNone
Kyle Nowakselfself
Kyle PitchfordMyselfMyself
Kyle SchmittKujo
Kyle Toenjesself
Kyle Van CleaveSelfFamily
Kylee JuliusSelf
Kylene SteeleNa
Kylie MonganSelf
Kymberlie StefanskiSelfSelf
Kyna CorleySelfSelfi
Kyrie KLEINFELTERmy family
Kyrie KleinfelterSelfself
LA MontelbanoSelfThis bill is a disgrace to health, liberty and freedom. There is no room in this world for hate & force - PLEASE THINK OF YOUR DESCENDANTS AND OPPOSE THIS BILL.
Lahni FrySelfSelf. Not a bot.
Laimutis Lenciauskasselfself
Laine LawrenceSelfSelf
Lamya KamelMyself
Lana CallahanSelfSelf
Lana KanekoSelf
Lana NotteSelfSelf
Lana Steineckerselfself
LaNae HuangSelfMy family
Lance BellThe Bell FamilyThe Bell Family
Landon ErmelHouseholdSelf
Landon ErmelSelfSelf
Landon PurdueSELFSELF
LaneNEVER AGAIN NO HOLOCAUST REGISTRY30 million died defeating fascists last time
Lane BeyersSelf - not a botSelf
Lankston BrummetSelfSelf
Lara HazlettSelfSelf
LaRee WillisNa
Larissa AlcornMy familyMy Family
Larry Arthur DidwayMy FamilyMy Family
larry c williamsonself
Larry doranskiSelf
Larry DyjakSelfSelf
Larry FordSelf
Larry FosdickFosdick FarmsResidents of the state of Illinois
Larry Gowler Jrnone
Larry GrossenbacherSelf
Larry Hillselfmy household
Larry HumphreySelf
Larry KeeSelfMy Family
Larry LanierSelfFamily
Larry ReedSelfSelf
Larry SavageIllinois citizen
Larry sporlederNA
Larry TappSelfSelf
Larry VillagomezSelf
Larry WenigerSelfSelf
Larry WilsonNASelf
Larry WilsonNoneSelf
Larue WilliamsSelf
Larysa BustamanteSelfSelf
Latasha Fieldsfamilyfamily
Latosha BowlinNoneSelf
Laura AlbertsNAself
Laura BenzaSelfSelf
Laura BilbenSelfSelf
Laura BrennanPerson
Laura BurkholderSelfSelf
Laura BurtonPersonal
Laura C MallorySelfSelf
Laura Caswellselfself
Laura ChaseSelfMy household
Laura ClarizioNone
Laura colomboSelfSelf
laura cookSelfSelf
Laura CookSelfSelf
Laura CostelloNA
Laura DeYoungnoneself
Laura E RenardoRenardo Family
Laura EhornMyself
Laura EhrmanSelf
Laura FolkSelfSelf
Laura G VrandericSelfSelf
Laura GrahamCivilians
Laura GuttingSelf
Laura H CannataSelfSelf
Laura HansenSelfSelf
Laura HansonSelf
Laura HarmaschSelfSelf
Laura HidalgoNASelf
Laura HirschlSelfSelf
Laura JansenSelf
Laura Jonesself
Laura KairisSelfSelf
Laura KaplanSelf
Laura KneippSelfSelf
Laura KosmachSelfSelf
Laura L RodrickSelf
Laura Lee HansonSelf
Laura MalooleySelf
Laura MannellaSelfMy family
Laura Marie Deckermy damilyMy family and my self
Laura mcauliffeSelf
Laura McDonoughSelf
Laura MeierSelfSelf
Laura MurphySelf
Laura NaillSelf
Laura NielsenNone
Laura OtternessSelf
Laura PackwoodVillage Of Worth
Laura PfeifferSelf
Laura PieperNoneFamily
Laura ReibensteinFamilyFamily
Laura RussellSelf
Laura SmithSelfSelf
Laura StarrselfSelf
Laura Streblerselfself
Laura TuffsSelfSelf
Laura VandercarnoneSelf
Laura WinnerSelfSelf
Laura YatesSelfSelf
Laura ZichmillerHousehold
Lauralee A McElroynoneNone
Lauran WendtSelfSelf
Laurel LaLondeSelfSelf
Laurel SchillingselfSo 26,219 opposition witness slips are STILL not enough to convince you that this is a terrible bill and massive violation of HIPAA law.
