Sen. Antonio Muņoz

Filed: 5/14/2014





09800HB5701sam002LRB098 18610 JLS 59559 a


2    AMENDMENT NO, ______, Amend House Bill 5701 on page 1 by
3inserting immediately below line 15 the following:
4    ""Construction" means any constructing, altering,
5reconstructing, repairing, rehabilitating, refinishing,
6refurbishing, remodeling, remediating, renovating, custom
7fabricating, maintenance, landscaping, improving, wrecking,
8painting, decorating, demolishing, and adding to or
9subtracting from any building, structure, highway, roadway,
10street, bridge, alley, sewer, ditch, sewage disposal plant,
11water works, parking facility, railroad, excavation or other
12structure, project, development, real property or improvement,
13or to do any part thereof, whether or not the performance of
14the work herein described involves the addition to or
15fabrication into any structure, project, development, real
16property or improvement herein described of any material or
17article of merchandise. "Construction" also includes moving
18construction related materials on the job site, to the job



09800HB5701sam002- 2 -LRB098 18610 JLS 59559 a

1site, or from the job site.
2    "Contractor" means any individual, sole proprietor,
3partnership, firm, corporation, limited liability company,
4association, or other legal entity permitted by law to do
5business within the State of Illinois that engages in
6construction as defined in this Act."; and
7on page 2, line 15, by deleting "or"; and
8on page 2 by replacing line 21 with the following:
9    "applicant has ever been convicted of any of those
10    offenses;
11        (3) employers employ individuals licensed under the
12    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act;
13        (4) employers employ individuals under the Private
14    Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint
15    Vendor, and Locksmith Act; or
16        (5) the applicant is seeking employment with a
17    contractor performing construction as defined in this
18    Act.".