Rep. Kevin A. McCarthy

Filed: 5/29/2011





09700SB1652ham003LRB097 09323 ASK 56587 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1652, AS AMENDED,
3with page and line reference to House Amendment No. 2 as
5on page 71, line 16, after "Illinois", by inserting "related to
6the provision of electric service"; and
7on page 76, line 9, by replacing "update" with "updates"; and
8on page 79, line 10, immediately after "approving", by
9inserting ", or approving as modified,"; and
10on page 80, by replacing lines 4 through 10 with the following:
11"General Assembly does not amend the limitation imposed by this
12subsection (b-5), then the utility may modify its plan so as
13not to exceed the limitation imposed by this subsection (b-5)
14and may propose corresponding changes to the metrics



09700SB1652ham003- 2 -LRB097 09323 ASK 56587 a

1established pursuant to subparagraphs (5) through (8) of
2subsection (f) of this Section, and the Commission may modify
3the metrics and incremental savings goals established pursuant
4to subsection (f) of this Section accordingly."; and
5on page 81, line 18, after "The", by inserting "sole"; and
6on page 88, line 1, by replacing "March" with "May"; and
7on page 92, line 24, by deleting "substantial"; and
8on page 93, line 20, after "other", by inserting "Commission";
10on page 94, immediately below line 6, by inserting the
12    "A participating utility's first filing of the updated cost
13inputs, and any Commission investigation of such inputs
14pursuant to this subsection (d) shall proceed notwithstanding
15the fact that the Commission's investigation under subsection
16(c) of this Section is still pending and notwithstanding any
17other law, order, rule, or Commission practice to the
18contrary."; and
19on page 98, line 3, after "in", by inserting "subparagraphs (5)
20through (8) of"; and



09700SB1652ham003- 3 -LRB097 09323 ASK 56587 a

1on page 100, by replacing lines 19 through 26 with the
3    "The Commission shall, after notice and hearing, enter an
4order within 120 days after the metrics are filed approving, or
5approving with modification, a participating utility's tariff
6or mechanism to satisfy the metrics set forth in subsection (f)
7of this Section. On June 1 of each subsequent year, each
8participating utility shall file a report with the Commission
9that includes, among other things, a description of how the
10participating utility performed under each metric and an
11identification of any extraordinary events that adversely
12impacted the utility's performance. Whenever a participating
13utility does not satisfy the metrics required pursuant to
14subsection (f) of this Section, the Commission shall, after
15notice and hearing, enter an order approving financial
16penalties in accordance with this subsection (f-5). The
17Commission-approved financial penalties shall be applied
18beginning with the next rate year. Nothing in this Section
19shall authorize the Commission to reduce or otherwise obviate
20the imposition of financial penalties for failing to achieve
21one or more of the metrics established pursuant to subparagraph
22(1) through (4) of subsection (f) of this Section."; and
23on page 101, by deleting lines 1 through 9; and



09700SB1652ham003- 4 -LRB097 09323 ASK 56587 a

1on page 101, line 15, by replacing "2011 to" with "2012; the
212-month period ending May 31, 2013; and"; and
3on page 101, line 21, after "report.", by inserting "The cost
4of the independent auditor shall be borne by the participating
5utility and shall not be a recoverable expense."; and
6on page 106, line 5, after "costs of the", by inserting "Smart
7Grid AMI Deployment"; and
8on page 167, line 23, after "installing,", by inserting