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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members  of  the  Senate  of  the  State  of
 3    Illinois  were  saddened  to  learn  of  the  death  of Daryl
 4    Thompson of Geneva on January 15, 2003; and

 5        WHEREAS, Mr. Thompson was born  on  August  11,  1938  in
 6    Easton; and

 7        WHEREAS,  Mr.  Thompson  graduated  from  Illinois  State
 8    University  in  1961  and  was  hired  by  the  Oswego school
 9    superintendent to teach at Oswego High School where he taught
10    bookkeeping, business law, general business, and  typing;  he
11    also  served as freshmen basketball coach and was the faculty
12    advisor for "The Panther", the  school  newspaper;  he  later
13    served   as  sponsor  of  the  National  Honor  Society;  The
14    Reflector, the OHS Yearbook; and the pom pon  squad;  he  was
15    named  the  school's  principal in 1974, the position he held
16    until his retirement; and

17        WHEREAS, During his educational career, he served on  the
18    IHSA  Legislative Commission and was Director of the Illinois
19    Principal's Association; and

20        WHEREAS, Mr. Thompson accepted the Illinois  State  Board
21    of  Education's  "Educator  for  Excellence  in Education" on
22    October 4, 1997; this award is given annually to an  Illinois
23    educator  who  excels  in  his  field; in addition, Illinois'
24    former  governor,  Jim  Edgar  signed  a  proclamation   that
25    declared  Saturday  October  4,  1997 as "Daryl Thompson Day"
26    throughout Illinois; and

27        WHEREAS, Since his retirement, he was involved  with  the
28    Oswego  Foundation  for  Educational Excellence, particularly
29    with  helping  assemble  the  Oswego   High   School   Alumni
30    Directory, which will be published this year; he also pursued
31    his  passion for golf, his love of nature, and his spirit for
                            -2-      LRB093 11239 KEF 12500 r
 1    living; and

 2        WHEREAS, Mr. Thompson's passing will be  deeply  felt  by
 3    many, especially his loving wife, Mary Jo Savol-Thompson; his
 4    son,  Mark  (Nancy)  Thompson;  his  daughter,  Janis (Sunil)
 5    Labroo; their  mother,  Karel  Thompson;  his  grandchildren,
 6    Kurt,  Jessica, Rachel and Olivia Thompson and Illa and Nisha
 7    Labroo; his sisters, Wanda Schmidgall and  Mrs.  Ray  (Joyce)
 8    Rochester;  and his several nieces and nephews; therefore, be
 9    it

11    ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the death of
12    Daryl  Thompson  along  with  all  who knew and loved him and
13    extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends; and
14    be it further

15        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
16    presented  to  the  family of Daryl Thompson with our deepest
17    sympathy.