SR0249LRB103 32238 ECR 61446 r


2    WHEREAS, The federal government has an obligation to
3protect the State's children from online bad actors; and
4    WHEREAS, Too often, minors suffer grave consequences from
5deceptive marketing practices found on social media; and
6    WHEREAS, Social media algorithms have been revealed to
7prioritize prolonged engagement and attention in order to
8generate profits; and
9    WHEREAS, This prioritization often encourages users to
10engage in harmful, addictive, controversial, and negative
11content; and
12    WHEREAS, Research has revealed that excessive social media
13use can result in negative effects on mental health, including
14increased rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness; and
15    WHEREAS, Children or minors are most susceptible to these
16negative effects due to their limited life experiences and
17developing brains; and
18    WHEREAS, Children may not fully understand the
19consequences of their interactions with social media



SR0249- 2 -LRB103 32238 ECR 61446 r

1platforms, and companies should not be enabled to take
2advantage of a child's lack of understanding for potential
3profit; and
4    WHEREAS, The federal government has a duty to ensure that
5minors are protected from deceptive and harmful algorithms
6that are deliberately designed to incite negative reactions
7and build addictive behavior; and
8    WHEREAS, The federal government has ample historical legal
9precedent that has established it is a company's
10responsibility to protect children from known deceptive and
11harmful advertising; and
12    WHEREAS, Social media companies should be held to the same
13standard as other companies regarding the utilization of
14harmful advertising and tactics that target minors; therefore,
15be it
17ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the federal
18government to uphold its duty to create regulations that
19promote the well-being of minors and to protect them from
20negative and harmful social media algorithms.