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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate Larry W. Mizell on the
4occasion of his retirement as Executive Director of Family
5Counseling Center, Inc.; and
6    WHEREAS, Larry Mizell was born in Pope County; as a young
7child, he moved to Johnson County, where he has remained as a
8lifelong resident; and
9    WHEREAS, Larry Mizell graduated from Simpson Grade School
10and Vienna High School; he subsequently received his Bachelor
11and Master of Science degrees from Murray State University; and
12    WHEREAS, In 1971, Larry Mizell began his first career with
13the Illinois Department of Corrections as a Personnel Officer
14at the Vienna Correctional Center; throughout his 29 year
15career, he served as Administrative Assistant, Warden of the
16Vienna and Shawnee Correctional Centers, Assistant Deputy
17Director of the Adult Division, and Chief Deputy Director of
18the Department; and
19    WHEREAS, In June of 2000, Larry Mizell was selected to
20serve as the Executive Director of Family Counseling Center,
21Inc., a non-profit agency which serves adults in Pope, Hardin,



HR1202- 2 -LRB098 21757 GRL 60611 r

1and Johnson counties and youth in the southern 7-county region;
2the agency provides developmental services for disabled adults
3in both the day training and residential home settings,
4behavioral health services for adults in outpatient,
5residential, and independent living settings and for youth in
6outpatient settings, and substance abuse services to both youth
7and adults and supportive living services for the senior
8population; and
9    WHEREAS, As Executive Director of Family Counseling
10Center, Inc., Larry Mizell was instrumental in many major
11accomplishments of the agency, including the construction of
12Garden Apartments in Vienna, an 8-apartment complex for
13disabled or elderly adults; the acquisition of acreage along
14Interstate 24 in Johnson County as a possible future office
15building site and construction of a records storage building;
16the relocation of the outpatient office in Elizabethtown; the
17expansion of the Johnson County day training program for
18developmentally disabled adults with the purchase and
19renovation of the new training site on Oliver Street in Vienna;
20the purchase of Cache River House in Karnak, an 8-bed CILA
21residential home; the construction of Autumn Ridge Supportive
22Living Facility in Vienna, a 46 apartment complex housing
23seniors 65 and older; the construction of a new Hilltop House
24in Rosiclare, an 8-bed CILA residential home; and the expansion
25of services in Elizabethtown with the purchase and renovation



HR1202- 3 -LRB098 21757 GRL 60611 r

1of a 6-bed CILA residential home; and
2    WHEREAS, Larry Mizell is an active member of his community;
3he is a member and President of the Southern Five Counties
4Regional Board of Education; he was a member of the State of
5Illinois Southern District Guardianship Advocacy Board; he is a
6member of the Board of Directors of Southern Trust Bank in
7Goreville, the Johnson County Planning Commission, and the
8Johnson County Revitalization Committee; he was also involved
9in the creation of "Rails to Trails", the initial conversion of
10Northfork Southern Railroad into a hiking and biking trail from
11Saline County through Johnson County and on to Pulaski County;
13    WHEREAS, Larry Mizell and his wife, Barbara, currently
14reside on their family farm in Johnson County near Trigg Tower
15and surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest; they have 2
16children, Margo (Charlie) Keene and Megan (Nathan) Blaylock,
17and 3 grandchildren, Maggie, Millie, and Zell Keene; therefore,
18be it
21we congratulate Larry W. Mizell on the occasion of his
22retirement and wish him continued success and happiness in the
23future; and be it further



HR1202- 4 -LRB098 21757 GRL 60611 r

1    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2presented to Larry Mizell as a symbol of our esteem and