SR0058LRB102 15300 MST 20655 r


2    WHEREAS, The Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment
3Act is primarily focused on sexual assault survivors
4generally, and child sexual abuse has distinct circumstances
5and responses; and
6    WHEREAS, Child sexual abuse has various adverse effects on
7the psychological, physical, behavioral, and interpersonal
8well-being of the victim; and
9    WHEREAS, Child victims of sexual and physical abuse are at
10a higher risk of suffering from depression, low self-esteem,
11post traumatic stress disorder, psychotic syndromes, suicide
12or attempted suicide, anti-social personality disorders, drug
13and alcohol abuse, and increased risk of re-victimization; and
14    WHEREAS, Child victims of sexual abuse deserve to have an
15acute specialized medical response/exam that is
16developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed,
17evidenced-based, and provided by a medical specialist with
18pediatric expertise; and
19    WHEREAS, The research conducted on child sexual assault
20indicates that in cases of child sexual abuse when the
21investigation is conducted carefully and conscientiously then



SR0058- 2 -LRB102 15300 MST 20655 r

1answers to questions of safety begin to emerge; and
2    WHEREAS, The research conducted on child sexual assault
3cases indicates one in 10 children are affected; 73% of child
4victims do not tell anyone about the abuse for at least a year,
545% of victims do not tell anyone for at least 5 years, and
6some children never disclose; 90% of child sexual abuse
7victims know their abuser; and
8    WHEREAS, The State has a responsibility to protect these
9youth from mistreatment, further traumatization, and
10exploitation; therefore, be it
12ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the Child Sexual and
13Physical Abuse Task Force is created to investigate, assess,
14and make recommendations on the Sexual Assault Survivors
15Emergency Treatment ACT and its implementation to ensure that
16child development and children's unique medical needs are
17addressed in the medical response to child sexual abuse within
18this Act; in addition to the goals stated above, The Task Force
20        (1) Evaluate current training, mentoring, and
21    certification programming for pediatric sexual abuse
22    medical exam providers to ensure all align with national
23    accreditation standards;



SR0058- 3 -LRB102 15300 MST 20655 r

1        (2) Conduct a comprehensive review, evaluation, and
2    streamlining of the complaint process for practitioners
3    and providers;
4        (3)Prepare a peer review of all processes relating to
5    the implementation, accreditation, and programmatic
6    structure of the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency
7    Treatment Act;
8        (4) Conduct a comprehensive review of pediatric
9    evidence available to ensure that the implementation of
10    the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act is
11    appropriate for pediatric populations; and
12        (5) Conduct a comprehensive review of the examination
13    process for becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
14    Pediatrics in Illinois to ensure that this accreditation
15    is efficient, effective, and appropriate; and be it
16    further
17    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall consist of the
18following members:
19        (1) The President of the Senate or his or her
20    designee, who shall serve as Chairperson;
21        (2) The Minority Leader of the Senate or his or her
22    designee;
23        (3) The Director of the Department of Children and
24    Family Services or the (DCFS) Director of Legislative
25    Affairs;



SR0058- 4 -LRB102 15300 MST 20655 r

1        (4) The Director of the Department of Public Health or
2    the (DPH) Director of Legislative Affairs;
3        (5) The Director of the Illinois State Police or the
4    (ISP) Director of Government Relations;
5        (6) The Attorney General or the (AG) Chief of
6    Legislative Affairs;
7        (7) The Director of the Guardianship and Advocacy
8    Commission or his or her designee; and
9        (8) The following members appointed by the Director of
10    the Department of Children and Family Services:
11            (a) One member representing a coalition of
12    Children's Advocacy Centers in Illinois;
13            (b) Five members representing Children Advocacy
14    Centers; appointees must be geographically diverse: four
15    members representing each CAC region and one representing
16    a county with a population less than 100,000 people;
17            (c) Five members representing Certified Pediatric
18    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners SANE-Ps; appointees must
19    be geographically diverse: four members, each representing
20    only one CAC region and one representing a county with a
21    population less than 100,000 people;
22            (d) Five Pediatrician Board Certified/Eligible in
23    Child Abuse and Neglect; appointees must be geographically
24    Diverse: four members representing only one CAC region and
25    one representing a county with a population less than
26    100,000 people;



SR0058- 5 -LRB102 15300 MST 20655 r

1            (e) Five general pediatricians with expertise in
2    child sexual abuse;
3            (f) One member representing a statewide
4    association of pediatricians;
5            (g) One member representing a statewide
6    association of hospitals;
7            (h) One member representing a statewide
8    association of physicians;
9            (i) One member representing children's justice
10    prosecutor with experience prosecuting sexual and physical
11    abuse of minors;
12            (j) One member who serves as a law enforcement
13    officer (juvenile division or Child Death Review Team)
14    with experience investigating sexual and physical abuse of
15    minors; and
16            (k) One pediatrician who is board certified in
17    child abuse pediatrics at an independent free-standing
18    children's hospital located in Chicago and serves as an
19    assistant professor of pediatrics (child abuse) at a
20    medical school located in Chicago; and be it further
21    RESOLVED, That members of the Task Force shall be
22appointed within 30 days after the adoption of this resolution
23and shall serve without compensation; and be it further
24    RESOLVED, That the Illinois State Police shall provide



SR0058- 6 -LRB102 15300 MST 20655 r

1administrative support to the Task Force; and be it further
2    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall hold at least four
3meetings, and the first meeting must be held within 30 days
4after appointments are finalized or at the call of the
5Chairperson; and be it further
6    RESOLVED, That the Task Force must report its findings and
7recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly no
8later than April, 30, 2021, and upon the filing of its report
9is dissolved; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
11delivered to the President of the Senate, the Minority Leader
12of the Senate, and the state agencies represented on the Task