Sen. Melinda Bush

Filed: 3/25/2021





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 693 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems
5Act is amended by changing Section 3.155 as follows:
6    (210 ILCS 50/3.155)
7    Sec. 3.155. General Provisions.
8    (a) Authority and responsibility for the EMS System shall
9be vested in the EMS Resource Hospital, through the EMS
10Medical Director or his designee.
11    (b) For an inter-hospital emergency or non-emergency
12medical transport, in which the physician from the sending
13hospital provides the EMS personnel with written medical
14orders, such written medical orders cannot exceed the scope of
15care which the EMS personnel are authorized to render pursuant
16to this Act.



10200SB0693sam002- 2 -LRB102 04346 CPF 24334 a

1    (c) For an inter-hospital emergency or non-emergency
2medical transport of a patient who requires medical care
3beyond the scope of care which the EMS personnel are
4authorized to render pursuant to this Act, a qualified
5physician, nurse, perfusionist, or respiratory therapist
6familiar with the scope of care needed must accompany the
7patient and the transferring hospital and physician shall
8assume medical responsibility for that portion of the medical
10    (d) No emergency medical services vehicles or personnel
11from another State or nation may be utilized on a regular basis
12to pick up and transport patients within this State without
13first complying with this Act and all rules adopted by the
14Department pursuant to this Act.
15    (e) This Act shall not prevent emergency medical services
16vehicles or personnel from another State or nation from
17rendering requested assistance in this State in a disaster
18situation, or operating from a location outside the State and
19occasionally transporting patients into this State for needed
20medical care. Except as provided in Section 31 of this Act,
21this Act shall not provide immunity from liability for such
23    (f) Except as provided in subsection (e) of this Section,
24no person or entity shall transport emergency or non-emergency
25patients by ambulance, SEMSV, or medical carrier without first
26complying with the provisions of this Act and all rules



10200SB0693sam002- 3 -LRB102 04346 CPF 24334 a

1adopted pursuant to this Act.
2    (g) Nothing in this Act or the rules adopted by the
3Department under this Act shall be construed to authorize any
4medical treatment to or transportation of any person who
5objects on religious grounds.
6    (h) Patients, individuals who accompany a patient, and
7emergency medical services personnel may not smoke while
8inside an ambulance or SEMSV. The Department of Public Health
9may impose a civil penalty on an individual who violates this
10subsection in the amount of $100.
11    (i) When a patient has been determined by EMS personnel to
12(1) have no immediate life-threatening injuries or illness,
13(2) not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, (3) have no
14immediate or obvious need for transport to an emergency
15department, and (4) have an immediate need for transport to an
16EMS System-approved mental health facility, the EMS personnel
17may contact Online Medical Control or his or her EMS Medical
18Director or Emergency Communications Registered Nurse to
19request bypass or diversion of the closest emergency
20department, as outlined in paragraph (5) of subsection (c) of
21Section 3.20, and request transport to the closest or
22appropriate EMS System-approved mental health facility. In
23addition, EMS personnel may transport a patient to an EMS
24System-approved urgent care or immediate care facility that
25meets the proper criteria and is approved by Online Medical
26Control or his or her EMS Medical Director or Emergency



10200SB0693sam002- 4 -LRB102 04346 CPF 24334 a

1Communications Registered Nurse.
2(Source: P.A. 92-376, eff. 8-15-01.)".