Rep. Mary E. Flowers

Filed: 4/17/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 11, AS AMENDED, with
3reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No. 2, on
4page 2, by replacing line 10 through 22 with the following:
5    "Sec. 26.5. Unemployed persons. If a person is unemployed
6and requires prescription medication, then upon filing for
7benefits with the Department of Employment Security or upon
8applying for Medicaid benefits with the Department of
9Healthcare and Family Services, the respective Department
10shall inform the applicant of benefits of acquiring
11prescription medications via materials developed by the agency
12and distributed through that respective agency. The services of
13referral agencies, such as Partnership for Prescription
14Assistance, can facilitate access to free or discounted
15medications per the needs of the patients.".