Sen. Heather A. Steans

Filed: 3/11/2011





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1623 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Mental Health and Developmental
5Disabilities Administrative Act is amended by adding Section 73
6as follows:
7    (20 ILCS 1705/73 new)
8    Sec. 73. Department rules; Outcome Monitoring Pilot
10    (a) Oversight. The Department shall draft and promulgate a
11new rule governing community residential mental health
12services for individuals with serious mental illness.
13"Community residential mental health services" are those
14services provided in a Department funded community-based
15residential setting designed to allow the individual to live in
16a safe, appropriate, and therapeutic environment conducive to



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1preparing them to move to the most integrated setting
2appropriate to afford them the opportunity to live similarly to
3individuals without serious mental illness. This new rule shall
4be submitted for promulgation no later than January 1, 2012.
5This new rule shall be drafted in such a manner as to continue
6eligibility of the individuals in programs governed by Title
759, Part 132 of the Illinois Administrative Code. The new rule
8to be submitted by the Department must include, but not be
9limited to, standards for:
10        (1) Environmental management of living arrangements.
11        (2) Administrative requirements.
12        (3) Monitoring and review.
13        (4) Certification requirements.
14    (b) Life Safety Standards. The Department shall draft and
15promulgate rules stipulating life safety standards for all
16community residential mental health services by January 1,
172012. These rules shall prohibit an individual seeking
18community residential mental health services from being placed
19in any facility that is known to have life safety violations.
20    (c) Supportive Housing. The Department shall draft rules
21specifically designed for supportive housing facilities that
22receive funds from the Department for this purpose. The
23administrative rules shall be prepared and promulgated by the
24Department by January 1, 2012. The rules governing supportive
25housing shall also include standards for, but not limited to,
26the following:



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1        (1) Environmental management of living arrangements.
2        (2) Administrative requirements.
3        (3) Monitoring and review.
4        (4) Certification requirements.
5        (5) Life safety standards.
6    (d) Dispensing Public Information. The Department shall
7make any and all surveys conducted on the outcomes and
8perceptions of the State's mental health delivery system
9available to the public on the Department's website. These
10surveys shall be posted beginning January 1, 2012 and shall be
11listed under a link entitled "publications" within the Division
12of Mental Health's portion of the Department's website.
13    (e) Outcome Monitoring Pilot Program. The Department, in
14conjunction with the Department of Healthcare and Family
15Services, shall create a pilot program in which the Department
16shall identify a sample of client population residing in Cook
17County and served by agencies covered under this Act. The
18sample size shall be sufficient to be generally relevant to the
19population. The sample may be stratified to achieve a
20sufficient representation. Included in the sample size shall be
21a sufficient number of participants who are receiving community
22residential mental health services for the first time. The
23Department shall follow and track any and all services provided
24to these individuals, including, but not limited to:
25        (1) The type of residential setting in which the
26    individual is living.



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1        (2) Any type of inpatient or outpatient services the
2    individual may be receiving.
3        (3) Any type of State-subsidized supports the
4    individual may be receiving.
5    Upon identifying the sample participants in this
6informative project, the Department will document the
7residential and community services each individual receives at
8the beginning of this project and will continue to record any
9changes to these services over the course of the year. For
10those who are receiving community residential mental health
11services for the first time, a projected cost of service shall
12be established when the participant enters the study. The
13tracking of changes will include any change in housing or
14residential services, any change in community supports
15received, and any changes to medical care received over the
16course of a year. The Department shall also track the cost of
17the various services received by each individual in the program
18including residential costs, community supports, counseling,
19and medical costs.
20    The Department shall compile the data collected under this
21pilot program and submit a report to the General Assembly no
22later than October 1, 2013. This report shall include
23individual costs by participant without identifying any
24participant by name. The report shall also identify the
25services received by each individual during the course of the
26yearlong study. The Report shall identify what percentages of



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1different services are received by the population that
2participates in this study.
3    Nothing in this subsection (e) shall be construed to
4infringe upon the privacy rights of those encompassed by the
5project and the Department is prohibited from identifying those
6who were documented in the course of this project.
7    Nothing in this subsection (e) shall be construed to compel
8any individual from participating in this project. Any
9individual may request not to be included in this project.
10    This pilot program shall commence no later than July 1,
12    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
13becoming law.".