HB2831 EngrossedLRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Department of Human Services Act is amended
5by adding Section 10-75 as follows:
6    (20 ILCS 1305/10-75 new)
7    Sec. 10-75. Homelessness supports in Illinois.
8    (a) The Office to Prevent and End Homelessness (Office) is
9created within the Department of Human Services to facilitate
10the implementation of a strategic plan and initiatives aimed
11at decreasing homelessness and unnecessary
12institutionalization in Illinois, improving health and human
13services outcomes for people who experience homelessness, and
14strengthening the safety nets that contribute to housing
15stability. The Office shall be led by the State Homelessness
16Chief Officer who shall report to the Secretary of the
17Department. The Chief Officer shall also chair the Interagency
18Task Force on Homelessness, co-chair the Community Advisory
19Council on Homelessness, and lead the State's comprehensive
20efforts related to homelessness prevention. The Chief Officer
21shall serve as a policymaker and spokesperson on homelessness
22prevention, including coordinating the multi-agency effort
23through legislation, rules, and budgets and communicating with



HB2831 Engrossed- 2 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1the General Assembly and federal and local leaders on these
2critical issues.
3    (b) The Interagency Task Force on Homelessness is created
4within the Department of Human Services to facilitate and
5implement initiatives related to decreasing homelessness and
6unnecessary institutionalization in this State, improve health
7and human services outcomes for people who experience
8homelessness, and strengthen the safety nets that contribute
9to housing stability. The Task Force shall:
10        (1) Implement the State Plan which is aimed at
11    addressing homelessness and unnecessary
12    institutionalization with the goals of achieving
13    functional zero homelessness, improving health and human
14    services outcomes for people experiencing homelessness,
15    and strengthening the safety nets that contribute to
16    housing stability.
17        (2) Recommend policy, regulatory, and resource changes
18    necessary to accomplish goals and objectives laid out in
19    the State Plan.
20        (3) Serve within State government and in the State at
21    large as an advocate for people experiencing homelessness.
22        (4) Provide leadership for and collaborate with those
23    developing and implementing local plans to end
24    homelessness in Illinois, including, but not limited to,
25    the Community Advisory Council and its members.
26        (5) Recommend the resources needed for successful



HB2831 Engrossed- 3 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1    implementation and oversee that implementation.
2        (6) Recommend and promote effective interagency
3    collaboration and system integration to converge related
4    efforts, including coordination with the Illinois Youth
5    Homelessness Prevention Subcommittee, the Illinois
6    Commission on the Elimination of Poverty, and the Illinois
7    Commission to End Hunger on drafting policy
8    recommendations related to the intersection of
9    homelessness and poverty.
10        (7) Recommend needed policy, regulatory, and resource
11    distribution changes; make oversight recommendations that
12    will ensure accountability, results, and sustained
13    success; and develop specific proposals and
14    recommendations for action to provide to the Governor and
15    the General Assembly.
16    (d) The Task Force may solicit feedback from stakeholders,
17customers, and advocates to inform Task Force recommendations
18as necessary.
19    (e) On or before December 1, 2024, and each year
20thereafter, the Task Force shall submit a report to the
21Governor and General Assembly regarding the Task Force's work
22during the year prior, any new recommendations developed by
23the Task Force, any recommendations made by the Community
24Advisory Council on Homelessness, and any key outcomes and
25measures related to homelessness.
26    (f) The Task Force shall include the following members



HB2831 Engrossed- 4 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1appointed by the Governor:
2        (1) The Chief Homelessness Officer, who shall serve as
3    Chair.
4        (2) The Secretary of Human Services, or his or her
5    designee.
6        (3) The Executive Director of the Illinois Housing
7    Development Authority, or his or her designee.
8        (4) The Director of Healthcare and Family Services, or
9    his or her designee.
10        (5) The Superintendent of the State Board of
11    Education, or his or her designee.
12        (6) The Executive Director of the Board of Higher
13    Education, or his or her designee.
14        (7) The Executive Director of the Illinois Community
15    College Board, or his or her designee.
16        (8) The Director of Corrections, or his or her
17    designee.
18        (9) The Director of Veterans' Affairs, or his or her
19    designee.
20        (10) The Director of Children and Family Services, or
21    his or her designee.
22        (11) The Director of Public Health, or his or her
23    designee.
24        (12) The Director of Aging, or his or her designee.
25        (13) The Director of Juvenile Justice, or his or her
26    designee.



