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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to recognize the City of Greenville
4on the occasion of its 200th anniversary in 2015; and
5    WHEREAS, The City of Greenville was founded in 1815 by
6George Davidson, 3 years before Illinois' statehood; in 1817,
7Bond County was formed, and, in 1820, Greenville became the
8county seat; and
9    WHEREAS, While the United States grew westward in the
101800s, important new transportation routes came through
11Greenville; in the 1840s, local citizens completed the National
12Road from Vandalia to St. Louis; intersecting with the National
13Road at Greenville was the Black Diamond Trail, later known as
14Route 127, which connected Southern Illinois with Springfield;
151870 saw the completion of the St. Louis, Vandalia, and Terre
16Haute Railroad, which passed through Greenville, sustaining
17Greenville as a prominent industrial town; in the 1930s, the
18building of present US Route 40, then one of the longest roads
19in the nation, started in the area; in 1968, the exit for
20Interstate 70, one of the busiest highways in the country,
21opened at Greenville; and
22    WHEREAS, In the 1840s, many Greenville homes were secretly



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1included as stops along the Underground Railroad, helping
2former slaves escape north to freedom; many men in Greenville
3and Bond County served in State regiments during the Civil War,
4including parts of the Illinois 130th, which fought in the
5Battle of Vicksburg; and
6    WHEREAS, When Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas gave
7speeches during their 1858 race for the United States Senate,
8Douglas stated: "Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great and
9supreme gratification and pleasure to see this vast concord of
10people assembled to hear me upon my first visit to Old Bond.";
11the Illinois State Register reported of the occasion: "I've
12seen many gatherings in Old Bond County, but I never saw
13anything equal to this and I never expect to"; and
14    WHEREAS, Greenville has continuously attracted industry
15since the 1890s, beginning with DeMoulin Brothers, makers of
16lodge initiation devices and uniforms, and Helvetia Milk
17Condensing, which eventually became Pet Milk Company;
18throughout the 20th century, many more businesses followed,
19including the Model Glove Company, Coates Steel Products, and
20the Nevco Scoreboard Company; in the 1980s, Carlisle Syntec,
21Peterson Spring, and United Stationers opened facilities in
22Greenville's 2 industrial parks; Donnewald Distributing
23Company is the most recent enterprise to join the community;



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1    WHEREAS, Greenville has a strong historical connection to
2education, including the decision in the 1860s to institute a
3first-through-twelfth grade public education system, becoming
4one of the earliest schools in Illinois to do so; also in that
5decade, Almira College began as an all-women's school; in 1892,
6it became the co-educational Greenville College; in 1905,
7thanks to a grant from Andrew Carnegie, the Ladies Social
8Circle opened the Greenville Public Library, now included in
9the National Register of Historic Places; and
10    WHEREAS, On November 21, 1915, the Liberty Bell passed
11through Greenville on its nationwide tour returning to
12Pennsylvania from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
13in San Francisco; following the trip, the Liberty Bell returned
14to Pennsylvania, never to be moved again; and
15    WHEREAS, Ronald Reagan visited Greenville on the campaign
16trail for President in 1980 and gave a speech on the street in
17front of the courthouse; his time there is commemorated by a
18plaque; Barack Obama, elected President in November of 2008,
19also visited Greenville while campaigning for the Senate in
202004; therefore, be it



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1recognize the City of Greenville on its rich 200 years of
2history and wish them success and prosperity in the future; and
3be it further
4    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
5presented to the City of Greenville as a symbol of our esteem
6and respect.