HR0967 LRB093 22278 KEF 51302 r


2     WHEREAS, On Friday, April 23, 2004, at approximately 10:45
3 p.m., an explosion occurred at the Formosa Plastics
4 Manufacturing Plant in Illiopolis; and
5     WHEREAS, 28 fire departments and rescue squads, 4 ambulance
6 services, and other rescue personnel quickly responded to the
7 tragedy; hundreds of local and state emergency workers,
8 volunteers, and fire and medical professionals converged on the
9 plant to combat the fire, rescue employees, and set up air
10 monitoring equipment; and
11     WHEREAS, The rescue personnel and city officials,
12 including Illiopolis Mayor Allan Brickey, Public Works
13 Supervisor Denny Stacey, Illiopolis Police Chief Bryon Honea,
14 Illiopolis Fire Department Chief Brad Stewart, and ESDA
15 coordinator Rayeana Stacey efficiently evacuated the
16 population of the village and ensured the safety of Illiopolis
17 residents; additionally, they effectively contained the blaze
18 and rescued trapped and injured workers on the plant grounds;
19 and
20     WHEREAS, The fire, rescue, and law enforcement departments
21 involved included: Illiopolis, Buffalo, Chestnut, Cornland,
22 Dawson, Divernon, Elkhart, Harristown, Hickory Point, Kenney,
23 Latham, Lincoln Rural, Loami, Macon, Maroa, Mechanicsburg, Mt.
24 Auburn, Mt. Pulaski, Mt. Zion, Niantic, Pawnee, Riverton,
25 Rochester, Sherman, South Wheatland, Springfield, Warrensburg,
26 Williamsville, Illiopolis ESDA, Sangamon County ESDA, Sangamon
27 County Rescue, Decatur Ambulance, America Ambulance, Lifestar
28 Ambulance, Springfield Area Ambulance, Air-Evac Helicopter,
29 Arch, Sangamon County Sheriff Department, Illinois State
30 Police, and the Buffalo Police Department; and
31     WHEREAS, In addition, many other first responders and law



HR0967 - 2 - LRB093 22278 KEF 51302 r

1 enforcement personnel helped organizing, controlling, and
2 containing the situation; the volunteers and state and local
3 professionals fought the fire, looked for survivors, and
4 monitored air and water quality tirelessly through the weekend;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, We mourn the loss of Joseph Machalek, Larry
7 Graves, Linda Hancock, Glenn Lyman, and Randy Hancock, the five
8 Formosa workers who perished in the explosion and ensuing fire,
9 but know that many other lives were saved because of the work
10 of the rescue teams; and
11     WHEREAS, Because of their hard work and tireless dedication
12 to public safety, these men and women deserve our utmost
13 respect and dedication; their commitment to serving and saving
14 others is a perfect example of the caring and hardworking
15 nature of the citizens of Illinois; therefore, be it
18 honor the rescue workers from across central Illinois for their
19 courageous efforts at the Formosa Plastics Manufacturing Plant
20 explosion and commend the heartfelt dedication of all who were
21 involved with this tragedy; and be it further
22     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
23 presented to Illiopolis Mayor Allan Brickey.