Sen. Natalie Toro

Filed: 5/14/2024





10300HB2161sam001LRB103 04925 JRC 73460 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2161 on page 28, by
3replacing lines 16 through 21 with the following:
4     "(E) Nothing contained in this Act may be construed to
5obligate an employer, employment agency, or labor organization
6to make accommodations or modifications to reasonable
7workplace rules or policies for an employee based on family
8responsibilities, including accommodations or modifications
9related to leave, scheduling, productivity, attendance,
10absenteeism, timeliness, work performance, referrals from a
11labor union hiring hall, and benefits, as long as its rules or
12policies are applied in accordance with this Act. Further,
13nothing contained in this Act prevents an employer from taking
14adverse action or otherwise enforcing reasonable workplace
15rules or policies related to leave, scheduling, productivity,
16attendance, absenteeism, timeliness, work performance,
17referrals from a labor union hiring hall, and benefits against
18an employee with family responsibilities as long as its



10300HB2161sam001- 2 -LRB103 04925 JRC 73460 a

1policies are applied in accordance with this Act."; and
2on page 30, immediately above line 2, by inserting the
4    "(Text of Section after amendment by P.A. 103-472)".