Rep. Adam Brown

Filed: 3/5/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2496 on page 2, by
3replacing lines 2 through 6 with the following:
4"Illinois or intends to make a minimum investment of
5$30,000,000"; and
6by replacing everything from line 23 on page 6 through line 3
7on page 7 with the following:
8        "(F) the business intends to (i) make a minimum
9    investment of $500,000,000, which will be placed in service
10    in a qualified property, (ii) create 125 full-time
11    equivalent jobs at a designated location in Illinois, and
12    (iii) establish a fertilizer plant at a designated location
13    in Illinois; for the purposes of this Section, "fertilizer
14    plant" means a newly constructed or upgraded plant
15    facilitating gas used in the production of anhydrous
16    ammonia and downstream nitrogen fertilizer products for
17    resale; and".