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2    WHEREAS, The Members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate and applaud the Belvidere
4Area Chamber of Commerce on its Centennial Anniversary; and
5    WHEREAS, Since 1915, the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce
6has been providing valuable services for its many members in
7Boone County; to date, the Chamber's membership boasts over 350
8organizations, including major manufacturers like the Chrysler
9Group, LLC, the Dean Foods Company, and General Mills; and
10    WHEREAS, In its long and storied history in Boone County,
11the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce has remained as strong
12and determined a "Voice of Business" today as it was at its
13inception 100 years ago; and
14    WHEREAS, The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce has proven
15to be an integral, prominent part of the community; it is an
16entirely voluntary organization of business and professional
17men and women who have joined together for the purpose of
18promoting the civic and commercial progress of the Belvidere
19area; and
20    WHEREAS, The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce is a staple
21organization of the county; it is connected in more than one



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1way to the residents of the community; and
2    WHEREAS, The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce is a proud
3sponsor of various yearly events that help its members, not
4only to network, but also to promote the interrelation of
5various sectors of society; and
6    WHEREAS, Events like the Boone County Business Exposition,
7the Annual Dinner, and Hometown Christmas are just some of the
8examples of the how the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce
9helps promote, sustain, and foster a robust and innovative
10economic climate in the region; and
11    WHEREAS, The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce is a member
12of national and statewide organizations, including the United
13States Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce,
14the Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, the
15Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the National Federation
16of Independent Business, the Northern Illinois Tourism
17Council, and the Belvidere Main Street Center; and
18    WHEREAS, The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce strives to
19bring a better future to the residents and members, both big
20and small, of the Belvidere Area by forging together
21collaboration between volunteers, staff, business, education,
22and government that is a quintessential embodiment of all of



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1the positive qualities that can be found both in Boone County
2and across the State; therefore, be it
5congratulate the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce on the
6momentous occasion of its 100th year of excellence and wish it
7great success in the bright future that certainly awaits the
8organization; and be it further
9    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10presented to the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce as a symbol
11of our praise and commendation.