Laurel SokesSelf
Laurelle WallaceSelf
Lauren AndersonSELFMy family
Lauren BayciSelf
Lauren CarlsonSelf
Lauren ChapmanNa
Lauren DukeIndividual
Lauren EganSelfSelf
Lauren FlamSelf
Lauren GoldschmidtSelf
Lauren HaakensonIL residentself
Lauren HaakensonSelfSelf
Lauren HillerSelf
Lauren KaneSelfSelf-not a bot
Lauren KudiaSelfMy Family
Lauren LyonsSelf
Lauren M TraxlerSelf
Lauren MURRAYSelfMyself and my family
Lauren NelsonNaNa
Lauren OlveraSelf
Lauren PfeiferSelf
Lauren RoebenSelfMyself
Lauren RuizSelf- freedom fighter
Lauren StallingsHousehold
Lauren VielSelfMy family
Lauren Whitlockselfself
Lauren WilhelmsFamily
Laurene A SchroederOn behalf of selfOn behalf of Self
Laurette NataleSelf
Lauri A Salaniselfself
Lauri Levere311 Geri LLC
Laurie BernardiniSelf
Laurie C BuerAmerican TaxiSelf
Laurie duffinSelf
Laurie GarmanWalsh
Laurie HelferSelfSelf
Laurie KingNoneSelf
Laurie KornmullerSelfSelf
Laurie NourseSelfSelf
Laurie Penmanselfself taxpayer
Laurie RostSelfSelf
Laurie SchweikSelf
Laurie WroschSelfThere is no reason for this. People have choices and you continue to overstep.
LaVerne A Pondelself
Laverne PondelSelfSelf
Law Office of Martha BozicLaw Office of Martha Bozic
Lawrence BieszczadNoneNone
Lawrence DeSantisSelf
Lawrence GierutSelfSelf
Lawrence M Carlson IISelf
Lawrence Salaniselfself
Layla LopezSelfSelf
Layne HirschSelf
Lea SisneySelf
Leah BrittonSelf
Leah BrooksSelf
Leah HoppesSelfSelf
Leah KeehmaSelfSelf
Leah Kochfamilyself-family
Leah Payneselfself
Leah Reichert PariseMyself
Leah VandermolenMy familyLeah Vandermolen
Leah WagnerFamilyMyself
Leah Williamsselfself
Leah WrightSelf
Leah yatesSelfSelf
Leanna BahwellSelf
Leanne HenrySelf
Leanne SpellN ASelf
Lee MazurSelf choose to opposeSelf choose to oppose
Leeann manoniSelfSelf
LeeAnn ManoniselfThis proposed bill is not constitutional and is a violation of hippa rights to have disclosure of medical information.
Leesa HagenSelf Family
Leigh Anne RohlSELFSELF
Leigh Kossmanselfself
Leigh MatthewsSelfMy self
Leigh MontwillSelf
Leily sanchezSelfSelf
Lejla KappmeyerSelfMy family
Lenka FerraraSelfNA
Leo V TokarevLT
Leon Ted SiwikSelfSelf
Leona Di Amoreselfnone
Leonard ChristinePhysicianSelf
Leonard DompkeSelfSelf
Leonard M AmideoSelt
Leonard Wassnone
Leonidas BairakatrisSelf
Leonila DimangondayaoNew Hope Church of Oak Lawn
Leonor MerschSelf
LeRoy GoffSelf
Les MalowanskiselfSelf
Lesia GreifzuSelf
lesia m wasylykalumni illinois benedictine university
Lesley DammannSelfSelf
Lesley HillSelfSelf
Lesley KingSelf employed
Leslie BaughSelfSelf
Leslie ClarkMyself
Leslie FrakeFamilySelf
Leslie Hammackself
Leslie HazinskiSelf
Leslie HerbstSelfSelf
Leslie HillMyselfMyself
Leslie izzoSelf
Leslie KaufmannSelf
Leslie KaufmannSelfHousehold
Leslie KothSelfSelf
Leslie LanierSelfFamily
Leslie MacinSelf
Leslie MichaelsSELF
Leslie Mossmannonenone
Leslie PerezSelf
Leslie SchellenbergPersonal
Leslie Schmidtresidentself
Leslie SiglerSelfSelf
Leslie WardSelfSelf and Family
Leticia PowellSelfSelf
Levi IpemaSelf
Levi LuxtonSelfSelf
Levi PalomoPillar Financial Advisors
Levi SnyderSelfMyself and family
Lewis SamanthaIdoc
Lexi BarthSelfMy Family
Lia KasiosSelfSelf
Liam CookSelfSelf
Liam HallNA
Liam KleinstubSelfSelf
Liam LaRocheSelfWithdraw this bill. All medical care, treatments for pets should be decided on by veterinarian and owner of patient only. No other entities should be given authority over this relationship.
