Rep. John E. Bradley

Filed: 5/2/2011





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 540 as follows:
3on page 4, by replacing lines 13 through 18 with the following:
4     "(g) The Comptroller may charge a municipality a fee for a
5delinquent audit report of $5 per day for the first 15 days
6past due, $10 per day for 16 through 30 days past due, $15 per
7day for 31 through 45 days past due, and $20 per day for the
846th day and every day thereafter. Revenues generated from the
9fee shall be deposited into the Comptroller's Administrative
10Fund."; and
11on page 5, line 25, after "fee", by inserting "for a delinquent
12report"; and
13on page 6, line 2, after the period, by inserting "Revenues
14generated from the fee shall be deposited into the
15Comptroller's Administrative Fund.".