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2    WHEREAS, In a time of rapid change and innovation, our
3education system is struggling to keep the peace; and
4    WHEREAS, Ensuring that all children are healthy, safe,
5engaged, supported, and challenged should be a State priority;
7    WHEREAS, The global marketplace is a reality; yet, as
8demands for a highly skilled and educated workforce and
9citizenry grow, too many communities have narrowed the
10curriculum, eliminated or reduced support for families, and
11failed to develop the talent of their youth; and
12    WHEREAS, Research and common sense tell us that children
13must be healthy; safe; actively engaged in learning and in
14their communities; supported by caring, qualified, effective
15adults; and challenged to think both critically and creatively
16to achieve long term success; and
17    WHEREAS, Each child, in each school, in each of our
18communities deserves a rich, rigorous, education which
19prepares him or her for meaningful employment, further
20education, and active participation in our global society upon
21graduation; and



SR0545- 2 -LRB097 18533 KXB 63764 r

1    WHEREAS, We can do better; our children deserve it; our
2future demands it; therefore, be it
4ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we hereby designate
5March 2012 as "Illinois Whole Child Month" in the State of
6Illinois; and be it further
7    RESOLVED, That we encourage parents, educators, and
8community members to support a whole child approach to
9education for each student; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
11presented to the Illinois Association for Supervision and
12Curriculum Development as a symbol of our support.