Sen. M. Maggie Crotty

Filed: 2/6/2006





09400SB2469sam001 LRB094 16641 RAS 55516 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 2469 on page 10,
3 line 31, by replacing "recommendation by" with "consultation
4 with"; and
5 on page 11, line 11, after the period, by inserting the
6 following:
7 "Persons employed by the Department as investigators under this
8 Section shall work primarily in the areas of licensing and
9 enforcement of this Act and may be used for other duties within
10 the Department, subject to the authorization of the
11 Department."; and
12 on page 12, by replacing lines 1 through 4 with the following:
13 "program. The holder of a valid one-year residency license may
14 perform only those acts prescribed by and incidental to the
15 residency license holder's program of residency training and
16 may not otherwise engage in the practice of optometry in this
17 State, unless fully licensed under this Act. A licensee who
18 receives a limited license under this Section shall have the
19 same privileges and responsibilities as a therapeutically
20 certified licensee.
21     The Department may revoke a one-year residency license upon
22 proof that the residency license holder has engaged in the
23 practice of optometry in this State outside of his or her
24 residency program or if the residency license holder fails to



09400SB2469sam001 - 2 - LRB094 16641 RAS 55516 a

1 supply the Department, within 10 days after its request, with
2 information concerning his or her current status and activities
3 in the residency program."; and
4 on page 21, line 21, after "Conviction of", by inserting "or
5 entry of a plea of guilty to"; and
6 on page 21, line 24, by replacing "of any" with "of any".