Rep. Daniel V. Beiser

Filed: 4/3/2008





09500HB4692ham002 LRB095 18422 RLC 48938 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4692, AS AMENDED, by
3 replacing all of paragraph (4) of subsection (d) of Sec. 4.5 of
4 Section 5 with the following:
5         "(4) The victim of the crime for which the prisoner has
6     been sentenced shall receive reasonable written notice by
7     certified mail, if the victim is registered with the
8     Prisoner Review Board and maintains a residential address
9     on file with the Prisoner Review Board, not less than 15
10     days prior to the parole hearing and may submit, in
11     writing, on film, videotape or other electronic means or in
12     the form of a recording or in person at the parole hearing
13     or if a victim of a violent crime, by calling the toll-free
14     number established in subsection (f) of this Section,
15     information for consideration by the Prisoner Review
16     Board. The victim shall be notified within 7 days after the
17     prisoner has been granted parole and shall be informed of
18     the right to inspect the registry of parole decisions,



09500HB4692ham002 - 2 - LRB095 18422 RLC 48938 a

1     established under subsection (g) of Section 3-3-5 of the
2     Unified Code of Corrections. The provisions of this
3     paragraph (4) are subject to the Open Parole Hearings
4     Act."; and
5 in subsection (a) of Sec. 25 of Section 10, by inserting after
6 "mail" the following:
7 ", if the victim is registered with the Prisoner Review Board
8 and maintains a residential address on file with the Prisoner
9 Review Board,".