Liam NicholsIllinois residentConcerned family
Liam QuinnSelf
Libby PritchardSelfSelf
Lidia GogSelfSelf
Lidia ZglobisSelfSelf
Lidija ZadroSelfSelf
Lieselotte ForgeronNASelf
Lila SolnickSelf
Liliana peeblesFamilyFamily
Lillian AlbeeSelf
Lillian CarricoSelfMy family including two young children
Lillian Gieserself
Lilliana juarezSelf
Lillie BernhardSelf
Lillyan SchultzeNone
Lily DaleSelfSelf - I do not want my vaccination information collected anywhere except with my own doctor.
Lily Payneselfself
lily schulteselfself
Lin ConroySelf Choose to OpposeSelf Choose Oppose
Lina ReedPersons
Linas BildusasPerson
Lincoln SnyderSelfMyself and family
Linda wishSelf
Linda A SaboSelfSelf
Linda Adamowskinaself
Linda AnnenSelf
linda bacinselfself
Linda BarnesSelf
Linda Barrettself
Linda BrownSelfSelf
Linda CardellaSelf
Linda Carrhome ownerself
Linda Carrollselfself
Linda ChiaroSelf
Linda Conroyself choose to opposeself choose to oppose
linda cranselfThis bill would violate the US Constitution and be a intolerable overreach by government. This is disgusting. OPPOSE.
Linda Crockettmyselfmyself
Linda Crockettselfself
Linda D BretallSelf
Linda DeBruyneHainesville Print
Linda DompkeSelfSelf
Linda FahrenbachSelf
Linda FlightHomeSmart. Realty Group Linda Flight
Linda Fryeself
Linda JacksonSelfSelf
Linda Kahleself
Linda KerrRetired
Linda Kuhajdaselfself
Linda L Ehlers DCSelfSelf
Linda LaFrancisselfSelf
Linda LattinaNone
Linda MeniniSelfSelf
Linda MitlyngCitizen
Linda OBrienSwlf
Linda Renzself
Linda Robbself
Linda SpindlerSelfSelf
Linda WilkieHouseholdMyself
Linda WoodSelfSelf
Linda WulffSelf
Linda ZimmermanSelfSelf
Lindsay baumbichSelfSelf
Lindsay GarciaSelf
Lindsay HillerSelf
Lindsay HollenbachOn behalf of selfSelf
Lindsay HolwerdaSelfSelf
Lindsay LevereDuncan excavating
Lindsay SkanbergSelfSelf
Lindsey AllenNoneMyself
Lindsey BadtkeSelfSelf
Lindsey DiFioreselfSelf
Lindsey handrinosSelf
Lindsey KarrSelfSelf
Lindsey OdellSelfFamily
Lindsey PattersonSelfSelf
Lindsey Payneselfself
Lindsey PlodzeenSelf
Lindsey QuisenberryNoneSelf
Lindsey QuisenberrySelfSelf
Lindsey VisserSelf
Lindy EndressMy familyMy family
Lindy GaultNA
Linell McNamaraSelfMy Family
Linnea BeanselfSelf
Linnea C Muellerself
Linnea PersonSelf
Lino RojasSelfSelf