HR0233LRB099 10638 MST 32038 r


2    WHEREAS, The Tamms Correctional Center opened in 1995 in
3Tamms, Alexander County as a 200-bed minimum-security prison;
4in 1998, it expanded, adding a 500-bed super-maximum-security
5facility, designed to hold the most dangerous and violent male
6prisoners in the State; and
7    WHEREAS, The Tamms Correctional Center was in operation as
8a super-maximum-security prison from 1998 until its closure in
9January of 2013; and
10    WHEREAS, Prior to the opening of the Tamms Correctional
11Center, dangerous and violent inmates could strengthen their
12power and still run criminal organizations from prison through
13prison gangs and networks across the State correctional system;
15    WHEREAS, Some of the most violent and disruptive inmates
16would commit transgressions against correctional staff until
17it became severe enough for the inmate to be transferred to a
18new correctional facility; once at the new facility these
19transgressions would continue forcing the new correctional
20facility to again transfer the inmate; and
21    WHEREAS, The continued disruptive actions by an inmate in



HR0233- 2 -LRB099 10638 MST 32038 r

1order to be repeatedly transferred to new facilities became
2known as "riding the correctional circuit"; inmates would do
3this in an attempt to eventually be transferred to the facility
4that they desired in order to strengthen their power within
5prison gangs and increase their network; and
6    WHEREAS, The opening of the Tamms Correctional Center
7helped put an end to prisoners riding the correctional circuit;
8after the opening, when inmates would continue to lash out
9against correctional officers and other inmates after being
10transferred, they would then be sent to Tamms until the violent
11behavior ceased; and
12    WHEREAS, The opening of the Tamms Correctional Center also
13helped increase safety at all correctional centers across the
14State because the most violent and disruptive inmates were
15isolated; this helped to reduce major incidents at prisons,
16reduce the number of lockdowns, and greatly improve the safety
17of the staff working at the correctional centers; and
18    WHEREAS, Following the closure of the Tamms Correctional
19Center in January of 2013, the inmates were transferred to
20maximum security prisons; this put a strain on the already
21overly crowded State correctional system; with the
22maximum-security prisons taking in more inmates, many of their
23existing inmates were then transferred to lower-security



HR0233- 3 -LRB099 10638 MST 32038 r

1facilities; this trend rippled through the State system; and
2    WHEREAS, Currently, the State correctional system holds
3around 49,000 inmates, however the facilities that are open are
4designed to hold around 32,000 inmates; with the State's
5prisons being so drastically over crowded, staff and inmate
6safety has again become a major cause of concern; and
7    WHEREAS, The current levels of inmates in the overly
8crowded State correctional system has caused major concern for
9the safety of staff working in the prisons; at Pickneyville
10Correctional Center on September 25, 2013, inmate Rodolfo Rosas
11attacked 3 male guards and one female guard; they were taken to
12an area hospital and treated for various injuries, including a
13broken nose; and
14    WHEREAS, Overcrowded correctional facilities are not just
15a safety problem for staff but also create a dangerous
16atmosphere for other inmates; since the closure of the Tamms
17Correctional Center, other facilities having to deal with the
18over-population issue have resorted to moving hundreds of
19inmates into a gymnasium as cells have become too crowded; and
20    WHEREAS, Incidents of violent fights between inmates have
21increased since the closure of the Tamms Correctional Center
22because the current correctional system is having difficulty



HR0233- 4 -LRB099 10638 MST 32038 r

1handling the over-populated prisons; and
2    WHEREAS, If the State of Illinois would reopen the Tamms
3Correctional Center it could help increase safety inside the
4State's correctional centers for both the staff and inmates;
5the reopening of Tamms would also greatly help to reduce the
6strain over the State's over-populated correctional centers;
8    WHEREAS, The Tamms Correctional Center should be reopened
9in order to ensure the best outcomes for inmates and staff in
10helping to keep people safe and in helping aid in
11rehabilitation; and
12    WHEREAS, An adult administrative segregation unit can help
13to separate gang activity and gang leaders and help to deter
14future violent and dangerous behavior from inmates; therefore,
15be it
18urge Governor Rauner to reopen the Tamms Correctional Center as
19a new adult administrative segregation unit, to help control
20the over-crowding in the State's correction system and to
21ensure the safety of correctional staff and inmates; and be it



HR0233- 5 -LRB099 10638 MST 32038 r

1    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2delivered to Governor Rauner and the Director of the Illinois
3Department of Corrections.