HB2831 Engrossed- 5 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1        (14) The Director of Commerce and Economic
2    Opportunity, or his or her designee.
3        (15) The Director of Employment Security, or his or
4    her designee.
5        (16) The Director of the Illinois State Police, or his
6    or her designee.
7        (17) The Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal
8    Justice Authority, or his or her designee.
9        (18) The Director of the Office of Management and
10    Budget, or his or her designee.
11    (g) The Task Force shall also include the following
13        (1) One member appointed by the President of the
14    Senate.
15        (2) One member appointed by the Minority Leader of the
16    Senate.
17        (3) One member appointed by the Speaker of the House
18    of Representatives.
19        (4) One member appointed by the Minority Leader of the
20    House of Representatives.
21    (h) The Chair of the Task Force may appoint additional
22representatives from State agencies as needed.
23    (i) The Task Force shall meet at the call of the chair, at
24least 4 times per year. Members shall serve without
26    (j) The Task Force may establish subcommittees to address



HB2831 Engrossed- 6 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1specific issues or populations and may collaborate with
2individuals with relevant expertise who are not members of the
3Task Force to assist the subcommittee in carrying out its
5    (k) The Department of Human Services shall provide
6administrative support to the Task Force.
7    (l) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to contravene
8any federal or State law or regulation. Unless specifically
9referenced in this Act, nothing in this Act shall affect or
10alter the existing statutory powers of any State agency or be
11construed as a reassignment or reorganization of any State
13    (m) Community Advisory Council. The Community Advisory
14Council on Homelessness is created within the Department of
15Human Services to make recommendations to the Interagency Task
16Force on Homelessness regarding homelessness and unnecessary
17institutionalization with the goals of achieving functional
18zero homelessness, improving health and human services
19outcomes for people experiencing homelessness and
20strengthening the safety nets that contribute to housing
22        (1) The Advisory Council shall be co-chaired by the
23    Chief Homelessness Officer and a member of the Advisory
24    Council designated by the Governor. The Advisory Council
25    shall consist of all of the following members appointed by
26    the Governor. Members appointed to the Advisory Council



HB2831 Engrossed- 7 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1    must reflect the racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity
2    of this State. The Chief may include any State agency
3    staff that they deem necessary as ex officio, nonvoting
4    members of the Community Advisory Council.
5            (A) Three members with lived experience of
6        homelessness or housing insecurity, which may include,
7        but are not limited to, formerly incarcerated persons,
8        veterans, and youth (16 to 25 years old).
9            (B) One member representing individuals with
10        disabilities.
11            (C) Two members representing the philanthropic
12        private funding sector.
13            (D) One member representing a statewide behavioral
14        health advocacy organization.
15            (E) One member representing a statewide housing
16        advocacy organization.
17            (F) At least 2 members representing local
18        Continuums of Care.
19            (G) At least 3 members representing local units of
20        government (municipal, county, or township).
21            (H) One member representing an organization that
22        supports victims of domestic violence.
23            (I) A minimum of 4 members representing providers
24        of the homeless response system inclusive of, but not
25        limited to, emergency supportive housing, rapid
26        rehousing, permanent supportive housing, homeless



HB2831 Engrossed- 8 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1        youth programs, and homeless prevention.
2            (J) Two members, who may or may not meet the
3        qualification requirements for the other appointees.
4    The Advisory Council shall meet at least 4 times per year.
5        (2) Members shall serve without compensation, but
6    public members may be reimbursed for reasonable and
7    necessary travel expenses connected to Task Force
8    business. Persons with lived experience of homelessness
9    and housing insecurity, who are not otherwise compensated
10    by employers to attend the Community Advisory Council,
11    shall receive compensation for each quarterly Council
12    meeting attended.
13        (3) The meetings of the Advisory Council shall be
14    conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 2
15    of the Open Meetings Act. The Department of Human Services
16    shall provide staff and administrative support to assist
17    the Advisory Council in carrying out its duties.
18        (4) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to
19    contravene any federal or State law or regulation. Unless
20    specifically referenced in this Act, nothing in this Act
21    shall affect or alter the existing statutory powers of any
22    State agency or be construed as a reassignment or
23    reorganization of any State agency.
24        (5) On or before November 15, 2023, and each year
25    thereafter, the Advisory Council shall submit
26    recommendations to the Interagency Task Force on



HB2831 Engrossed- 9 -LRB103 26868 KTG 53232 b

1    Homelessness.
2    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
3becoming law.