HR0922LRB099 16169 GRL 40495 r


2    WHEREAS, During the Great Recession, the needs of Illinois
3children, families, and communities grew at the same time that
4our State was losing the necessary resources to help them; and
5    WHEREAS, Since 2009, the State of Illinois has consistently
6disinvested in working families and communities, cutting
7funding for vital services that strengthen low-and
8middle-income working families; and
9    WHEREAS, Relying on funding cuts to shore up our State's
10finances hurts children and families who are struggling to
11remain afloat and destabilizes programs like home care for
12seniors and people with disabilities, child care, and other
13critical support for middle class families; and
14    WHEREAS, Instead of cuts to funding, we must secure the
15revenue we need for a responsible budget that invests in
16programs that meet the needs of children, families,
17communities, and businesses; and
18    WHEREAS, Failing to pass a fully funded year-long budget
19for Fiscal Year 2016 has meant cutting programs that stabilize
20children, families, local governments, and businesses,
21including, but not limited to, social services for children,



HR0922- 2 -LRB099 16169 GRL 40495 r

1care for people who suffer from mental illness, programs to
2assist homebound seniors and people with disabilities, infant
3mortality prevention programs, environmental protection and
4conservation police, services for victims of sexual violence,
5breast and cervical cancer screenings, supportive housing
6programs, afterschool programs for kids, immigrant services,
7community colleges and universities, financial aid and
8scholarship for college students, and job training; and
9    WHEREAS, At the same time, every day that goes by without a
10Fiscal Year 2016 budget means that Illinois continues to add to
11its unpaid bills, further harming our economy and making
12Illinois a less desirable place to live and do business; and
13    WHEREAS, Illinois' outdated tax system has painted us into
14a box, preventing us from moving forward to invest in shared
15priorities; Illinois must modernize and reform the tax code to
16reflect our changing economy and ensure fairness in raising
17revenue to fund current and future investments; a modern tax
18code ensures that corporations and millionaires join low and
19middle-income families in paying their fair share; and
20    WHEREAS, When we modernize and reform our tax code, commit
21to fairness in raising revenue, and commit to investing in
22shared priorities, our children, families, communities, and
23small businesses will finally experience economic growth and



HR0922- 3 -LRB099 16169 GRL 40495 r

1prosperity; therefore, be it
4urge the members of the General Assembly to work together to
5modernize and reform the tax code and to immediately pass a
6Fiscal Year 2016 budget that will stabilize the lives of
7Illinois' children, families, communities, and businesses.