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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened
3to learn of the death of Richard Arthur "Rich" Parsons of Rock
4Island, who passed away on October 7, 2023; and
5    WHEREAS, Rich Parsons was born in St. Louis, Missouri to
6Richard C. and Thelma (Moore) Parsons on January 1, 1946; he
7and his family eventually moved to Moline; he graduated from
8Alleman High School, where he played basketball, baseball, and
9football; he attended Black Hawk College for two years before
10enlisting in the United States Air Force; he was stationed in
11Ipswich, England, where he served for four years as a
12sergeant; after being honorably discharged, he returned to his
13home town and married Gail Diane Ziegler at St. Pius Catholic
14Church in Rock Island on July 14, 1972; and
15    WHEREAS, Rich Parsons worked full-time for and eventually
16retired from Missman Stanley and Associates in Rock Island;
18    WHEREAS, Rich Parsons played many sports, and his
19favorites included basketball, baseball, softball, tennis,
20golf, pickleball, and racquetball; he spent many years in
21gyms, coaching, watching, cheering, refereeing, playing, and
22working out to stay active; and



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1    WHEREAS, Rich Parsons was inducted into the Alleman High
2School Hall of Fame for his role on the 1963-1964 boys
3basketball team; and
4    WHEREAS, Rich Parsons was preceded in death by his parents
5and his brother, Robert Parsons; and
6    WHEREAS, Rich Parsons is survived by his wife, Gail; his
7children, Heather Parsons, Amy (Steve) Rognsvoog, Daniel
8(Heidi) Parsons, Abigayle (Matt) Peeler, Bridgette (Robert)
9Walker, and Sam (Courtney) Parsons; his grandchildren, Caitlyn
10Lynch, Shannon Lynch, Emma Rognsvoog, Riley Parsons, Kade
11Parsons, Whitnee Parsons, Ashlynne Parsons, Tristyn Parsons,
12Edith Walker, and Kirby Walker; his siblings, Robyn (Ken)
13Elliott and Steve (Mattie) Parsons; and his sister-in-law and
14brothers-in-law, Connie (Paul) Vaughn, Mike (Laurie) Ziegler,
15Larry Ziegler, and Tim (Paula) Ziegler; therefore, be it
17ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
18Richard Arthur "Rich" Parsons and extend our sincere
19condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew and loved
20him; and be it further
21    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be



SR0521- 3 -LRB103 34740 MST 64589 r

1presented to the family of Rich Parsons as an expression of our
2deepest sympathy.