Rep. Robert F. Flider

Filed: 4/25/2006





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 585 on page 2, by
3 replacing lines 9 through 30 with the following:
4     "A quorum of members of a public body must be physically
5 present at the location of an open meeting. If, however, an
6 open meeting of a public body (except one with jurisdiction
7 limited to a specific geographic area that is less than
8 statewide) is held simultaneously at one of its offices and one
9 or more other locations in a public building, which may include
10 other of its offices, through an interactive video conference
11 and the public body provides public notice and public access as
12 required under this Act for all locations, then members
13 physically present in those locations all count towards
14 determining a quorum. "Public building", as used in this
15 Section, means any building or portion thereof owned or leased
16 by any public body. The requirement that a quorum be physically
17 present at the location of an open meeting shall not apply,
18 however, to State advisory boards or bodies that do not have
19 authority to make binding recommendations or determinations or
20 to take any other substantive action.
21     A quorum of members of a public body that is not a public
22 body with statewide jurisdiction must be physically present at
23 the location of a closed meeting. Other members who are not
24 physically present at a closed meeting of such a public body
25 may participate in the meeting by means of a video or audio



09400SB0585ham001 - 2 - LRB094 04323 JAM 58526 a

1 conference.".