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2    WHEREAS, After 29 years of dedicated service, William D.
3"Bill" Olson will retire on December 31, 2013 as President of
4the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, the business
5trade association that represents the interests of beer
6distributors licensed by the State of Illinois to bring beer
7into Illinois and distribute to licensed retailers in
8accordance with the State's alcohol regulatory system; and
9    WHEREAS, William Olson began his career with the Associated
10Beer Distributors of Illinois on January 1, 1985; as Chief
11Executive Officer, he has been responsible for all association
12programs and activities, including its government relations
13activities and the Political Action Committee; and
14    WHEREAS, William Olson is a past president of the Wholesale
15Beer Association Executives, the national organization of
16chief staff officers of state beer wholesaler associations, he
17currently serves as the organization's representative on the
18Industry Affairs Committee for the National Beer Wholesalers
19Association; he is also a member of the Illinois Society of
20Association Executives and the American Society of Association
21Executives; and
22    WHEREAS, William Olson is a graduate of Illinois College in



HR0618- 2 -LRB098 14448 GRL 49145 r

1Jacksonville and was elected President of his junior and senior
2classes; he has also taken graduate courses in business and
3management at the University of Illinois in Springfield; and
4    WHEREAS, After graduating in 1968, William Olson joined the
5Household Finance Corporation in Chicago; in 1972, he moved to
6Springfield to begin his career as a government relations
7representative for Household and its subsidiary companies; and
8    WHEREAS, In 1977, William Olson joined the Association for
9Modern Banking as the Director of Government Relations; as
10Director, he guided industry lobbying efforts, including the
11passage of legislation to authorize multi-office banking and to
12end Illinois' unit banking system; and
13    WHEREAS, William Olson has been the recipient of several
14awards, including the "Retailers Award of Merit" from the
15Illinois Liquor Stores Association in 1993, the Associated Beer
16Distributors of Illinois' "Richard A. Mautino Award" for
17industry service in 1995, recognition from the Illinois
18Licensed Beverage Association in 1996, the "Industry Service
19Award" in 1997, the General Excellence Award from the Illinois
20State Crime Commission in 2003, and the National Beer
21Wholesalers "Life Service Award" in 2013; and
22    WHEREAS, In 1989, William Olson was recognized for his



HR0618- 3 -LRB098 14448 GRL 49145 r

1outstanding efforts as a lobbyist by being elected by his peers
2to serve as "Speaker" of the Illinois Third House, an
3organization of registered lobbyists in Illinois; and
4    WHEREAS, William Olson was born and raised in Chicago; he
5is married to Jean Aden Olson and is the father of Ashley
6Olson, who lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia; therefore, be
10we commend William D. Olson for his excellent service to the
11Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois and the people of
12Illinois and wish him a long and happy retirement; and be it
14    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
15presented to William Olson as an expression of our esteem and